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Swift Performance Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2024 – Every website owner knows how important the loading speed of their website is to improve their SEO and lead generation. A slow loading website immediately creates a bad impression amongst the visitors and it demotivates them from exploring your site to see everything that you offer.

One of the best things that you can do to make sure that such a thing never happens with your site is to reduce the loading time of your website significantly with the help efficient caching.

The caching process creates a copy of your website and stores it in the random access memory of your server thereby reducing the time required for retrieving the files. Though caching is in general a complicated process, you can easily perform it if you have a WordPress website.

There are several WordPress caching plugins available that can help you with this job but when you are looking most effective results, then you need to go for Swift Performance Caching plugin.

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Best Wordpress Cache Plugin 2024 – Swift Plugin Wordpress

Swift Performance – Cache & Performance Boost
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Swift Performance is an new amazing caching plugin that is loved by beginners as well as most seasoned website owners. It does not require you to have any prior technical knowledge thus allows you to use it without any hassle. This plugin optimizes the CSS as well as JavaScript apart from providing an excellent caching module.

The plugin also creates critical CSS without any hassle, optimizes the media files and makes sure that your website always has an extraordinary loading speed.

Still, want to know more about the Swift Performance plugin? Well, let us go in detail about the plugin with our Swift Performance review.

Key Features of Swift Performance – Optimize Website Speed

From astounding CDN support to advanced caching, the Swift Performance plugin comes with a plethora of incredible features. As a result, it is not possible for us to include every feature within the scope of our Swift Performance review.

Swift Preformance Cache Plugin Features

That’s why, we have listed the most noteworthy features of the plugin down below. Go through the features mentioned below to have a clear picture of everything that you will get from the Swift Performance plugin.

1. Fast & Easy Setup using wordpress swift performance

This is the very first feature that must be mentioned in our Swift Performance Discount review. As stated earlier, you will never have to face any trouble in order to install and setup the plugin. This plugin provides you with plug and play functionality.

All you need to do is to download, install and activate the plugin in your website. Once the plugin is activated, you will be able to configure it as per the requirements of your page with just a few simple clicks on your screen and it will work on its own to improve the speed of your website.

You do not need to have any previous technical knowledge as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

2. Advanced Caching – Best Browser Caching Wordpress Plugin

With the Swift Performance plugin, you will avail advanced caching feature which will, in turn, enable you to AJAX as well as dynamic requests for your website.

The intelligent caching that this plugin offers help in loading the site faster for your visitors and it checks for any requests in the server that can bring about a change in the content.

It also allows you to set instant to reload which immediately updates the content on your website without slowing your site down upon finding any request.

3. CDN Compatibility

If you are choosing this plugin, you will also receive maximum CDN Compatibility. The feature allows you to set-up a specific host name when it comes to static resources. Plus, you will also be able to specify three different hosts for media, CSS and JavaScript files.

4. Database Optimization

The Swift Performance plugin comes equipped with database optimizer. It optimizes the speed with which data is retrieved from your website database which in turn increases the speed of your website greatly.

Database Optimizer Tab

5. Image Optimization and Intelligent lazy load images/videos

The Swift Performance Caching plugin also provides you with advanced image optimization feature. The feature efficiently compresses the large JPEG or PNG image files such that it does not affect the speed of your website.

Image Optimizer tab

Plus, it also offers a smart lazy load feature for images as well as video files. It allows the website content to load first and then the media files are loaded which reduces the overall loading time of your website greatly. But the drawback in using lazy load for images, it compromises User Experience.

6. Plugin Organizer – Swift Performance Promo Code

Well, this is undoubtedly one of the features that must be mentioned in our Swift Performance Plugin review. This plugin provides you with a plugin organizer. The plugin organizer makes it easy for you to remove or replace the plugins that are currently not in use in your website thereby freeing the storage space as well as reducing the loading time.

