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Best WordPress Page Builders 2020

The 2020 Best page builders WordPress plugins have gained huge popularity in the market today. With the rapid digitization of the market, having a responsive website has become an utmost necessity for every website owner.

Best Page Builders For WordPress

However, it is very hard to build a page manually without having considerable expertise in coding as well as web designing. The page builder plugins provide you with easy drag and drop features which make it easy for you to build the pages at a rapid pace.

Plus, the plugins come with pre-built templates as well as layouts which eliminates the need for building a page from the scratch. You can easily choose a template that fulfills your requirements and adds the required elements to give your page the perfect outlook.

Moreover, the pages that you build using a page builder plugin automatically get a responsive design and become optimized for SEO apart from having a perfect outlook.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose a best visual page builder WordPress. There are a plethora of page builder plugins available in the market today.

So, it becomes very hard to choose the plugin that will fulfill all your needs. Well, there is nothing to worry about since we have prepared the best list for that purpose.

Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins 2019
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Go through our list below and you will understand which plugin to choose.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is an excellent plugin that gives added a drag and drops page builder to your WordPress theme. You will be able to create complex page layouts without needing to touch the line of coding.

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You can add rows, buttons, columns, text, images, etc. There is an option to save your layouts as a template to be used over and over again.

Check Full review of Visual Composer

Features of Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder Features
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Visual Composer Pricing

Pricing & Purchase - Visual Composer Website Builder
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Brizy Pro

The Brizy Plugin is a relatively new page builder plugin in the market. However, Themefuse which has created this plugin have been creating Best WordPress themes for several years. So, you can easily trust this plugin for building your WordPress pages.

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The user interface of the Brizy builder is one of the best things that you can ask for. It is very user-friendly, so you will not have any trouble using it.

It comes with over 150 pre-made blocks which you can easily drag and drop on the page to give it the best design. It comes with auto-save feature thus you will never have to worry about losing the changes that you have made under any condition.


  • The Brizy builder comes with 150 pre-built blocks that you can use to give your page the perfect design.
  • The UI that the page builder offers is undoubtedly the best one.
  • The Auto save feature ensures complete protection of the changes that you have made.

Brizy Pro Features
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Elementor Page builder

Undoubtedly the best visual page builder WordPress plugin, Elementor offers you live page building and it works perfectly with different themes. The live editing feature of the Elementor theme signifies that you will be able to do everything without having to press update or see the preview every time.

elementor black friday
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One of the most interesting features of the Elementor Page Builder Pro is that it does not require you to have any prior knowledge of coding.

You will be easily able to build the pages using the drag and drop feature that the widgets of the Elementor plugin offers. You will be able to add the image carousel, Icon list, Progress bar and several other options.

The pages that you build with the help of Elementor are generally done in rows or sections. The rows are also divided into columns. All you need to do is to place the widgets in between the sections to design the page.

Further, the Elementor Pro plugin comes with several pre-built templates. Thus, you can use these templates to design attractive pages if you do not want to build your web page from the scratch.

With the Elementor plugin, you will be able to create pages of full width. Where most page builder plugins restrict you from building full-width pages if you are not using their own themes, Elementor does not pose any such restrictions.

The visual form builder that Elementor Pro offers makes it the best in the market. With the help of the form widget, it becomes very easy to create a new contact form as well as an opt-in form.

Moreover, you can easily link your email marketing service with Elementor plugin with the help of Zapier. So, if you are thinking about getting a page builder then you must go for Elementor since it is undoubtedly the best page builder WordPress.

Elementor Pro Features
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  • No need to install other plugins for building coming soon, maintenance as well as landing pages.
  • Comes with live editing features.
  • The Elementor Pro also includes visual form editor feature.
  • Option to translate the page in other languages.
  • A plethora of widgets available.

Elementor + CrocoBlock Subscription ❤️


You can easily avail the Elementor Pro from below pricing during offer period.

