10 Fastest Wordpress Themes 2022


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Fastest WordPress Themes 2022 – The ultimate goal of every website owner is to achieve a high rate of conversion from their website. But there is one thing that plays an important role in helping you to achieve a high rate of conversion. Of course, we are talking about the speed of your site.

You spend a lot of money on attracting your visitors to your website. But everything that goes into a waste of your website is slow. A slow website rubs your visitors in the wrong way and strips them of the interest to proceed further to your website.

fastest wordpress themes

A WordPress theme plays a vital role in maintaining the speed of your website. The lightweight WordPress themes which have optimised caching feature automatically increases the speed of your website and increases your credibility. Thus, it is always essential that you choose the fastest WordPress themes.

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Why is the speed of your website so vital?

Like we said before, the speed of your website plays a crucial role in increasing the rate of conversion for your website. But it has other functions too. A fast loading website also helps greatly in improving the SEO of your website.

As per the experts, if your website takes more than 5 minutes to load then you may lose up to 40% of your visitors. Why is it so? Well, the reason is very simple.

Nobody wants to use a website that makes them wait for a long time.

Every individual loves a website where they can get what they are searching for with just a simple click. So, if your website makes them wait then the conversion decreases while the bounce rate increases greatly.

Most importantly, you end up losing the traffic that you have worked hard to generate.

Furthermore, the loading speed of your website also plays an important role in strengthening your SEO. In other words, if you want your website to rank good in Google and make it to the first page of the Google search rankings then you need to have a fast loading website.

SEO has been one of the most crucial things which ensure the success of your website. It helps you to connect with your target web audience easily and helps your website to grow.

But Google Algorithm updates for the past few years have made it clear that Google is paying heed only to the websites that do not take long to load.

Actually, Google algorithm prefers websites that ensure extraordinary user experience to their visitors. And one of the key metrics in determining the user experience that a website is offering is low bounce rate.

As we have told earlier, low bounce rate can only be achieved by reducing the loading time significantly.

So, if you want to achieve success with your SEO, it is very important to ensure fast loading of your website.

How can you make your website load faster?

Well, it is definitely one of the most excellent questions that you can ask. There are a few simple tricks that you can follow to make sure that your website loads fast. Have a look at the list down below to know more:

1. Make use of caching plugin

Caching helps greatly in reducing the loading time and increasing the speed of your website. The cache mechanism creates an immediate copy of your website and stores it in the RAM of your web server.

Thus, whenever someone looks for your website they are quickly provided with the cached version thereby reducing the loading time greatly.

While it is true that it is too hard to implement the caching mechanism in a website without any prior technical knowledge, you will not have to worry about anything if you have a WordPress site.

You will find a plethora of WordPress cache plugins in the WordPress store which you will be able to download and use to increase the speed of your website.

Our Recommended WordPress Cache Plugins

Recommended Cache Plugins

#1 Speed Up Your Website With WP Rocket

WP Rocket Discount Coupons

#2 Swift Performance – Cache & Performance Booster

Swift Preformance Cache Plugin Features

2. Choose the best hosting

Having a right web host is also very important when it comes to ensuring fast loading of your website. The server that your web hosting company chooses to directly affects the speed of your website.

If the datacenter that your web host provider is located at a far away place then automatically the speed of your website will decrease. Moreover, the bandwidth that the web host offers is also crucial to the loading speed.

Lastly, the server hardware can also affect the speed of a website. Hence, it is very important to conduct your own research to make sure that the hosting helps to reduce the loading time.

Our Recommended WordPress Hosting

Recommended WP Hosting

#1 – WPX Hosting – World’s Fastest & Easiest Managed WordPress Hosting Service

#2 – A2Hosting – 20x Turbo Speed Hosting

3. Select the fastest loading WordPress theme

When it comes to ensuring great loading speed for your website, it is always better to choose the fastest WordPress themes.

You will be able to find premium fast loading WordPress themes as well as fast loading free WordPress themes for your website.

These themes are very lightweight and have been designed excellently to provide your website with great speed. You can also conduct the WordPress theme speed test to choose the fastest loading WordPress theme for your website.