With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary. You can set URL match, Front-end, Admin Pages, AJAX action rules and exceptions to get the best results

7. CSS and JavaScript Optimization

Of course, this is one of the most important features that the Swift Performance plugin offers. Apart from just providing minification as well as a combination of the CSS and JavaScript files, the plugin also creates critical CSS for your web pages with utmost ease.

It creates the critical CSS for every page in your website and makes sure that they contain the exact rules that the current web pages contain. Also, it becomes easy for you to inline the critical as well as the merged CSS easily.

8. Support

Customer support is one of the major things that every website owner looks for in a plugin. And we can assure you by mentioning it in our Swift Performance review that the plugin comes with incredible customer support.

If you are using the pro version of the plugin, then you can easily create a ticket to get the support you require from the customer support team. Otherwise, you can also avail free support by posting your query in Swift’s lite plugin forum in WordPress.org support center.

9. Speed – Swift Performance Coupons

The SwiftPerformance plugin helps you to increase the loading speed of your website greatly without the requirement of any prior technical knowledge on the matter. It is a simple, easy to use yet a highly effective solution that you can use to optimize the speed of your website.

10. Security – Top Wordpress Performance Plugin

When you are using this plugin, you do not need to worry about the security of your website. The plugin has been developed as per the most efficient security guidelines. So, you will never have to face any trouble while using this plugin.

Swift Performance Pro Pricing & Discount Coupons 2024

SINGLE $49.99 / year

  • 1 site
  • AI optimization
  • Regular Updates & Support
  • FREE image optimization

MULTI $99.99 / year

  • 5 sites
  • AI optimization
  • Regular Updates & Support
  • FREE image optimization

DEVELOPER $249.99 / year

  • 1000 sites
  • AI optimization
  • Regular Updates & Support
  • FREE image optimization

Swift Performance Settings

Auto-config Settings

Step 1: Under SWTE Dashboard –> Setup Wizard, Now Click On AUTOCONFIG  & Click on START button.

Swift Performance Setup

Now auto configuration by SwiftPerformance is applied to your blog.

Swift Performance Auto Config Settings

Now You can start enjoying  auto configuration by SwiftPerformance. If you need more performance use Advanced Presets or Follow Below Manual configuration.

PRESET Settings by SWTE Plugin

If You Need More Improvement or You have difficulty on configuring the plugin , You can use their PRESET Settings by SWTE Plugin,

  • Simple Caching
  • Limited Hosting (Same as Auto-config)
  • Moderate Optimization (Good For Starter Hosting Plans)
  • Improved Optimization (RECOMMENDED)
  • Maximum Optimization

Checkout the below image for more information on PRESET’s.

Swift Performance options

Swift Performance Recommended Manual Settings

You can follow below snapshots and config your blog,

SwiftPerformance General Settings


Swift Performance General Settings


General Tweaks


General HeartBeat


General CronJobs

Google Analytics

General Google Analytics

White label

general Whitelabel

SwiftPerformance Media Settings


media Images


media Embed

SwiftPerformance Optimization Settings


optimization general


optimization Scripts


optimization styles

SwiftPerformance Caching Settings


Caching General


Caching Tweaks


Caching Exceptions


Caching Warmup


Caching Varnish

SwiftPerformance CDN Settings


CDN General


CDN Cloudflare

Deactivating SwiftPerformance

If you want to deactivating SWTE Plugin completely you can uncheck to remove configs from database also or If you will use this plugin again with same settings you can leave the check box and deactivate it.

Also You can Import/Export Your Configuration for future use or you can use this same for another website.

DEACTIVATE Swift Performance

Conclusion – Swift Premium Plugin Deals

To conclude our Swift Performance review, we assure you about the best results from this plugin. Caching has become an important aspect for every website on the realm of World Wide Web today.

It helps in boosting the loading speed of your website which in turn plays an important role in ensuring the best SEO ranking. So, it is important that you use a plugin that provides you with efficient and smart caching.

Thus, go through our review once again, see everything that the Swift Performance plugin offers and start using it to achieve your goals through your website. Also Check WP rocket review.

swift performance vs wp rocket
swift performance lite plugin

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