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WP Coupons Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2024 is a ready-to-use plugin, once you install it, you can go directly and create your coupons. This plugin is created and developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

WordPress Coupon Plugin for Marketers

WP Coupons - The #1 Coupon Plugin for WordPress

Coupon niche require sales oriented design and style for revealing the coupon code, therefore WP Coupon Plugin preferred by Webmaster.

The plugin is developed by two brothers Brett & Brian Jackson. Originally it was developed to simply increase the affiliate conversation and CTR. After getting many requests the developer has decided to officially launch the plugin.

A built-in coupon widget, which you can use to display on your blog’s sidebar and anywhere inside blog posts using shortcode. Making your widget scroll helps the people read down your posts.

The WP Coupons randomly rotate on your sidebar between all the coupons you have published. However, you can manually set a coupon per post in order to show your sidebar. It is a great tool to increase your conversations and CTR so that coupon can be more relevant to the content of your post.

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Features of WP Coupons Cyber Monday Sale

Display options

The display option helps to enable an archive template. You can set the coupon/URL and adjust the page width and padding. A shortcode can be used to print out your coupons in case you find any issues with archive template.

One of the best thing about this plugin is compatible with all themes without any conflict.  Even if such a situation arises where you are using some troublesome theme, then you can make things backward compatible via using the shortcode.

In case you theme conflicts with a single coupon post, then you just need to disable a single coupon template and the plugin will use your theme’s default post template to display single coupon posts.


Tip: Update your WordPress permalinks as you change the URL slug of any plugin.

Extra options

The plugin contains an extra option section to change the way certain areas of the plugin. You can force direct links when checked it will globally force your coupon button links to go directly to the corresponding discount URL if one is set instead of going to a single coupon post.

Override the individual coupon post direct link set, it results in lesser clicks and increased conversation rates. This feature is implemented from user feedback. You can add custom CSS if you require to customize any additional option that the WP Coupon setting might not handle.

You have the options if you are using coupons archive template to add content before and after where the coupons are displayed. It is another feature, that is added from user feedback.


A large number of Google Fonts

Change the look and feel of your website with the included custom Google Font options. Use the theme options panel of WP Coupons to change the fonts for your body, header, heading etc.

Style Options and Highly Customizable



WP Coupons contain a built-in coupon widget that you can use to display on your blog’s sidebar. You can also make your coupon widget scroll that helps the people to read down your content. By default, the coupon randomly rotates on your sidebar between all the coupons you have published.

WPCoupons.io Sidebar Widget Demo
credit: wpcoupons

However, you can manually set a coupon per post to show up on the sidebar. It is a great option to increase your conversation and CTR as the coupon can be more relevant to the content of your post.


The WP Coupons is a fully responsive plugin when it comes to desktop, tablet and mobile phone. It is compatible with any screen and looks more eye-catching on a smartphone.


The plugin contains some extra options section to change the way certain areas of plugin work. You can force the direct links.

You will observe, it takes the coupon button links to go directly to change the respective discount URL if you set it instead of going to single coupon post, overriding the individual coupon post direct link setting.

It will decrease clicks and increased conversation rates.


The web performance is an integral part. The Plugin use lightweight JavaScript and it uses 2KB on the front end and 40 KB on the back end.

Advanced link cloaking and tracking

The affiliate links are not appear on the screen and keeps the visitor away from clicking them. The theme will automatically hide your coupon and store affiliate links.

SEO friendly

SEO is highly important for your Coupon website. The WP Coupon is designed in the way so that you can instantly take benefit of SEO best practice. You only need to concentrate on running your business.

MailChimp Newsletter Mailing Lists

The built-in theme widgets and email members make the visitors subscribe to your mail list by using regarding the latest coupon and offer.

Dedicated blog design

You can keep the marketing beat going by writing content on your blog. It is the part of the theme, that can be completely separated from using the native WordPress posts module.

Single click demo importer

You can easily customize your website in minutes using Coupon WP demo data importer plugin.

 Advanced theme options

WP Coupons has a comprehensive and easy set of theme options. That is helpful to you to configure and change the things around your website easily.

Best translation

The theme is created keeping in the mind it contains language .pot file for easier translation.

Great customer support

The customer support team of WP Coupons is aimed to keep clients happy and if you find anything less than a great experience with this theme you can use the support ticket system to get assistance. You will get the direct support from the developers of this plugin. As they have also created in-depth documentation with a solution.

Other Premium Features of WP Coupons Plugin Black Friday Sale

  1. Fast loading.
  2. Creating an option with live preview.
  3. Direct shortcode insertion facility.
  4. Click to copy function enabled.
  5. User-friendly setting panel.
  6. Coupon Categories to categorize the created coupons.
  7. Coupon expiration entry showing the expiry date of a coupon.
  8. Hides Coupon Code to provide better conversation.
  9. Expiration date countdown creates urgency.
  10. Coupon templates for a single coupon.
  11. Extra coupon templates are unlocked.
  12. Shows coupons from a specific category.
  13. Show specific coupons anywhere using shortcode.
  14. Coupons archive page is open.

If you compare the features of the WP Coupons with other coupon plugins, you will surely like this wordpress coupon plugin.

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Claim WP Coupons Black Friday Deals

It is better to display coupon & deals on your post to get a higher sale of your product you are promoting. If you are still not displaying Coupons and deals on your posts, try it today.

It is the only WordPress premium coupon plugin that contains so many exciting features with complete coupon management. There is no need to install any extra coupon theme.

This plugin is follow the WordPress developer guidelines so you can use this without any problem. As you install it you will see how it is easy to use.

So take a view of the setting of both versions of the plugin. The setting for both versions can be different and you will get more features by using the premium version.

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