Other Additional Tips to Speed Up WordPress Site:

  • Compress Images [We Recommend SHORTPIXEL]
  • Remove Unwanted Plugins
  • Optimize Database (Always Take Backup before doing it)

Following the above Tips can SpeedUp WordPress Site up to 79%.

Tips To Choose Good WordPress Theme

Things You Should Remember before Purchasing Theme,

  • Should Be Fast Loading & Responsive
  • Considering the Type Of Blog (Personal or Affiliate or Multi Purpose)
  • Should Be Highly Customizable
  • Responsive & Browser Compatibility 
  • In Built Font Customization’s
  • Translation & Multilingual Ready
  • Must Compatible with All Plugins & Page Builders
  • SEO & Schema Optimized
  • Fast Customer Support

For all these Things You Must Need to Purchase A Best Premium Theme for Your WordPress, Below We Have Listed Our Top Recommendations.

With these themes, you will able to provide a great user experience to your audience at a fast pace without any hassle.

Top Fastest WordPress Themes 2022

There are several WordPress themes available on the market. But not every one of them is as fast as they claim to be. So, it is very essential that you make your choice perfectly in order to make sure that your website loads at a fast pace.

#1 [WPAstra Fastest WordPress Theme]

Designed by Brainstorm Force, Astra is a very innovative WordPress theme perfect for every website owner who wants to provide their audience with the extraordinary user experience.

WPAstra Fast WordPress Theme

The best thing about the Astra WordPress theme is that it is completely light in weight and page builder friendly.

Most importantly, this theme is completely customizable. You will be able to customise your website as per your wish thereby ensuring the most efficient design for the website.

Astra is also one of the fastest free wordpress theme to download that you can find in the market.

Moreover, you can also use the add-on features that this theme offers to make sure that your website stays at the top of everything.

The Astra WordPress theme has been specifically designed to offer maximum page loading speed. When you are using this theme then you can be assured of one thing that it helps your web page to load under half a second.

As stated earlier, this theme is completely lightweight since it only requires resources worth 50 KB size to load your website.

Since the theme uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of the bulky jQuery, the speed of your website further gets enhanced.

Astra – Fast Lightweight Customizable WordPress Theme

So, it is pretty obvious that you should not overlook Astra if you are looking for a fast and innovative WordPress theme.

Furthermore, the Astra is very easy to use. It comes with a clean and user-friendly interface. Hence, you will have no trouble using it.

This theme is completely compatible with different page builders. From Elementor Pro to Beaver Builder, you will have no trouble in using a page building app to build the pages for your website.

The theme offers pre-designed as well as magnificent templates that you can use to provide your website with the perfect look. Plus, it works great with Woocommerce.

WPAstra Speed Test

WPX Hosting Blog speed test with wpastra theme
{Used WPAstra Theme on WPX Hosting}

Astra Pro Pricing


  • Annual Plan at $59 $47
  • Lifetime Plan at $523 $249
  • Astra Pro Addon
  • One-to-One Support
  • Extensive Training
  • Unlimited Website Usage


  • Annual Plan at $276 $169
  • Lifetime Plan at $996 $499
  • All Astra Pro Features
  • 150+ Premium Starter Templates
  • One-to-One Support
  • Extensive Training
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • WP Portfolio Plugin
  • Choice of One Page Builder Addon (Elementor or Beaver Builder)


  • Annual Plan at $523 $249
  • Lifetime Plan at $1893 $699
  • All Astra Pro Features
  • 150+ Premium Starter Templates
  • One-to-One Support
  • Extensive Training
  • Unlimited Website Usage
  • WP Portfolio Plugin
  • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • Convert Pro Plugin
  • Schema Pro Plugin
  • SkillJet Academy
  • Our Future Plugins*

Checkout Astra Membership Bundle

Check Astra Theme Review & Discount Coupons

#2 [GeneratePress – Lightweight, Responsive WordPress Theme]

If you are looking for an extraordinary WordPress theme that will help you to provide your website with maximum loading speed and beautiful designs, then this proves to be the right choice.

Lightweight as well as beautiful in design, this WordPress theme is a great choice for you. This WordPress theme comes in both free and premium versions. The only difference that the paid version and free version has is that the former comes with a lot more features.

