Best SaaS Black Friday Deals 2024 Valid till Cyber Monday


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SaaS Black Friday Deals 2024 – The world is evolving rapidly and it is experiencing rapid digitization. In the new socio-economic structure, the term SaaS or Software as a Service has become very crucial.

In the past, you needed to buy software and pay huge amounts to keep those software upgraded to keep your company’s processes running.

However, with the development of the SaaS, you no longer need to worry about those hefty fees.

With SaaS, you do not need to buy any hardware or software. All you need to do is to pay a monthly fee and the cloud provider will provide you with the software over the internet.

Most interestingly, all the requirements of security, maintenance or upgrades are also covered in your monthly subscription. Thus, you can enjoy the benefit of the software without any hassle.

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SaaS Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals

Are you interested? Well, here some of the Best Black Friday SaaS Deals available in the market that you can subscribe to:

CloudWays – Managed Cloud Hosting

Cloudways black friday 2019

Cloudways is one of the few web hosting companies that offer great functionalities while keeping the affordability intact. Being founded in 2009, the company has its headquarters in the islands of Malta in Europe.

The company also has offices in Dubai as well as Spain. If you are looking for the cloud-based WordPress managed to host, then Cloudways web hosting is obviously the one to look out for. Check Out Full CloudWays Review.

Get 40% OFF for 4 Months on All Plans

LiveChat  – Live Chat & Help Desk Solutions

An all-in-one customer service software, LiveChat helps you to boost your sales by automating the customer support process. It allows you to suggest as well as sell products to your customers through the chat.


Also, you can offer complementary products to your customers as a token of appreciation to increase customer engagement.

With LiveChat, you will always have the customer data in front of you at all times and you will be able to help them in every way possible to promote customer satisfaction.

You can also turn chat-bots on to greet your customers and drive engagement as they enter your website.

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Avaza – Project Management, Timesheets & Invoices for Team

Avaza Special Discount

Avaza is the leading all-in-one platform for running productive teams. Avaza seamlessly integrates your choice of Project Management, Time tracking, Expenses reporting, Resource Scheduling, Quoting, Invoicing and unparalleled Reporting. You don’t need subscriptions for 5 separate products any more.

Special one-time deal for new subscriptions, 50% off the first 3 months of a new paid subscription. The deal is valid till 25 Dec.

Use coupon code AVAZABLACK2021 up until 25 Dec.

Engage Bay – All-in-one Marketing Software

Extraordinary marketing, sales and CRM software, EngageBay offers you an all-in-one solution to strengthen your sales, marketing and customer support processes.


With this cloud-based software, you will be able to automate your marketing processes, reach out to your target audiences through emails as well as other channels and analyse the results of your marketing campaign.

Apart from that, it also helps in sales automation, deal management, scheduling appointments and you can also provide extensive customer support to your clients with the help-desk and live chat feature that this software offers.

flat 40% discount on all our subscription plans

Serpstat All-in-One SEO Tool

SERP Stat is an all-round SEO platform that enables you to achieve better SEO rankings. It allows you to conduct proper SERP research with excellent analytics.

Serpstat - Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content

Most importantly, you will also be able to group keywords and distribute traffic amongst various domains. It also helps you to improve your local SEO along with proper tracking of backlinks.

With SERP Stat, you can also conduct proper keyword research as well as website audits. Competitor analysis also becomes very easy with this SaaS software. So, you can always remain one step ahead of your competitors with this software.

Get 30% to 50% Discount on Serpstat Plans

Ninja Outreach – Influencer and Blogger Marketing Outreach Software

With huge growth in the influencer industry, several companies are opting for influencer marketing to increase their lead generation and customer outreach.


Ninja Outreach helps you to easily find influencers in any niche as well as a location without any hassle.

All you need to do is to type a keyword to find a plethora of profiles across a multitude of social media platforms. Most importantly, you will be able to take your influencer marketing to new levels by the CRM built into the software easily.

60% Off on Flex and Pro Yearly Plans

Adzis – E commerce Content Engine

Adzis promises to be a real help if you want to establish yourself in the world of e-commerce. It helps you to curate thousands of unique product descriptions and content for your website without any hassle.


Adzis make sure that the contents that they curate are unique in all sense and perform well in the search engine results. Moreover, they also make sure that your keywords perform well to make your SEO game even stronger.

2% off Annual Package for the Price of Monthly Plan

Klenty – Sales Engagement Platform

This is the perfect platform for sales engagement that promises to boost the performance of your sales team. It helps you to upload an email list to send personalized emails and also helps you with frequent follow-ups.


The software also allows you to detect replies and manage the email campaigns with utmost efficiency.

Klenty also boosts your inbound sales by scheduling calls and demos for your customers. Moreover, it allows you to generate new leads and maximise your outreach.

