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Latest Updates on Black Friday Siteground Hosting Sale for 2023: Having started its journey back in 2004, SiteGround has served people all across the globe. Though the company is primarily based in Bulgaria, they are considered as experts at serving people worldwide.

The hosting company strengthened its base by fulfilling every individual’s requirements through it hosting services.

When it comes to SiteGround, there is one thing that you can be sure about. Yes, you can be sure about the quality of the hosting services they offer. SiteGround actually offers an array of hosting solutions but they are especially popular for their Shared hosting solutions.

Black Friday SiteGround Sale 2023

  • Sale Information – Black Friday Deals Up To 86% OFF Siteground Shared Hosting Plans, Starts Nov 24th 2023.

StartUp Plan – 86% Discount

  • Normal: $14.99/mo
  • SPECIAL Price: $1.99/mo

GrowBig Plan- 84% Discount

  • Normal: $24.99/mo
  • SPECIAL Price: $3.99/mo

GoGeek Plan- 85% Discount

  • Normal: $39.99/mo
  • SPECIAL Price: $5.99/mo

Features Of Siteground Sale 2024 up to 86% Discount

  • One Click WordPress Installation.
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • Free automated WordPress transfer
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • SuperCacher Technology
  • Daily Backups
  • And much more awesome features.

How-to activate the Black Friday SiteGround Hosting Sale?

Below follow up the signup process, it’s very easy and a 3 step process only. Follow up below image guide to Purchase Siteground Black Friday on Shared Web Hosting.

Step 1. Choose your hosting plan

[CLICK Here To Visit Siteground Black Friday Sale Page] & Select the Hosting plan which You Required.

siteground plans

Step 2. Choosing Domain or Use Existing Domain

Now If You Need a New Domain then Enter the Domain Name and buy it, otherwise Select Already I OWN a domain and enter the domain name you own.


Step 3. Review and Complete

Now check the Total Billing Amount Whether The offer for the required code is applied or Not.


Now Checkout to Buy SG hosting & At-last dont Forget to Point their Name Servers which used for purchase. If you have any doubt, Feel free to comment below. we will ready to help you.

Black Friday Siteground dISCOUNT upto 86% OFF Sale FAQ’s

what is siteground hosting?

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In most recent data, it reports servicing more than 2,000,000 domains worldwide.

who owns siteground hosting?

This company is owned by Ivo Tzenov (Founder), Tenko Nikolov (CEO), Milena Stefanova (Director) and it has currently more than 500 employees.

where is siteground based?

SG is based on Bulgaria, but SiteGround Spread Globally To Better Serve Local Clients. Now they're registered in the USA, UK, Bulgaria, and Spain that manages four offices and several datacenter locations around the world.

where are siteground servers located?

Currently, SiteGround uses the following data center locations: Chicago USA, Iowa USA, London UK, Amsterdam Netherlands, Eemshaven Netherlands, Singapore, Sydney and Frankfurt.

which siteground plan is best for me?

That usually depends on your usage, we always recommend GrowBig or GoGeek. We are using Gogeek plan.If you need more resources and high traffic choose their cloud or vps services.

In siteground how many websites i can host?

They Provide Unlimited websites hosting features on their growbig and gogeek plans.

which is better siteground or bluehost?

Comapring both siteground is better and has good support.Bluehost is a EIG Company, we recommend to avoid EIG comapny host for money blogs.

In siteground how to install wordpress?

You can install easily, we have written step by step guide to install wordpress please check here

Will i get Free Domain name with Siteground Plans?

Siteground does not offer free domain with any of their plans. You have to get domain from namecheap or namesilo.

what is siteground staging?

Staging comes with Gogeek plan, it is used for development purposes.

Siteground Sale Tips [SAVE $$$]

Buy Hosting for 2 Years, so that you can save maximum amount and enjoy the best web hosting services form SG for longer period.

for eg, if  Plan A annual cost is 100$/Year means, during discount you will get for 25$(1 year), 50$(for 2 yrs) & 75$(for 3 yrs). which is 25$ less that regular cost.

Why to Choose SiteGround Black Friday?

SiteGround has tools that make managing WordPress sites easy and simple, they offer one-click install, managed updates, WP-Cli, WordPress staging and git integration.

They have a very fast support team with advanced WordPress expertise available 24/7.

siteground fastest support
SiteGround Hosting Support

They provide latest speed technologies that make WordPress load faster: NGINX-based caching, SSD-drives, PHP 7, CDN, HTTP/2.They also proactively Protect the WordPress sites from hacks.

How does SiteGround protect my website?

siteground security
siteground security

SG Optimizer Plugin for WordPress

Tools for Agencies – Easy way Shipping sites to clients

SiteGround Web-Hosting provides varies hosting services like Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Joomla &wordpress services.