A multipurpose theme, GeneratePress is fully customizable and fast wordpress themes. Thus, you will be able to provide your website with the best design and you will be able to make sure that your website looks exactly how you want it to look.

Generatepress discount coupons

With the premium version of GeneratePress, you will obtain a highly modular network which is completely light in weight. Also, you will have the complete freedom of choosing only the features that you require for your website.

The GeneratePress theme offers you a plethora of excellent functionalities in the form of user-friendly modules. You can select the modules that you want specifically and choose to disable others as per your wish.

As you continue to search for the fastest WordPress themes, the GeneratePress WordPress theme will definitely make its position on your list.

GeneratePress Premium Addon Modules

Generatepress Premium - modules

It is one of the Speed-est themes that you can ask for in the market today. Plus, it comes with schema markup which makes sure that you achieve great ranking and the best rate of conversion for your website.

In other words, if you are looking for great search engine ranking then you must obviously opt for the GeneratePress WordPress theme. Moreover, this WordPress theme offers your website with a responsive design. Thus, it makes your website incredibly appealing to all the visitors.

As stated earlier, the framework of this WPTheme is completely light in weight. Hence, you will never have to worry about the loading speed if you are using this WordPress theme.

GeneratePress Theme Speed Test Reports

generatepress speed test report
{Used GeneratePress Theme with Premium Addon with WPX Hosting}

GeneratePress Premium Pricing

GeneratePress Premium Pricing 2019

#3 [Schema – Fastest SEO Theme By MyThemeShop]

Developed by Mythemeshop, the Schema WordPress theme is undoubtedly a great fastest loading WordPress theme that you can get for your website.

The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it provides you with almost everything that you can think of running a successful blog.

Schema - Fastest SEO Theme Available for WordPress at MyThemeShop

But above all the Schema Mythemeshop WordPress theme makes sure that you get lightning fast speed and extraordinary performance. The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it is completely light in weight. You will not have to worry about the speed of your website at all.

Furthermore, the Schema offers you a completely responsive design. The responsive design does not only make your website look great but it also makes sure that it runs perfectly from all devices.

The theme is complete translation ready. That’s why you will be able to create a theme for every individual irrespective of the language you speak.

Most importantly, the theme offers an Inbuilt ad management panel. Giving ads on your website is one of the best ways to generate revenue from your website.

The Schema Mythemeshop also comes with full compatibility with Google Fonts. You will be able to choose from a plethora of fonts to make your website look beautiful.

Moreover, the Schema Mythemeshop offers you with great support. Furthermore, the theme allows you to obtain great reviews, performance ratings and comments from your audience. As a result, you will no longer have any problem in providing an extraordinary experience for your customers.

#4 [OceanWP – Fast Free Wordpress Themes]

If you are looking for a fast loading WordPress theme, OceanWP has to be one of the best choices that you can make. This theme is completely free to use this you will not have to worry about the hefty prices.

oceanwp coupon codes, oceanwp black friday sale

The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it is completely user-friendly and compatible with several page builders. Hence, you will be able to beautiful ready to use templates for your website and add them to your theme to make it work perfectly.

Ready Made Demo’s By OceanWP

Demos By OceanWP

Moreover, the OceanWP WordPress theme features a responsive design that makes your website looks magnificent. Plus, it works perfectly on all devices thus helping you to attract all the traffic that you can get irrespective of the platform that the visitors are using.

The theme comes with an inbuilt SEO indexing feature. Further, you can be completely assured about the SEO friendliness of this theme. SEO is definitely very important for the success of a website.

Features of OceanWP Theme

OceanWP- A Stunning Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Features

And when you are using the OceanWP then you can be completely relieved about achieving good SEO ranking for your website.

One of the most important things about this theme is the loading speed that it offers. With a very lightweight design, this theme loads immediately and assures you about providing a great user experience.

Being completely compatible with Woocommerce, you can use this WordPress theme without any hassle irrespective of the type of website you have.

Lastly, this theme is completely easy to install. All it takes is one click to make sure that the theme is installed perfectly on your WordPress site.

OceanWP Pricing

#5 [Divi Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder]

The Divi WordPress theme from Elegant themes is probably the best theme to end our list of fastest loading WordPress themes.

