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WPX Hosting cloud CDN 320% SpeedUp Your WordPress Website –  When your business is booming and flourishing all around, you would not want any hurdles coming in your way, slowing you down. Hence, WPX hosting provides 360-degree first class support.

A better more secure way to expand your business in the global market, WPX helps your website in every possible way. Especially the WPX Hosting cloud CDN.

WPX Hosting Cloud CDN service

Better if we understand the WPX Hosting cloud CDN with an example. Assuming you are running an online fashion store.

Your website might have the maximum speed and load the fastest in your own country, however, in a different part of the world, your website would lag. Well, with WPX cloud CDN, that is not a problem.

Your CDN cloud acts as a micro server that assistants better loading and functioning for your website with every visitor from all over the world.

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Advantages Of  WPX Hosting Cloud CDN

This is one of the many features that WPX Hosting cloud CDN storage can help you with. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of WPX cloud CDN in detail,

WPX Hosting Cloud CDN Provides Extra 320% SpeedUp

All what comes down to is the speed of your website. How fast it loads? As mentioned earlier, with the CDN cloud storage acting as a server for every visitor who visits your website, the loading speed is automatically going to enhance.

WPX has tested a rise of up to 320% in speed when CDN cloud storage is used. I take this as one of the primary reasons to go for CDN cloud storage.

With the attention span of your audiences depleting and competition increasing, every minute becomes a challenge to stay in the game.

Having your customer to wait for your site to load is the worst experience they can have. Hence, Use WPX CDN cloud storage.

Free on all WPX Managed WordPress Hosting plans

Unlike others, WPX doesn’t priorities on capitalizing on CDN cloud storage. Rather it wants its customers to have an amazing experience.

Hence, with every business, professional and elite WPX hosting plans it provides CDN cloud storage as an add-on free feature.

This makes sure that every individual or an organization using WPX hosting is prioritized and gets a balanced experience. Another reason for you to shift from you’re lagging hosts and move to WPX hosting (They Provide Free Migrations).

WPX CDN can Handle High Traffic Blogs

The only way you know your website is flourishing is by the traffic you receive. The more people visit your website the more attention you get and hence, you grow.

However if your website is not able to handle a large amount of traffic it can be fatal. Therefore CDN cloud storage makes a copy of your most visited blogs and delivers content faster when any visitor from across the globe pays a visit to your website.

The WPX team constantly works on the CDN cloud to make it faster and more useful.

25+ Worldwide locations

WPX is growing faster than ever. With CDN cloud already developed at 25+ points across the globe and growing. The expansion really helps when it comes down to serving customers on a wider scale.

WPX Cloud has 20+ Worldwide Locations

Also, the furthest WPX goes, the better it is for the customers and their websites. Be it providing them with a more secure server to helping them with their queries.

A more localized support always helps and that’s what WPX is doing with its expansion.

Highly secure [Incapsula Enterprise level DDOS protection]

An online business relies on the security if it’s the host. WPX has made its CDN service 100% secure. It presents your website from various malware and hacks.

With the team working continually towards improving their security and making it better every day, WPX has been proven to be one of the most secure host sites in recent times.

WPX takes every preventive measure and scans your website on a daily basis to make it secure. Its helpline number is always available for times of when you discover any suspicious activity happening on your website.

Good for SEO

There are various ways to get your website to the top, most of it involves putting time and sometimes money into it. Having a good load speed is always a plus for your website.

It is indicated by Google that one of the factors that affect SEO is the time your website takes to load. If your website is faster than the others in the same category, it will be displayed above others in the search option.

Hence, as mentioned in the earlier points, WPX CDN if not directly then indirectly does your SEO for your website.

Negates 3rd party CDN

You don’t need a separate CDN network for storage. Including a third party CDN always results in paying them a certain sum of money. However, with WPX it’s completely different.

WPX removes the need for a third party CDN. Firstly, they don’t charge for their CDN service and moreover, they have their own CDN network. Saving your time and money both at the same time.

Easy Implementation

The WPX team is available for your service 24*7 to guide you through the process. However, it is fairly very simple to involve WPX Hosting cloud CDN.

You just have to log in to your WPX control panel, choose the correct hosting account and enable the toggle button on sites for which you want your WPX cloud CDN.

So, if you are using WPX hosting and have not switched on your cloud CDN, do it now. The CDN service is something you can always enable and disable depending upon your current requirement.

WPX Cloud FAQs

what a CDN is?

Content Delivery Network acts as a micro-server that assists better loading and functioning for your website with every visitor from all over the world. For eg, If you visit a website from New York that has server on London, Content Delivery Network will deliver website from New York which is faster than accessing site from London.

Is the WPX Cloud CDN free for all WPX customers?

Yes, its FREE on all three business, professional and elite WPX hosting plans it provides CDN cloud storage as an add-on feature without No hidden costs.

How many WPX Cloud CDN endpoints around the world?

Right Now, there are 26 WPXCloudCDN endpoints around the world to speedup your website successfully.

How do I activate the WPX Cloud on my websites?

WPX Cloud WPX Hosting

Note: From 24th Oct 2018 for New Installations its Enabled By Default, If you’re using WPX Hosting before 24th Oct 2018. You can follow Below Steps to Enable It.

STEP 1 – Goto WPX WordPress Hosting → Service Management and click on Manage All Sites In This Account.

STEP 2 – Now click on the WPX Cloud link in the bottom left menu & From the listed sites/domains here, just click the Toggle ON button for each site that you want running on the WPX Hosting Cloud CDN

IMPORTANT: after activating your Cloud, it will take approximately 1 hour for your website’s contents to be copied and distributed throughout the WPX Cloud network.


Security, stability, speed, cost-effective, all these and more making WPX one of the most useful hosting sites in the world. Becoming every developers and business men’s favourite, upgrade yourself to any of the WPX plans and enjoy the benefits of its cloud CDN for free.

If you are already a customer of WPX hosting then turn on the WPX Hosting cloud CDN and unleash the boulting speed of your website. WPX’s 30 day trial period is always there for you to have a fair understanding of its functioning.

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