Elementor Pro Pricing & Purchase
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 Best Elementor Addons & Widgets

#1 Recommended Theme & Plugin Addon for Elementor

Crocoblock Everything For Creating WordPress Websites In One Place

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Whats inside Crocoblock premium subscription?

  • Kava PRO Theme
  • 20+ Eye-Catching Demos
  • 10 High-Quality Premium Plugins
  • Get Plenty of Widgets and Elements
  • Caring And Efficient Support
  • Frequent And Regular Updates
  • Guaranteed 30 Days Money-Back
  • Professional Image Pack
  • WP Query Generator
  • Contact Form Builder
  • More Features Coming
  • For more information, please Check CrocoBlock Review.

Divi Theme By Elegant Themes

If you are looking for a best page builder WordPress then the Divi WordPress page builder is the best choice that you can make. This is the best page builder plugin for WordPress after Elementor that you can choose.

Divi Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder
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Created by most skilled developers at Elegant Themes, the Divi builder offers you with the best features that you can even ask for. The Divi builder has been created with the flexibility in mind.

Thus, if you switch to a different theme, you will not lose your customised layouts for your pages. The Divi builder allows you to create the most eye-catching pages that you can even imagine.

The Divi builder provides you with the back-end as well as visual front-end editing features. With the back-end editor, you will be able to make quick changes to your existing page without any hassle.

On the other hand, the visual front-end editor lets you build the pages in such a way that you can see how your pages will look once they are published.

The Divi builder also provides you with highly advanced Divi Leads feature. It allows you to split test different sections of your page to understand how your well your web audience is digging the design of your website. This is a feature that allows you to fully optimize your page.

One of the best things about the Divi builder is that it offers you three basic modules for building your page. The builder comes with 3 sections, 40 modules for content and 20 rows.

The content modules allow you to add various portfolios, testimonials, tables and several other things. Plus, you will have the full freedom of customizing each module with the help of the advanced design settings that the Divi builder offers.


  • The builder offers you with a drag and drops visual editor thus easing your effort to build pages.
  • Works with almost any theme.
  • Comes with more than 20 pre-built layouts.
  • Offers over 46+ content modules.
  • You can split test every element using the Divi leads for efficient optimization.
  • The back-end as well as front end editor makes it easy for you to design the pages.


The Divi builder can be availed at a price of $89 per year. You can also avail it by paying $249 for the entire Elegant Themes lifetime access package.

Beaver Builder

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The Beaver Builder is an efficient page and content builder application for WordPress. It lets you build your website in no time. It comes with a plethora of extensions, themes and functionalities which help you to give the perfect design to your website.

You can easily design your web pages through the drag and drop method. Plus, there are a lot of page templates that you can choose to give your website pages the perfect outlook.

The best thing about Beaver Builder is that it can be used by beginners as well as the experienced people. Beaver Builder helps you to save a lot of time and speeds up your website designing process while providing your site with a much more professional as well as creative appeal.

So, even if you have formidable coding skills, you can use the Beaver Builder in order to get your website designed excellently in no time.

Also, the Beaver Builder plugin lets you optimize your pages for SEO with the help of Beaver Builder. The Beaver Builder also comes with more than 30 templates.

You will be able to choose the best one from them to give your pages the best design. So, if you are looking for a best visual page builder WordPress, Beaver Builder is obviously a great choice.


  • Comes with a highly advanced front-end editor.
  • Offers advanced options for designing modules.
  • It has 30 pre-built page templates that help you to choose the perfect design for your pages.
  • You will be able to create appealing landing pages without any distractions.
  • Equipped with a vast knowledge base and comes with online support.

WP Beaver Builder Pricing and License Details
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 WP Page Builder By Themeum

Use WP Page builder in WordPress to create a website for free. It is a fast, intuitive, drag and drop editor. Stunning pre-built layouts and blocks. Also, no need to code as well!