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Poptin – Smart Website Popups

Pop-ups or embedded forms are quite helpful when it comes to generating leads or increase your customer engagement. Poptin helps you with just the thing.

poptin - SaaS Black Friday Deals

With poptin, you can create customised popups and forms to direct your customers towards the right content that they will be interested in.

Thus, you can utilize it to engage your customers, generate leads, reduce the sales cart abandonment issues and grow your email subscriber list.

Poptin also provides you with an intuitive autoresponder that helps you to greet your customers when they subscribe to your email list or gift them a coupon code upon successful purchase.

Grab 30% off for 3 months on all Plans

Email Octopus – Email marketing for less

An intelligent email marketing tool, Emailoctopus helps you to create and automate the whole email marketing process. This software can easily integrate with several applications including Shopify, Eventbrite and many more.

Email Octopus

It allows you to automate the whole email marketing process by welcoming your customers and sharing exciting contents with them without any hassle.

This app also comes with responsive email designs. With its beautiful designs, you can start a powerful email campaign in a matter of minutes.

Lastly, you also get the chance to analyse the performance of your campaigns in real-time through the highly interactive dashboard that Emailoctopus offers.

Through November 2023 until midnight on Monday 28th November we are offering all new subscribers to a Pro Plan, 90% off their first month of EmailOctopus. 💸

SalesFlare Top CRM Software

A software solely designed to improve your sales prospects, Salesflare allows you to spend more time selling your products rather than spending time in data inputs. With this cloud-based application, you can automate the data entry process as you pay more attention to improving your sales.


Salesflare brings all the sales opportunities in an excellent overview. Thus, it allows you to understand which subject needs your immediate attention and plans the follow up accordingly.

Also, it helps to increase the efficiency of your sales team greatly. Salesflare keeps track of all the communications that are happening between the members of your sales team and customers such that they can handle the issues as a team without any lack of information.

Click Here to get 50% off for the first 3 months.

Viral Loops – Viral & Referral Marketing Software

Viral Loops allow you to run efficient referral programs and viral giveaways over different apps like Facebook Messenger to promote business growth.

viral loops

It offers you several exciting and mind-boggling templates that will help you to attract your customers and launch a referral program in almost no time.

Also, you will be able to engage your customers in inviting and sharing the links to your business website with the help of Viral Loops.

You can also track the performance of your campaigns and manage them easily from an innovative dashboard that this app offers.

Click Here to Get 60% off in all Yearly Plans.

Simvoly  Make Websites & Funnels Easily

With Simvoly, you will be able to create a responsive and robust website to increase conversions and generate new leads. With the simple drag and drop builder, you will be able to give your website the desired look in no time.


Most importantly, it also allows you to impress your customers by relieving them from the hefty multi-step checkouts by providing them with one-click buy feature.

Above all, you will be able to sell memberships or subscriptions to your customers apart from satisfying them with excellent CRM tools that Simvoly offers.

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SE Ranking – SEO Software for 360° SEO Analysis

SE Ranking helps to improve your SEO manifolds. With this software, you will be able to group and distribute targeted keywords throughout your webpage.

SE Ranking

Most importantly, it provides you to do competitor research with utmost efficiency. With SE Ranking, you will be able to detect the keywords your competitors use and get notified on their strategy as well as the changes they make to their website to always be a step ahead of them.

Most importantly, you will also be able to conduct website audits and ensure good search engine ranking for your website.

30% discount, also double the subscription for FREE for 3 lucky winners!

Customerly –  Live Chat software

Customerly allows you to deliver extraordinary customer service to your clients. With this software, you can directly communicate with your website visitors, guide them to your products and convert them to happy customers by utilizing the robust live chat feature.


Furthermore, Customerly also allows you to create beautiful email campaigns with a plethora of responsive email templates and drag and drop email builder.

Customerly also allows you to create visual marketing funnels to generate new leads and drive up your sales.

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SurveySparrow – Survey Tools & Market Research

Survey Sparrow helps you to generate conversions from online surveys. Having a user-friendly interface, it allows you to create as well as share mobile-first engaging surveys in your website or any other platform.


Moreover, the surveys provide a chat-like experience which further makes them engaging. You can easily collect the feedback from your target audience and understand what they are thinking to develop your business accordingly.

You can also share the surveys through email, on web and mobile platforms.

Get 30% off on all plans and upgrades when you pay annually. Sign up now and make your data collection a lot easier & cost-effective.  Offer expires on December 5, 2019.

Nimble – CRM Software To Grow Your Business

Compatible with Office 365 and G-Suite, Nimble provides you with everything you need to organise your contacts, realize your business goals, strengthen relationships with your customers and create new opportunities.


With Nimble, you get an interactive dashboard that allows you to manage everything from one place.

