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Elementor Pro Black Friday Review

What is Elementor?

Elementor Pro Promo SALE
Elementor Black Friday Sale- Limited Time Discount on Pro Plans

Elementor is a Wordpress plugin which is used to drag and drop page builder. It allows you to create entirely original and different interface for posts, pages and also for custom posts.

Usually, when you enter the editing screen of your Wordpress site, you can see a button to enable Elementor. The main advantage of Elementor is it doesn’t need any HTML or PHP knowledge to utilize this page builder.

The Elementor page builder works very transparently which means it will show the result of your work genuinely without any conceal. With the help of Elementor, you can design any type of content (or) page layout as per your imagination and it supports with all of your Wordpress themes.

Elementor Black Friday WordPress Page Builder

Elementor Black Friday Discount Up to 50% Off

Elementor PlansDiscounted Pricings
$44/ year
$79/ year
$139/ year
$299/ year
$499/ year

Elementor Pro is just an upgraded version of Elementor. The Elementor and Elementor Pro are invented by the team Pojo themes. The Elementor Pro is a paid edition so you have to spend some money to get this version.

Black Friday on Elementor Pro Features

Elementor Pro Features - Elementor - Black Friday Special 2018
Why buy Elementor Pro on Black Friday


In this feature, you can able to add any type of forms in your page and develop it as like contact forms, feedback forms, and request forms. It comes with a limitless styling facility so that you can design forms as your wish.


A portfolio is one of the best features which most of the users like in this pro version of Elementor. Because with the help of this element you can design an elaborate display to any of your customs made posts like portfolio, projects, posts, etc.


This feature is similar to Portfolio which we discussed before, but when compared to the portfolio in this element you can show the title, meta post and also excerpt. The advantages of this element is, it supports not only with your regular posts but also with any type of your custom posts.


By using this element, you can add powerful slides to your page without the help of any plugins. In this element, you can able to fix a custom width for the sliders, and you can change it to full-screen sliders.

Pricing tables

With this element, you can develop and edit every outlook of the price table such as the headline, sub-headline, price, sale, offer, currency, feature list, feature icons, feature ribbon and also more info line. So, because of this element, you don’t need any price table plugins to create the price table.


In this feature, you can create a great looking price list in an easy way.


This element is used to create a countdown to your page which helps to create expectations for your page between your visitors.

These are the features when you upgraded to Elementor Pro.


Elementor provides you with a bundle of predesigned templates which are ready to apply so you just want to implement the template on your page. Likewise, Elementor Pro has some professional templates within it, you can use these templates to save your time.

And also you can add multiple templates for your page and merge them together for the best outcome. Once, you finished inserting elements, then you can start to modify sections, elements as per your wish.

Revision History

The next great feature in Elementor is the Revision History. If you made any mistake while creating a page then, you can undo your mistakes by using this option.

Copy Paste & Copy Style

Elementor introduced Copy Paste & Copy Style cool features, which is awesome and much better than drag and drop features. Yes, you no need to drag, hold and scroll to drop the elements or style. Also You can Copy/Paste between different pages easily with few click, no need to save the elements hereafter Just use Ctrl+ Copy and Ctrl+Paste. Its become super easy, check the below video for more about this features


The Elementor page builder is well documented. Each and every part of the page builder is explained with a video tutorial.

Elementor Pro Black Friday Deal Pricing plans

Elementor Pro offers you with three different types of pricing plans they are:


To get this plan you have to pay $49 but you can use only 1 website.


In this plan, you have to pay $99 and you can able to use 3 websites.


In this plan, you have to pay $199 and you can able to use 25 websites.


For the unlimited plan, you need to pay $499 and you can able to use 1000 websites.


For the unlimited plan, you need to pay $999 and you can able to use 10000 websites.

All Plans Include,

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • Theme Builder
  • Premium Support

These are the pricing plans and benefits of Elementor Pro page builder.

Pros & Cons of Elementor Pro Black Friday Sale

Here, we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of Elementor Page builder.

  • It is available in free and paid version.
  • It has so many attractive features and is easy to use.
  • Elementor permits you to develop custom page layouts and designs that may not be accessible in your present theme and don’t need any HTML, CSS, or PHP skills to utilize.
  • The blank canvas page template generally takes your present theme and put it away, letting you use just the Elementor blocks and sections. This is particularly helpful if you want to move away from some trouble or header elements that are a determined in most of the themes.
  • The capability to modify your desktop, tablet, and mobile views individually. Moreover, the new version “Elementor 1.5” permits you to improve the column layouts also for each specific device/screen size.
  • The rollback option allows you to return back to a previous version of Elementor on the off-chance something happens during an update.
  • Code Bloat
  • Highly Priced

These are advantages and dis-advantages of Elementor.

Elementor Pro Black Friday Deals

Elementor Pro is one of the best page builder available for Wordpress and it has many great features to attract users. I hope we provide enough information about Elementor pro and if you need any additional information then, you can drop it in the below comment section. Thank You, share the Elementor Pro Black Friday Discount.

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