Thrive Architect

Elementor vs Thrive Architect, this is a debate that has been continuing for years now. Though not as excellent as Elementor, the Thrive Architect is undoubtedly one of the best page builder WordPress plugins available on the market today.

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Compatible with most of the themes available in the market, the Thrive Architect offers high-quality WYSIWYG front-end editing features. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to create pages with the best look focused to create great conversions. Plus, the feature to review changes instantly further simplifies the page building efforts.

Like we said before, the plugin is compatible with almost all themes thus it is very easy to create beautiful pages as well as posts without any hassle with help of all the features that the plugin offers.

One of the best things about the Thrive Architect page builder is that it comes with a wide variety of call to action buttons, countdown timers, lead generation forms and testimonial boxes to drive up the rate of conversion.

Plus, you get the complete opportunity to design the headings, text as well as images to make your page much more appealing to your visitors.

Moreover, the Thrive Architect page builder plugin also comes with a multitude of pre-designed templates. As a result, you will have no trouble in choosing the best design for your pages.

If you do not want to build your pages from the scratch, all you need to do is to choose the perfect template for your page and get your page done.

You will also be able to design full-width pages with the help of Thrive Architect plugin. It provides you with an opportunity to choose the perfect design, gradient, color for your pages.

Plus, you will be able to add any background effect you want to on your page.


  • Provides you with the ability to create full-width pages.
  • The visual editor is easy to use.
  • A plethora of page templates
  • The features are focused on creating conversions.
  • The pages that you create using this plugin are highly responsive.


The pricing of this page builder starts from $69 per month. You will get lifetime updates and 12 months support with this builder.

Thrive Membership Annually Plan
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WPBakery Page builder

One of the best page builders WordPress plugins available on the market today, the WPBakery Page builder plugin allows you to build highly responsive and appealing pages for your website without any hassle.

With no requirement for prior technical knowledge, the WPBakery Page builder allows you to design your pages with a simple drag and drop feature. The plugin comes with an intuitive back-end editor that allows you to make quick changes to your page.

It also offers you a great visual front-end editor that lets you create stunning as well as captivating pages without any hassle.

One of the best things about this page builder plugin is that it is compatible with almost any theme. Thus, you will be able to design your pages with the help of this plugin irrespective of the theme you use.

As stated earlier, the drag and drop builder that the WPBakery Page builder offers allows you to create a page within minutes without having to do any coding. Plus, it comes with several add-ons and content elements which further simplifies your job.

The skin builder feature that the plugin offers allows you to select your own color scheme for your page to match your own brand identity.

WPBakery Page Builder Features
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  • The skin builder feature allows you to select your own color scheme for your pages.
  • Offers you with a plethora of pre-built templates.
  • Comes with professional online support.
  • Provides your pages with a highly responsive design.
  • The grid builder comes with more than 40 different styles.


The WPBakery Page builder plugin can be availed at a standard price of $45.

WPBakery Page Builder Pricing
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Visual Composer Website Builder Vs WPBakery Page Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder – Can be used for Creating Website & Content[including Headers and Footers]

WPBakery Page Builder –  Can be Used only for Creating Amazing Visual Content for you blog.