It also automatically merges contacts with social media profiles, inboxes and communications under one powerful customer relationship management platform.

It also allows you to stay organised and build better relationships with customers by serving them in a more efficient way.

Grab 50% off Business Plan for the first year

Chargebee – Automated Subscription Billing Software

Great cloud-based software for subscription billing, Chargebee enables you to automate the billing process. With this application, you can set the frequency of recurring billing and get paid by your customers automatically.


It allows your sales support team to collect payments from the customers efficiently. Furthermore, Chargebee makes it easy for you to overview the revenue generated along with the details of your clientele.

Plus, you can also change the pricing model, give discounts, run promotions and generate invoices easily without any hassle.

Check here

HelpNinja – Simple & Affordable help desk​

Truly excellent software to provide the best customer support, HelpNinja allows you to provide customer satisfaction by solving the queries and problem of your customers easily.


HelpNinja delivers you with an interactive help desk. The help desk stores all the conversations with customers across different teams in a single place. Thus, it allows you to take necessary action to solve the problems your customers are facing immediately.

Furthermore, it also provides you with interactive documents which allow you to create a detailed knowledge base to solve any query that your customers may have.

Grab 30% Off for 3 Months

EasySendy – Lead Generation & Drip Email Marketing Software

EasySendy allows you to grow your online business and generate more leads using popups and embedded forms. It allows you to embed popups and email subscription forms to your website in order to engage your customers and grow your email list.


You can start excellent email marketing campaigns with this cloud-based software too. Designing the perfect email for your campaign is easy with the drag and drop builder.

EasySendy also enables you to integrate different ad pop-ups and landing pages to your website for some additional PPC income.

Flat 40% Off + 2 Months Free on Annual Subscription

Visitor Queue – Website Visitor Tracking

It is a well-known fact that a huge percentage of your website visitors exits your website without converting. With Visitor Queue, you will be able to get complete information on your visitors and their interests.

Visitor Queue

It will provide you with the name, contact information and the interest of your visitors without any hassle. Thus, you will be able to feed your marketing and sales team with this data to generate more leads and grow your business.

Get 50% Off Annual Plans

Click Cease – Click Fraud Protection & Detection Software

Fraudulent clicks often turn out to be disastrous for your PPC marketing. With ClickCease, you can assure ultimate protection as well as the success of your Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

click cease

ClickCease monitors every click on your ads and analyses them over several parameters. Due to the vivid screening process, clicks from any fraudulent IP or bots are easily detected.

As soon as ClickCease detects the threats, it immediately quarantines them to keep your ads running without hassle. With plans as cheap as $15 per month, this SaaS product is truly worth going after.

Click here

Awario – Social Media & Web Monitoring Tool

With Awario, you will be able to increase customer awareness about your business and increase your outreach. It crawls over more than 13 billion web pages as well as APIs.


Thus, it allows you to join any discussion thread belonging to your niche and increase awareness about your products as well as services.

Awario also helps you to do proper market research through social media and understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience.

Most importantly, it allows you to communicate with your customers in real-time by providing follow-ups on the comments of your customers on social media.

Black Friday Offer Summary:

Smart look – Qualitative Analytics for Websites and Mobile Apps

With Smartlook, you can analyse the behaviour of your customers like never before. Available for web, iOS and Android users, Smartlook makes it easy for you to understand what your visitors are interested and segregate them on the basis of their geographic location.


It also allows you to identify customers away from the visitors and record their names as well as emails for a fast response. You will also be able to understand visitor trends and identify the recurring visitors to understand what they are looking for in your website.

In other words, it provides you with a data-driven approach to boost your business growth and customer engagement.

Get Prospect – Email Finder

Get Prospect allows you to grow your email list and get contact information of potential customers. You can just add the criteria of your searching and the software will provide you with a list of emails with names as well as contact information.

Moreover, you can also integrate this app with LinkedIn, Gmail, Sales-force and several other apps. You will also be able to invite your marketing team to work as per your plan to find better prospects.

Most importantly, you will be able to import emails in bulk amounts without any hassle.

SocialChamp – Social Media Management Tool for Startups & Small Business 50%

Social Champ is an excellent social media management tool available over the cloud that surely promises to boost your social media game.


From scheduling bulk posts in advance to automating the posting process to having your own social media management team to handle your postings, this software takes care of everything.

Most importantly, you can use it for managing and monitoring the performance of your posts in all major social media platforms. And you can avail this service at a monthly subscription price as low as $10.

Get Up to 50% Off on Various Plans

SaaS Black Friday Deals 2024

SaaS products bring a new level of efficiency to the business domains. They are allowing you to gain efficiency and improve your prospects without having to develop datacenters or installing hardware. So, go through our list above, choose the product that helps you most at the expense of a nominal fee.

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