Also, SiteGround has servers in data centers in 6 places, the United States of America, the Netherlands, UK, Singapore, Sydney and Frankfurt. SiteGround uses CentOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP and WHM/cPanel for its servers.

The company has developed custom software solutions for account isolation, monitoring & reaction, and speed-optimization of its servers, which are sold under the 1H brand and used by other Linux hosting companies for their shared servers.

Siteground Black Friday Best WordPress Hosting

Contents Show

With the dawn of the age of the internet, the world has become fast and a small place. You can get any information you want about anything and anywhere in the world within milliseconds.

In this fast-paced age, for an individual or a group planning to open a start-up or take the initiative, it has become pretty essential to own a website.

A website not only brings you online but also helps your services reach worldwide. But bringing a site live isn’t an easy task. What you need is an excellent web hosting service at your beck and call to help you with your objective.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a net-based service that allows explicitly both individuals as well as organizations to bring a website or even a webpage online.

These are a type of business done by some service providers, who provide with all the necessary amenities and services required to publish and view a website online. Special computers called servers store and host the sites.

The hosting service connects the client’s website to the World Wide Web which allows a person to access it from anywhere in the world. Just type in the website address into the browser and whoosh!! There you see your website up and running. In this way their computers will be connected to your server, thereby delivering your web pages to them via the web browsers.

While most of the hosting companies need you to own a domain before joining them, however, if you don’t have, the company would help you purchase one. There are many web hosting service providers, one of the best among them is siteground.

Siteground Deal “Black Friday 2024“

Siteground WordPress hosting provides upto 86% on all shared web hosting plans and also Siteground is top notch web hosting provider. Yes, siteground officially Recommended by

One can totally rely on the efficiency and impeccable features that this hosting giant offers. Furthermore, the SiteGround is often regarded as a remarkable hosting option available in today’s market. So, you can opt for the SiteGround shared hosting without any worry.

SiteGround offers three different shared hosting packages. These packages have different prices and the features they provide are different too. But there are few things that are common in all three shared hosting plans.

Wondering what they might be? Well, these shared hosting plans from SiteGround offers you complete assurance of quality, 24/7 customer support, maximum server uptime, free SSL certificate, free cPanel and many more.

Furthermore, there is another thing common among these three packages. You will get free automated WordPress transfer(WordPress Migrator plugin) along with the web hosting package. So, you can completely have your faith in SiteGround shared hosting plans.

An Overview of SiteGround Black Friday Shared Hosting Sale

As we said before, SiteGround Shared Hosting offers three different plans which are StartUP, GrowBig and GoGeek. These three plans do not only differ in their prices but they differ in the features too.

As you can already understand, the SiteGround Shared Hosting starts with the StartUP package. It is perfect for those websites that are just getting started and have a low volume of traffic. It has all the essential features and its price is also the lowest among the three.

The next one is the GrowBig shared hosting plan. As the name suggests, it is absolutely ideal for every website that has a considerate amount of traffic and is growing rapidly.

Apart from the essential features, it also comes with the premium features which make it the most popular of the SiteGround hosting plans.

When it comes to GoGeek, you can be assured of getting off your mind blow due to the features it offers. Being the costliest of all SiteGround’s shared hosting packages, the GoGeek package offers several advanced features apart from the essential and premium features offered by the previous two packages.

Furthermore, it comes with a special staging feature that allows you to make multiple development copies of your website without any hassle and several other things.

SiteGround Shared hosting plans

Like we said before, all three plans are excellent in their own ways. No matter which shared hosting plan you choose, it will serve you perfectly without creating any troubles.

Still having confusions? Let’s have a detailed insight into the SiteGround Shared Hosting Plans:


#1. Siteground StartUp Black Friday Deal

As we have stated before, the SiteGround Shared hosting packages start with the StartUP plan. The most interesting thing about this plan is that you will be getting a vast array of features at just the expense of $3.95 per month.

The StartUP plan offers you all the essential features that you will require to run a website that is just getting started.

Be it a personal blog, small business website or an online shop that experiences reasonable traffic, the StartUP plan will serve you just well.

Here are the essential features that this shared hosting plan offers:

  • Offers as huge as 10 GB disk space.
  • It is suitable for every website having a traffic volume up to 10,000 per month.
  • This package comes with a free website builder as well as a free automated WordPress transfer.
  • 24/7 excellent technical support.
  • The plan also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It also offers free SSL certificate, SSH access and cPanel.
  • The storage type is SSD.
  • You will also be able to transfer your website to a different web host using WordPress Migrator plugin if you want.
  • Offers unlimited databases as well as email accounts.
  • You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of free daily backup.
  • The servers are HTTP/2 enabled.
  • Also, comes with Cloudflare CDN.