credits: visualcomposer

FeaturesWPBakery Page BuilderVisual Composer Website Builder
Free version✔️
Drag and Drop editor✔️✔️
Frontend editor✔️✔️
Tree view mode✔️
Backend editor✔️
Mobile editing✔️
Inline text editor✔️
Instant save✔️
Header editor✔️
Footer editor✔️
Sidebar editor✔️
Page layouts✔️
Global header and footer✔️
Works with any WordPress theme✔️✔️
Custom Post Type support✔️✔️
Multisite support✔️✔️
Multi language ready✔️✔️
RTL compatible✔️✔️
Template management✔️✔️
Blocks templates✔️
Element presets✔️
Templatera/Global Templates (Reusable templates)✔️✔️
Template Export/Import✔️
Design Options✔️✔️
Element clone✔️✔️
Element custom name✔️✔️
Grid Builder✔️
Hide element✔️✔️
Keyboard shortcuts✔️
Recent colors✔️
Blank Page Wizard✔️
Custom CSS✔️✔️
Custom JavaScript✔️
Element replace✔️
Role manager✔️
Icon libraries✔️✔️
Google fonts✔️✔️
Instagram-like filters✔️✔️
Parallax effects✔️✔️
Gradient background✔️
Slideshow background✔️
Carousel background✔️
Zoom In/Out background✔️
Video background✔️✔️
Element animations✔️✔️
Background image position✔️
Shape divider✔️
Box Shadow✔️
Instant column resize✔️
Column stacking✔️✔️
Reverse column stacking✔️
Row full width/height✔️✔️
Responsive preview mode✔️✔️
Automatic responsiveness✔️✔️
Custom row responsiveness✔️✔️
Yoast SEO support✔️✔️
Shortcode support✔️✔️
WordPress widget support✔️✔️
Gutenberg element✔️✔️
Block for Gutenberg✔️
Custom widget support✔️
Unsplash Stock Images✔️
Staging activation✔️
3rd party Add-ons✔️✔️
WooCommerce Support✔️✔️
Cloud library✔️✔️
Menu elements✔️
Online customer support✔️✔️
Theme integration✔️✔️
Developers License✔️

Note: Both are different products, you can import & export data’s between two builders.


Designed with the marketers in mind, the Optimize Press is perfect for the entrepreneurs as well as all those individuals who want to create conversion-focused landing as well as sales pages. The best thing about this plugin is that you can create a fully optimised funnel, course and training pages with it.

OptimizePress Create Landing Pages, Sales Pages & Membership Sites
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The page builder also comes with an intuitive front end editor which makes it easy for you to create pages with perfect design. Also, the front-end editor also reduces the time that is required to build the pages. Plus, the pages that you create with this plugin are fully responsive.

The best thing about this page builder is that it comes with more than 30 different templates along with over 40 custom elements. Most importantly, you will have no trouble in integrating the plugin with different marketing tools.

The plug-in can be easily integrated with MailChimp, Kiss-metrics, Optimizely, Aweber, Google Analytics, and much more. Plus, the OptimizePress plugin can also be used to create membership portals.


  • You will be able to create membership pages with the help of this plugin.
  • Features a visual front-end editor which makes it easy to build pages.
  • It comes with more than 30 pre-built templates as well as over 40 custom elements.
  • The pages that are being created with this plugin are fully responsive.
  • You can easily integrate it with marketing tools to drive up conversion rate.
  • Provides you with the A/B split testing feature.


The OptimizePress plugin can be availed at $97 for building pages for 3 websites. And the pricing goes all the way up to $297 which offers much more features.

Themify Builder PRO

If you are looking for a best free page builder for WordPress, the Themify builder is obviously an excellent buying choice that you can make. The Themify builder provides you with a plethora of features which help you to provide an appealing outlook to your pages.

Plus, the builder comes integrated with the Themify themes. So, if you are using one then you do not have to worry about integrating a different page builder for your WordPress theme. The builder also has paid versions which you can also download for extra features and design options.

Themify Builder Addons
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The free version of the page builder offers you with responsive design across all resolutions. It also comes with a front-end live editing feature which allows you to make the changes visually.

It also comes with an intuitive back-end editor that allows you to make quick changes to the design of your page. Next, the builder comes with a drag and drop feature that provides you with Text, audio, accordion, gallery, post, widget, and more.

The free version of the page builder also comes with several premium tools as well as modules such as import/export feature, copy and paste modules, drag-gable column widths, and an undo/redo feature.


  • The free version comes with several premium tools that are not available in any other theme.
  • The Themify builder provides you with more than 60-pages layouts as well as 60 different animation effects.
  • You will also be able to use custom CSS in order to give your page a more traditional outlook.
  • It comes with a special tool which helps you to hide some design features as per the device that you are using.