Divi WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes

The best thing about this WordPress theme is that it comes with a visual builder. It comes with a highly intuitive front-end editor.

This editor allows you to build your website with the utmost ease. Thus, you will be able to give your website the best look. Furthermore, the WordPress theme is completely light in weight. Undoubtedly, you will not have to worry about the speed of your website at all.

Another most important thing about this WordPress theme is that it comes with inline editing feature. The in-line editing feature allows you to directly click on the page of your website.

Thus, you will be able to add the content on your website directly with just a click. Moreover, you will be able to highlight the texts, change the style of the fonts, change the font size and edit every bit of it without any trouble.

The visual builder of the theme also provides you with dragging heights as well as widths. Now, you will be able to choose the length and breadth of the white space easily as per your choice.

The best thing about the Divi WordPress theme is that it comes with a customizable interface. With this theme, you will be able to completely adjust the elements of your interface easily.

Also, you will have no trouble in using this theme. One of the most important things that Divi offers is the ability to add instant content.

Divi theme Pricing

Join Elegant Themes Best Theme Club

Fast Loading Multi Purpose WordPress Themes

Not Every One Likes Simple WordPress Themes, Some Needed Multi Purpose, Highly Featured & Customizable WordPress Theme. You Can Find Plenty Of Themes and Markets online, But Here We Provide Top 5 Fastest Selling and Fast Loading Multi Purpose WordPress Themes from ThemeForest.

Publisher – Newspaper Magazine AMP – News / Editorial – 50%

Publisher WP Theme Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Publisher theme is suitable to design news website, magazine, newspaper and another personal blog. The user can easily publish their posts and articles by accessing the publisher word press theme. This theme has extensive features, plug-ins, and periodic updates lifetime.

The Publisher theme comes with a 300+ page templates so that the user can either choose their design from the existing template or they can also design their own sites by editing the pre-designed templates.

The reset and backup option allows you (the user) to do or undo the changes made on the default templates. This theme also offers an easy to use admin panel for its users.

It has all the default available customization options as like the other wordpress themes. It is adaptable for both mobile and computer systems. It has the inbuilt social share options which can be used whenever and wherever you feel to share the info available in the website through social applications.

It has some additional available default number of plugins which are absolutely free with the Publisher theme of the website.

This theme allows you to attach any kind of files and offers a live preview of them for the visitors of the site.  It is one of the hassle-free themes for the website which does the process of creating the website in a simple and easy way.

Avada – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Avada theme always holds its position on the top of the list of wordpress themes. It has been created to serve as a multipurpose theme with a single package.


It has plenty of page templates that make the user to create their website in a unique style and also it enables the user to create their website flexibly with its enhanced customization options.

Building a theme for a website often requires some coding knowledge but the Avada theme rescues you (the user) from coding work. It provides all the features the user want in their website with just a few clicks.

The Avada theme has examples, CSS tricks, tutorial videos which showcase the users to create a theme for themselves. It is compatible with WooCommerce and also with its related extensions. This theme can be used from any browser since it has cross browser compatibility feature.

A second is enough to impress the client who visits your website, the Avada theme does that for you with its enormous features such as SEO and mobile friendly, multi tested site, high-resolution graphics, free premium plug-ins, short codes.

It is even supported for blogs with various other features to have the full control of your desired website which can be created by your own as you desire to impress the public thus it, in turn, creates and increases your business or conversations.

The Avada theme has got more number of users and greater support which makes the theme standout from other themes.

click to buy

X – The Theme

X-Theme is used to build a quality and dynamic websites. It is one of the fastest selling themes among the word press theme from theme-forest. The four stacks inside each theme are customizable and the final deliverable output is a different style for the site. The short codes available with the theme are used to create a unique website without adding more number of plug-ins.


When it comes to design a website using this X-theme, the user’s imagination is the only limit because it can be used to build a limitless pages and websites.

The user can work out their sites using the defaults and extensions that are available to give a unique appearance to the website from others.

The X-Theme offers various features such as Woo Commerce compatible, multiple contents, font, color, navigation options and short code as a plug-in instead of pre-built short code with the theme which is one of the best available advantages of this theme. It also comes with a demo content which is helpful for a user to acquire a clear picture about the theme.

