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Ninja Tables Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023 Sale ~ best table plugin for wordpress (WP Manage Ninja Plugin Deals) – Being able to display rich information in your content is obviously the goal of every blogger and content creator. With a table, you can obviously be able to display more information in a much more organized way.

Ninja Tables Pro Fastest and Most Diverse WP DataTables Plugin

It will help you to offer a better user experience as well as lower the bounce rate. Even though WordPress is one of the friendliest CMS systems, you cannot create responsive table in wordpress without making changes to the codes. However, you can solve this problem easily with the help of a table builder plugin.

Ninja Tables Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale Review

While there are several WordPress table editor plugins, there is nothing quite as efficient as Ninja Tables. Ninja Tables is a very simple table builder plugin from WP Manage Ninja Sale.

With the help of Ninja Tables, you will be able to create beautiful and enticing tables without the requirement of any coding. This wordpress plugin makes it very easy to create tables. And above all, it also makes creating tables more fun.

WPManageNinja Plugins Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discounts UPDATED!

  • Single Site $47/yr or $216 Lifetime
  • Agency License $77/yr or $349 Lifetime
  • Unlimited License $179/yr or $524 Lifetime

Furthermore, this table builder plugin for WordPress does not slow the performance of your website even after the integration of a thousand data.

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Why You Need Ninja Tables?

It also allows you to integrate Woocommerce for improving your e-commerce performance.

50,000+ Websites are using Ninja Tables Responsive Tables Plugin For WordPress

Want to know more about Ninja Tables? Go through our Ninja Tables Deal Review and get answers for your queries.

Features of Ninja Tables PRO Black Friday Discount

There are several exciting features that Ninja Tables. However, it is not possible for us to include all of them in the scope of our Ninja Tables Offer Review. So, we are listing the best ones for you to check out,

Allows you to add media to table cells

This has to be the very first feature that this table builder plugin for WordPress offers. You can actually breathe life into your tables by adding media to the table cells.

As a matter of fact, Ninja Tables allow you to add media to your tables with just a simple click. It allows you to add images, gifs, videos and another form of media easily without hassle.

As a result, it allows you to make your tables interesting and achieve more conversions.

Unlimited Colors in Your Tables – Table color customization by Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables allow you to add different colours to your tables to make them more engaging. You can obviously change the appearance of your tables by adding colours to the rows, columns and the background.

Furthermore, you can also add colours to the texts to make them more readable. Above all, with the help of this table builder plugin discount sale, you can also add colours for certain conditions.

Ninja Tables Offers Google Sheets integration

For any table builder, the fundamental requirement is the ability to integrate Google sheets. And Ninja Tables, obviously lets you perform that task.

You can use this plugin to create a table by integrating Google sheets to it. As a result, it becomes much easier to manage your table in this way.

Since all your data remains in Google sheets, any changes made to the sheets get automatically updated in the table.

google sheets sortable table & google sheets sortable column

Rows Drag & Drop/ Row Rearrangement with Ninja Tables

One of the best things about this table builder is perhaps the fact that it lets the task of building and managing your table completely hassle-free. It offers you simple drag and drop feature.

Hence, you can easily format your table by dragging and dropping the information to the relevant cells. In other words, it completely eliminates the trouble of building advanced tables.

Importing and Exporting CSV files

With the Ninja Tables plugin, it becomes too easy to import as well as export data. You will easily find the option to import or export data in CSV format in the settings page of this wordpress plugin.

You can easily import any data and replace it with the data already available in the table. Also, you can export the data in your table in CSV format for further applications with just a click.

Also You can Import Table from TablePress Plugin easily.

Options for advanced customization

Ninja Tables obviously allows you to make advanced customization to your tables. You can go to advanced settings options to add more functionalities to your table.

It allows you to add extra classes, align the header texts, maximize the width of the table, align the texts in the row and much more. In other words, you can make any customization to your table you can think of with advanced settings.

Integrate with Woocommerce & Create WooCommerce Products Table

Being a very simple table builder, Ninja Tables allows you to integrate Woocommerce with it seamlessly. Thus, it enables you to display your products in the form of a table without any worry.