The paid version of the plugin is available in $39 as well as $59 packages. You can choose any of them as per your requirement.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

Here is another great best free page builder WordPress that you can use to provide exciting design to the pages of your website. The SiteOrigin Page builder is basically a grid-based builder that makes use of widgets as well as rows rather than elements to create pages of all types.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin
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With the SiteOrigin Page Builder, you will be able to use your most favourite widgets and there is also a free Widget Bundle that SiteOrigin offers to help you to add images, buttons, sliders, maps and many more. The SiteOrigin plugin also comes with the back-end as well as front-end editor.

While the back-end editor allows you to build pages from the WordPress dashboard, the visual front-end editor makes it easy for you to make changes visually without any hassle.

Further, you will be able to change the look as well as feel of your website by adding padding’s or changing the spacing. You will also have the option to further customise your page by adding custom CSS as well as class-fields.

Most importantly, it comes with a history feature that allows you to go through the changes you have made.


  • Offers you a drag and drop builder based on the grid which you will be able to use easily.
  • Have front as well as back-end editing feature.
  • Offers regular updates.
  • You will be able to undo or redo the changes with the help of history feature.


The SiteOrigin builder is basically a best free page builder for WordPress which comes with a Widget Bundle. It also has a premium version which comes with premium add-ons which you can avail for $29.

MotoPress Content Builder

MotoPress WordPress Page Builder
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The MotoPress Content builder is another great page builder plugin focused on creating pages with quality content. The MotoPress builder is basically a drag and drop content builder that is very easy to use. All you have to do is to drag and drop elements in order to give your page a perfect design.

This page builder plugin comes with attractive add-ons that help to further boost the functionality of the website. With the help of the add-ons, you will be able to easily integrate the plugin with third-party services to give your pages a perfect design.

Apart from these, the plugin also offers appealing sliders that make your pages much more appealing.

The best thing about this content builder is that it comes with ready to use content elements. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of coding or page building.

You will be able to easily use the drag and drop feature of the plugin to add the content elements like texts, videos, buttons or audio clips to your page.


  • Features ready to use content elements.
  • Drag and drop feature makes it easy to build pages.
  • A wide variety of add-ons makes it much easy to give your page the best design.


MotoPress Page Builder Pricing
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The pricing of the plugin starts from $39 which helps you to build pages for one website. It goes all the way up to $139 for unlimited websites.

Page Builder Sandwich

Page Builder Sandwich WordPress Page Builder Plugin
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The Page Builder Sandwich is a relatively new plugin available for building pages if you have a WordPress website. The Page Builder Sandwich is basically a front-end page building plugin which you can use directly to type to edit the text.

The best thing about this plugin is that it is fully responsive thus it can be easily used to create pages that can be used easily for all devices. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to use widgets as well as shortcodes in order to create better pages.

Most importantly, the plugin offers you with a wide variety of templates as well as pre-designed sections which you can use to give the perfect outlook to your pages. Furthermore, the plugin can also be integrated with 3rd party services like WooCommerce, MailPoet, Aweber, Mailchimp, and more.


  • Provides front end and back end editing features.
  • The pre-designed templates, as well as layouts, make it easy to build pages.
  • It is easily compatible with 3rd party services.


The pricing of the Page Builder Sandwich starts from $39 and goes all the way up to $89.

Best Page Builder plugins for WordPress in 2020

Well, that’s all for our list of best Page Builder plugins in 2020. The page builder plugins are highly important as they make it easy for you to choose the best design for the pages of your website.

Furthermore, the builders listed above does not require you to have any prior coding knowledge. Furthermore, the pages that you build using these plugins are highly responsive. Hence, you will not worry about optimizing it for every device separately.

Thus, you will be able to use them without any hassle. So, choose the best page builder WordPress plugin and build your pages easily without having to face any trouble.

Black Friday Deals For WordPress Page Builders
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