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OceanWP Theme Free vs Premium : Best Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


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OceanWP Theme Free vs Premium – No matter what project you are working on, with Oceanwp theme, you will get the best look for your website. Not only is it lightweight wordpress theme but also extremely customizable, which provides you with the option of creating any sort of websites like a blog or portfolio website or even any sort of Woocommerce web store in the perfect way.

OceanWP Theme 2021 Free vs Premium

OceanWP Theme Free VS Pro

Why Do You Need to Choose Premium Themes?

While Oceanwp has a plethora of themes to choose from, the premium version provides themes that will help you provide your website with a more upgraded and professional look.

For this reason, it is most often advised to select from premium themes because it is totally worth the price. Besides the basic features, the added advantages are:

Advanced features and customization options

The premium version of Oceanwp is much more efficient and provides with much-enhanced features and page speed. You get the ease of a brilliant plethora of extensions that let you personalize your website to your needs and desires, depending on your client base.

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Unique website designs

It is very important for companies to have a strong online presence to build consumer loyalty. Websites that are boring and have nothing exciting about them can have a terrible impact. In order to generate good leads, use Oceanwp Premium Themes that provide special designs for your website.

Unique OceanWP Website Demos

Advanced WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is the future of business, and if you want to conduct business online seamlessly, with Oceanwp Premium and it’s easy integration of WooCommerce, your online growth can be improved.

Market-leading Woocommerce Integration by OceanWP

Exclusive Support and Updates

While demos are also available for the basic version of Oceanwp, with the premium version, you get support and updates of your project to keep your motivation sustained. Your work will become much easier and simpler, making it a worthy investment.

Features Compared – OceanWP Free v/s Pro

The two versions of Oceanwp are worth a look, especially because they are both packed with the brilliant feature.

About Oceanwp Theme Free Version

Lightweight, fast loading, Responsive & SEO Optimized

Every website must have these features because these are what make a website consumer-friendly. Nobody has time for a website that takes too long to load, and with proper SEO optimization, it will not be impossible to get ample ranking that, in turn, generated traffic.

8 Free Extensions

Even with the free version of Oceanwp, you get the advantage of eight super helpful extensions which include, Modal Window, Stick Anything, Demo Import, Product Sharing, Custom Sidebar, Social Sharing and some more.

OceanWP Free Extensions

13 Free Demos in Free version

These demos will help you to acquire a detailed idea of how your final website is going to look like. For a free version, these demos are sufficient and truly worth appreciation.

Free Video Tutorials & In-Depth Articles knowledge base

If you do not have prior experience with wordpress themes and their applications, video tutorials, as well as information from a wide variety of articles, will truly provide you the help you need.

About Oceanwp Theme Premium Version

Besides the basic features, there are some additional advantages of the premium version, which are as follows:

13 Premium Extensions

The premium version offers advanced and extra extensions for even better customization. The additional extensions are popup login, cookie notice, Instagram, portfolio, Ocean Hooks, Sticky Footer, and even more.

OceanWP Premium Extensions

60 Pro Demos Included in Pro version

The pro version comes with much more demos than the free one offering you with more ease and accessibility.

14-days Money Back Guarantee

If you have complaints or simply aren’t satisfied with the pro version and think it is not worth your money, you will be returned the full price!

OceanWP Money Back Guarantee
OceanWP 25% OFF on the Core Extensions Bundle

OceanWP Discount Coupon 2021

Don’t miss out on this deal. You can get 25% OFF on the Core Extensions Bundle! The offer runs out in a few hours.

OceanWP Theme Free vs Premium

OceanWP PRO Pricing

Annual SubscriptionLifeTime Subscription

OceanWP Annual Pricing

OceanWP Lifetime Pricing

If you are still wondering whether to choose the pro or the free version, it all depends on the amount of professionalism and customization you want from your theme.

The pro version definitely has better features and more advantages over the basic version. However, the basic version can also get the job done and must not be completely dismissed.

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