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Social Warfare Black Friday Deal – Social sharing buttons play a vital role in the blogging. This is because these buttons drive more traffic to one’s website and pull more reach through the shares. However, we could see that there are numerous alternatives available for social share plugins.

Social Warfare Black Friday Deal

Social Warfare Discount Coupons
Social Warfare Black Friday Sale

All we have to do is to choose wisely the right one that will suit our preference and provide the best service. That’s why we have chosen Social Warfare as the right choice during Black Friday Sale. If you are looking for the best plugin, you will be impressed with the beautiful and attractive design of Social Warfare.

  • Social Warfare Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale : 30% off new purchases of ALL products
  • Dates : Nov 20th – Dec 5th

Social Warfare is well known for its lightning speed and uniqueness. Apart from that, Social Warfare is recognized for its beautiful designs and compatibility. Some of the popular social sharing buttons are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Some of the additional share options are

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Yummly
  • WhatsApp
  • Pocket
  • Buffer
  • Hacker News
  • Flipboard
  • Email

Social Warfare Pro Demo

Social Warfare Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal

Also, the post’s widget allows the user to customize Post thumbnail images, image and text size, visual themes and date range.

Okay, now let’s discuss in detail the interesting and attractive features of Social Warfare Plugin.

Features of Social Warfare Black Friday Discount


As we already mentioned Social Warfare is popular for its speed. The lightning speed of this plugin will never make your time go waste. It will protect your website from slowing down.


Social warfare is fully loaded with features and attractive buttons. Yet, it is the simplest plugin to use. It is designed in such a way that the buttons correlate with respective social media website.


The users are allowed to choose the button they prefer (as mentioned above) and the position they want the placement to be. The placement includes such as

  • Above the content
  • Below the content
  • Both above and below the content
  • Floating
  • None (Manual)

Regarding the placement of the share button, it can either be done with the available or manually (as mentioned above). This can be done with the help of Social Warfare Shortcodes. It is an additional benefit to customize the template if you are well versed in PHP.


The content of your website is protected from Hijackers by removing their unwanted ads being placed over your content without your approval.

Easy to install

Social Warfare is one of the plugins that are easy to install and use. It is just one click process that doesn’t require much knowledge to go ahead.


This is compatible with mobile devices. Many plugins are being portrayed as mobile phone compatible but don’t work well. However, Social Warfare is well supported in mobile phones; the user will get the best experience in computer and mobile phone as well.

Social Warfare Black Friday discount Sale

Social Warfare - Your Ultimate Social Sharing Plugin Features
Credit: Social Warfare Black Friday Deal


Apart from all the above traits, the price is also an influencing factor in selecting the best plugin. Social Warfare has both free and premium versions.

The pro version costs up to 29 USD per year and this can be availed for a single website. If the user wants to own the Social Warfare Pro for 5 websites, it will cost around 89 USD per year. And it is 139 USD for 10 websites. Check out the features of Pro version of Social Warfare.

Social Warfare Pro Plans
Social Warfare Black Friday pricing Discount

Social warfare free vs Social warfare Pro Features

The Pro version of this plugin provides the below features to its users.

Social Warfare - Pro - Warfare Plugins
Warfare Plugins Black Friday Offer

Minimum social proof

You can choose either to show the only minimum number of shares or have no counts showing at all. It can be turned off. With Social Warfare pro, the user can customize the display button as per their requirement.


Social Warfare recovery allows the user to get back the lost counts that have been resulted out of the permalink structure changes and domain prefixes.

Hover Pin-It enables the user to pin the images straight to Pinterest.

Twitter Cards

Social Warfare button is very helpful in sharing your content on social media and getting mentioned as well. The user is ensured of this authority through

  • Facebook author and publish attribution
  • Facebook app link
  • Twitter publication
  • “via @username” at the end of tweets
  • “via @username” at the end of pin descriptions


It is really a benefit for the users of Google Analytics. It is because; the user will be able to track the inbound links and the results of the social media shares. To an extent, the user can track even how many times the buttons are being clicked. Go for Pro, if you want to enjoy these benefits and the lightning speed experience.

Popular Post Widget is one of the coolest features of Social Warfare with which you can drop this widget straight into your site’s foot area or sidebar.

Social Warfare FAQs

How many social networks were supported?

It includes all the popular social platforms concluding 15 social networks available now.

Do SocialWarfare have a free trial version of the plugin?

They don't offer a trial version. But you can try free plugin available at WordPress Plugin Repository.

what is social warfare black friday?

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale they offer 30% off all new purchases & an automatic 30% renewal discount.

Black Friday Deal on  Social Warfare Pro User Reviews

Social Warfare - Pro - Warfare Plugins User Reviews
Credit: Social Warfare Cyber Monday Deals

Pros and Cons

Find some of the pros and cons of Social Warfare listed below:

  • Simple, modern and attractive designs
  • Quick loading with lightning speed and never slows down your website
  • Various customizing options with more than 5000 combinations that suit your requirements
  • Built-in features such as “Click to tweet”, “Frame Buster” etc
  • Many display options and placement options including manual
  • “Activate Twitter Counts” to show the tweet counts
  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Pro features extra settings, options, updates etc
  • Google Analytics helps in tracking
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Customer support available for Pro version
  • Subscription has to be renewed every year to get updates
  • No Major Cons, This plugin does the way best, Try Social Warfare Now.

Social Warfare Black Friday Offer

Social Warfare Black Friday deal has been recognized as the best social share plugin with most exciting features and simple user interface. It has gained a lot of users through its incredible service, clean and beautiful layouts, tools, customization settings, etc.


The built-in optimization tools such as tweet feature, Twitter counts, Twitter cards are some of the attractions of this plugin. Try out the Pro version of this plugin to get more benefits. We hope this article was much helpful.

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