An additional feature also includes their extension library which includes an extra of 20 plus plugins that adds incredibly new options for the website you develop with your creative limits.

The X-Theme has a support forum where any user can discuss and get help from other x-theme users.

[BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme]

Be theme is one of the popular multipurpose wordpress theme. It has well-organized functionality and versatile features. Like other wordpress themes, it also has pre-made templates and layouts.


It has crossed more than 340 plus pre-built websites. It is possible to create a design whatever you (the users) have in the mind with shortcodes, builder options, layout options and many more.

The default available options can be changed, viewed and updated instantly without many steps which makes it like a real-time design theme. Before getting started on the theme, you (the user) can also install the demo to have a better perception of the theme which you wish for your desired website.

The layouts for sites can be used from the existing design and also be downloaded and saved into the library from the web for later use. This theme is well suited for various professions such as interior design, charity, electrical, art, industrial business and many others.

It is mobile friendly and also one of the best theme known for its design quality, flexibility, user friendly and feature availability. It also has the video tutorials available from which we can get an idea of what we can do and how to customize the website of our wish.

It is like all the necessary items that are needed for the word press website available at everything in one place.

Features of BE Theme

  • 340+ pre-built websites
  • 4 different grid layouts
  • Awesome Layouts Generator
  • Unlimited menus & Mega Menu
  • Custom Font Uploader & 600+ Google Fonts included
  • 7 different header versions, 12 predefined skins
  • Under Construction / Maintenance Mode & Blank Page
  • 1 Click Skin Generator
  • WooCommerce ready – create own e-commerce store
  • WordPress Multilingual Ready & Built-in translator
  • Sticky Header, Fully Responsive
  • Revolution Slider included – $19 value
  • Awesome Drag & Drop Muffin Builder
  • Visual Composer plugin with frontend and backend editor included ($28 value)
  • 3 Different Blog Layouts & 4 Different Portfolio Layouts
  • Translation ready – with included .po /.mo files or our built-in translator
  • Child Theme compatible
  • 100% Responsive Design (turn it on/off by one click)
  • 200+ Shortcodes (include Muffin Builder items and text shortcodes)
  • SEO ready
  • Many pre-built Pages & Unlimited sidebars for pages
  • 6 built-in custom widgets
  • XML file with demo content
  • Outstanding support for customers

[The 7 – Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress]

The 7 word press theme is known for its flexibility, compatibility, and uniqueness in the appearance which magnetizes the users to design their websites by using this multipurpose theme.

The user can get this theme from Theme forest. This theme is good enough for any kind of website creation since it satisfies the user’s expectations. It comes with peculiar design style with different layout and skins.


Each design can be personalized as per the user’s desire with different colors. It has been easily integrated with woo commerce platform to create an online store.

While coming to the compatibility feature, The7 theme is compatible with primary browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 and also with most JavaScript enabled browsers without any issues.

Another great feature of The7 theme is Visual Composer Plugin. This feature allows the user to preview their designed page layout and then import them into the website easily with drag and drop tool.

Also, this visual composer feature let the user create endless page layouts and designs as per their wish for their website.

The 7 theme has a bundle of plugins which was packaged with the theme for free of cost. After the installation of The7 theme, there is quick start guide and advanced user guide available on the theme which supports the user in building a website by following the steps given in that guide.

Also, there is support portal where you can simply post the queries that help you out regarding site creation.

It is well known for its customer support also for the regular updates available. It is an SEO ready, mobile friendly with unlimited header combinations available.

click to buy

It is an easy install and more convenient kind of customization which is highly recommended and used.

fastest wordpress themes black friday & cyber monday offers

Well, that’s all for our list of fast loading WordPress themes. The speed of your website is very important in order to make it successful.

A slow website obviously demotivates your audience from going further into your website.

As a result, you lose important traffic, the rate of conversion drops down and the bounce rate increases greatly. Furthermore, the SEO of your website gets affected greatly by the slow speed of your website.

A  fast loading WordPress theme makes sure that your website does not face such problems through its lightweight design and great features.

So, choose the theme that suits you most from above and makes sure that your website stays at the top of loading speed.

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