With this table builder, you can easily create an inventory themed table. Plus, it also allows you to empower your table with the addition of filters, conditional formatting and searches.

Enables you to showcase WordPress Posts / Custom Post Type Integration

Ninja Tables makes it easy for you to showcase the contents of your WordPress website in the form of an engaging table. It allows you to create a sort-of content table for displaying your posts.

As a matter of fact, with Ninja Tables, you can also showcase custom posts and custom pages easily. Furthermore, it also makes your table searchable for making it more engaging.

Provision for conditional formatting of columns

Of course, Ninja Tables enables you to perform conditional formatting of the columns for your table. It allows you to organise as well as customise the data in your table in any way you want.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to integrate different conditions to columns and even the table as a whole. So, you can also personalize the way your table looks on the basis of the conditions you are applying.

Offers VIP support

Ninja Tables completely understands the fact that you can face any problem while creating tables. So, it offers VIP support to its clients so that you never have to be in any trouble.

All you need to do is to create a ticket to get dedicated support from their managers and developers. They take a maximum of few hours to solve your problems and get you back in the track.

Other awesome features of NinjaTables Cyber Monday Discount

  • Responsive Breakdowns
  • Connect Fluent Forms
  • Enhanced Table Styles
  • Customized Permission
  • Table Inverse
  • Striped rows
  • Compact Table
  • Enhanced Table Styles
  • Easy Configuration Option
  • Mobile Responsive Tables
  • Optional Fixed Layout
  • Row Hover Animation

Ninja Tables Pro Black Friday Pricing & Plans

  • Annual Single Site $47
  • Annual Agency [5 Domains] $77
  • Annual Unlimited $179
  • LifeTime Single Site $216
  • LifeTime Agency [5 Domains] $359
  • LifeTime Unlimited $524

How to create a Table with Ninja Tables PRO

Ninja Tables vs TablePress

TablePress is definitely one of the best WordPress table plugins. It also allows you to sort your tables, import as well as export data, add different table filters, customise your tables and much more.

But how does it stand against Ninja Tables? While Tablepress offers you different features, it still lacks a myriad of features that Ninja Tables offers.

As a matter of fact, Ninja Tables offers you front-end editing, pagination of the table, integration of Woocommerce, dynamic table data, migration of table data, integration of Google sheets and much more. However, you will not be able to get these features in TablePress.

You might argue that TablePress is free to use the plugin while Ninja Tables is not. However, the free version of Ninja Tables offers much more features than TablePress.

Hence, in a nutshell, the Ninja Tables plugin is a much better as well as extensive plugin than TablePress.

Comparison Table Between Ninja Tables and TablePress

FeaturesNinja TablesTablePress
WooCommerce Integration✔️
Data Migration✔️
Advanced Styling✔️
Custom CSS✔️✔️
PDF Support
JSON & CSV Support✔️✔️
Internal Smart Preview✔️
Responsive Breakdown/Breakpoints✔️
Responsiveness/ Mobile Friendly✔️
Shortcode Facility✔️✔️
Dynamic Table Data✔️
Data modification✔️✔️
Excel/XLS Support✔️
Table filter✔️✔️
Table sorting✔️✔️
Credits: wpmanageninja (Click To Read Full Comparison)

Ninja Tables PRO FAQs

I have to renew my license every year?

Yes, If you choose Normal Plans it valid for One Year only. There is also LifeTime Plan Available occasionally.

Do i have install another plugin for WooCommerce Integration or Google Sheets Integration separately?

No, You dont need to install addons for WooCommerce Integration or Google Sheets Integrations. It is inbuilt inside main plugin file itself.

Does it work with wordpress page Builders?

Yes, Ninja tables is 100% compatible with most of the page builder available in the market.

Lifetime Ninja Tables Discount Sale 2024

Ninja Tables allows you to do a lot and create highly advanced responsive table wordpress easily without any hassle. Whether you want to create an advanced table or a simple one, you can create it without worrying.

It offers you all the features that you require in a WordPress table builder plugin. So, go through our Ninja Table Black Friday/Cyber Monday review – best responsive tables plugin wordpress once again and go for it without any second thought.

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