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Beaver Builder Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal – Designing a website is an important yet compelling task. Normally, it requires a lot of coding and technical knowledge to design a website.

Thus, it becomes problematic for the common website owners with no prior technical knowledge to get the perfect design for their website. That’s why the page builder tools have gained such popularity in the recent days.

Beaver Builder Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2023

Beaver Builder Black Friday Deal
Beaver Builder Black Friday Deal 2023

The Beaver Builder is an efficient page and content builder application for WordPress. It lets you build your website in no time. It comes with a plethora of extensions, themes and functionalities which help you to give the perfect design to your website.

Little efforts and beneficial results, Beaver Builder helps one to obtain the best for their website. But why go for Beaver Builder when there are so many page building tools available? Is not this the exact question that is encompassing your mind?

Well, scroll down and read our entire Beaver Builder Review to get the answer to your question.

Beaver Builder Black Friday Deals

Beaver Builder Black Friday Sale

The name Beaver Builder is quite self-explanatory. You can clearly understand that it is a building tool that helps you to make the process of building as well as reconstructing your web pages completely hassle-free.

Though WordPress is a very user-friendly content management system, you still need to deal with HTML coding and shortcodes for building as well as designing your website.

But Beaver Builder eliminates that necessity completely through its simple functionalities. You can easily design your web pages through drag and drop method. Plus, there are a lot of page templates that you can choose to give your website pages the perfect outlook. Most importantly, it is fast and saves your precious time.

However, the best thing about Beaver Builder is that it can be used by beginners as well as the experienced people. Beaver Builder helps you to save a lot of time and speeds up your website designing process while providing your site with a much more professional as well as creative appeal. So, even if you have formidable coding skills, you can use the Beaver Builder in order to get your website designed excellently in no time.

Features of Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder comes with a multitude of features. Thus, it is not possible for us to fit them all in the scope of our Beaver Builder review. So, we have isolated the best features to provide you with a clear idea about Beaver Builder.

Offers a multitude of useful add-ons

Beaver Builder is itself a user-friendly tool that makes the process of building your website very easy with its drag and drop functionality.

Plus, there are several other features too. Nevertheless, Beaver Builder allows you to further extend its functionalities with the help of add-ons.

The third-party add-ons provide you with several styling and design options which enables you to build your website much more creatively. In short, your website will become more appealing to your users.

Build your pages with easy drag and drop

With Beaver Builder, you can easily change the way your website looks with the help of drag and drop option. As a matter of fact, the front end editor of the Beaver Builder is smart enough to change everything with just drag and drop.

Thus, there is no need to go to the dashboard in order to change something. Furthermore, the Beaver Builder comes with the WYSIWYG functionality that helps you to directly select the element that you need to change and change it easily.

Customization Options

Beaver Builder is a user-friendly editor. Thus, it is all about customization. Also, it offers you with innumerable options for you to customise the website pages as per your wish. You can easily implement the options and modules that it offers to efficiently build your website.

Plus, Beaver Builder comes with different pre-built templates which can also be easily be customized.

Multiple Modules to efficiently design your website

Beaver Builder comes with several widgets or modules that further make it easy for you to design your website. Modules are basically reusable website elements that provide you complete freedom over every aspect of your site.

From pricing tables to contact form to blog page designs, Beaver builder comes with a plethora of modules to add everything you want to your website easily.

The Beaver Builder lite version comes with some basic modules while the premium version offers advanced modules to make the job of website building much easier. Thus, you can obtain maximum benefits.

Optimized for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the most crucial techniques that every website owner tries to perfect in order to reach out to their online audience effectively. However, it is not easy to make your website SEO optimised in order to rank well in the search engine results since there are several processes involved in it.

Well, Beaver Builder makes the job very easy for you. It is completely SEO friendly and it helps your website to rank better with the advanced features that it comes with.

Completely mobile friendly

As people are becoming more dependent on their mobile devices with every passing day, people are looking for ways to make their websites completely mobile friendly thereby ensuring the mobile users about getting a quality experience.

Plus, SEO optimization depends greatly on the mobile-friendliness of the website. Beaver Builder provides you with pre-built mobile-friendly templates. Thus, the website that you design will be completely mobile friendly and you will be able to give them a great experience irrespective of the device that your visitors use.

Extraordinary Support

Irrespective of how skilled you are, you can face problem while using the Beaver Builder. However, you do not need to worry about anything since Beaver Builder comes with extraordinary support.

You can easily send your queries to their support team to get necessary assistance as soon as possible.

Though the support on the free version Beaver Builder does not have extensive support features, the premium version of the tool provides you with quick and easy support for a year.

Compatible with Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a plug-in that helps you to set up professional online stores on your WordPress website. The Beaver Builder plugin also works well with the Woocommerce.

Hence, it allows you to design your Woocommerce store as per your creative requirements. Furthermore, Beaver Builder makes your website optimised for performance thus allowing you to run your Woocommerce store with much more efficiency.

Pricing of Beaver Builder & Discount Coupons

The Beaver Builder tool comes in two different versions. The lite version of the Beaver Builder is completely free to use. So, you can download it for free and use it for developing an amazing website without any hassle.

However, if your website is large and your website has multiple pages, then it is better to go for the premium version. The premium version comes with three different pricing packages from which you can choose the one that suits you most. The pricing package starts from $99 and it goes all the way up to $399.

So, the features and functions also increase the price of the package. Nevertheless, no matter which package you choose, you will be able to manage multiple websites with Beaver Builder without any hassle. Apart from the standard package, the Agency and Pro package also come with Beaver Builder Theme.

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Best For Power Users! $546 per year

  • Page Builder Plugin
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Priority World-Class Support
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Everything in Agency Package
  • Beaver Themer Addon Plugin
  • Assistant Pro (6-Months Free)


Best For Agencies! $399 per year

  • Page Builder Plugin
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Annual World-Class Support
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme Included
  • Multisite Network Settings
  • White Labeling


Best For Freelancers! $199 per year

  • Page Builder Plugin
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Annual World-Class Support
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme Included
  • Multisite Capable
  • White Labeling


Best For Entrepreneurs! $99 per year

  • Page Builder Plugin
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Annual World-Class Support
  • Premium Modules & Templates
  • Beaver Builder Theme Included
  • Multisite Functionality
  • White Labeling

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Beaver Builder Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

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Beaver Builder Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale

Well, that’s all for our Beaver Builder Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. There is no doubt that Beaver Builder is one of the most intuitive and efficient tools that you can use to build your websites. Plus, there are several modules that you can use to provide the website with the proper appeal. So, download the beaver builder today and build your website perfectly.

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