#2. Siteground GrowBig Black Friday Deal

Priced at just $5.95 per month, the GrowBig plan is perhaps the most popular of all the SiteGround shared hosting plans. This plan is perfect for every website that witnesses a considerable traffic inflow every month.

It does not only offer the essential features that you can get from the StartUP plan but it also comes with the extra premium features which really makes this plan undoubtedly a great choice for any user.

Actually, this plan is designed in such a way that it is able to host either a website with large traffic or an array of websites with average traffic on a monthly basis.

Interested in knowing the features of this plan? Well, have a look:

  • You will be able to host multiple websites with this single plan.
  • It offers a disk space of 20 GB.
  • The GrowBig plan is suitable for every website that experiences a traffic inflow of 25,000 per month.
  • This plan comes with priority technical support from the SiteGround team.
  • It also uses the Super Cacher technology to ensure that your website remains super fast.
  • The web hosting plan also brings with it 30 backup copies.
  • Offers backup restores without any cost.

#3. Siteground GoGeek Black Friday Deal

This is the most expensive of all the SiteGround Shared Hosting plans. Hence, you can understand that this package is ideal for those websites that experience a huge amount of traffic on a monthly basis and require heavy resources.

Considering all the features that the plan offers, it is worth paying $11.95 per month for it. It comes with PCI compliance for the servers and it can house a large line of products; so it is perfect for the e-commerce websites.

Furthermore, this plan also offers some advanced features apart from the essential as well as premium features.

Have a look at the features of GoGeek Plan:

  • Offers 40 GB disk space.
  • It is best for websites experiencing 100,000 visitors on a monthly basis.
  • The servers are PCI compliant.
  • It also offers to stage feature for WordPress as well as Joomla websites.
  • The plan comes with 1-Click Git Repo Creation.
Features & PlansStartUp PlanGrowBig PlanGoGeek Plan
Disk Space10 GB20 GB40 GB
BandwidthSuitable for ~ 10,000 Visits MonthlySuitable for ~ 25,000 Visits MonthlySuitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
Automatic BackupsYesYesYes
30 Automatic Daily Backup CopiesYesYesYes
One-click RestoreFreeFreeFree
All Essential Features Free App Installs, Free Email Accounts, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited MySQL DB, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, 30 days money back, free daily backup, Free CloudFlare CDN and cPanel & SSH.Free App Installs, Free Email Accounts, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited MySQL DB, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, 30 days money back, free daily backup, Free CloudFlare CDN and cPanel & SSHFree App Installs, Free Email Accounts, Unmetered Traffic, Unlimited MySQL DB, 99.9% uptime, 24/7 support, 30 days money back, free daily backup, Free CloudFlare CDN and cPanel & SSH
Premium FeaturesNot AvailablePriority Technical Support, SuperCacher for Great Speed, 1 year free SSL Certificate and 30 backup Copies Available.Priority Technical Support, SuperCacher for Great Speed, 1 year free SSL Certificate and 30 backup Copies Available.
Geeky Advanced FeaturesNot AvailableNot AvailableFewer Accounts on Server, Advanced Hardware, Free PCI Compliance and Preinstalled Git & Staging

Siteground also comes with all the accessible Wordpress tools that help you for a pretty fast development and an excellent management of your website. The 1-Click installer enables you to launch your site with just a click. There are provisions for automatic updates to keep you hooked up to the latest Wordpress versions and security protocols.

The Wordpress Staging helps you test your changes and deploy them quickly, and the SuperCacher provides a unique three-stage caching process to make your site lightning fast.

We Are Hosted On Siteground’s GoGeek Plan Black Friday

siteground gogeek plan

Real Customer Reviews from

siteground reviews by trustpilot
Real Customer Ratings

Siteground Black Friday deal provides you with once in a lifetime experience in web hosting. Staring at the various extraordinary features offered by the website to the world class customer service, it has been designed keeping the online well-being of a company in mind.

If you are an individual looking to start a corporation or a large corporation looking to expand its global presence and a valuable and trustworthy web hosting partner, siteground is the one. So stop snooping around and dispose of your worries and join sg today.

Final Words: Which Plan is best for you?

Well, which one you need to choose depends completely upon your own requirements and budget. You can choose the plan that suits your budget as well as your requirements without any hassle. However, there are few things that you must keep in mind.

If you have a static or an HTML website, then you should go for the StartUP plan as it will be best for you. On the other hand, if you have a website running on the platforms like Joomla, WordPress and others then GrowBig is the one you need to choose.

Lastly, the GoGeek plan is best for the e-commerce websites experiencing large traffic. Whatever the plan may be, your website will run without any hassle and you will obtain optimum results. Hence, without a second thought choose the plan that suits you best and runs your website efficiently.

We Recommend GrowBig or Go Geek

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