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OceanWP Child Theme : Easily Customizable & Blazing Fast WPTheme


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OceanWP Child Theme DownloadOceanWP is a theme that is fast-loading, having support for plugins of the third party, and providing drag-and-drop page builders. It is highly extendable and very lightweight, which allows you to create different types of websites.

It can be used to make a portfolio, blog, business website with a professional, beautiful, and presentable design. It is very responsive, fast, providing best SEO practices, translation ready, and many out of the box features for you to use. It is the best theme for the project that you are designing. Checkout OceanWP WordPress Theme Review.

Download OceanWP Child Theme
OceanWP Child Theme Download 2022

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What is WordPress Child Theme?

A WordPress theme with functionality inherited from another WordPress theme that is parent theme is known as WordPress Child theme.

A child theme has all the codes, functionality, and features of the parent theme unaccompanied by any changes in that parent theme.

The child themes are used when the user without depriving himself of the ability to upgrade existing theme tweaks or customizes that theme.

With the child theme, you can easily change the style of the appearance of your website by some aspect and still preserve the functionality and theme’s look.

Why do you need to use a WordPress Child Theme?

Developers and designers to accelerate the development of websites use child themes. You can drastically reduce the time taken to create WordPress when a good parent theme is used.

In a good parent theme, you don’t have to code everything as it offers tons of customization options and functionality. Most of the sites that are built for clients or our personal use are child themes of a good parent theme, also known as a theme framework.

The use of child theme comes into play when you have different needs and want to customize your project according to those needs. Child themes are recommended where you constantly need to modify the style of your theme or add new functions to it.

Advantages of WordPress child theme

Fallback option

While coding for a parent theme, you need to code everything keeping in mind all the possible scenarios. However, the advantage of using the child theme is that even when you forget to code something while working on it, the functionality of the parent theme is still available as a fallback safety option.

Safe Update of Parent theme

Child theme inherits the template, style, features of the parent theme. It permits you to make changes to your website without changing or modifying the parent theme. All these modifications are saved in child themes so you can still update safely to the new version of the parent theme when it arrives.

Extended Easily

When built on a good parent theme, a child theme provides you a great deal of flexibility without writing a lot of code.

How to Download OceanWP child theme & install it for OceanWP?

The best way to make advanced changes to your OceanWP theme is through child themes.

Downloading/Installing a new child theme,

  1. You need to Download OceanWP child theme From Here.
  2. Then log in to the WordPress Admin area of your site.
  3. Now Navigate to Plugins -> Add Plugin/Upload Plugin.
  4. Click on activate the plugin after uploading the plugin.
  5. Go to the theme panel and import your setting in .dat file with your setting.

OceanWP Child Theme Download Free

It is of much importance to understand that you may always need not create a child theme to modify your site. If the changes are minor, then you can always create custom style.css file, opt for child themes when you need to change the parent theme aspects. Hope this article helps you understand OceanWP and WordPress child themes.

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