WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your Site from Hackers


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Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure Your Site from Hackers – Security Plugins are very popular and also commonly used by WordPress users to protect their login security and data from hackers. However, using a low quality, poorly developed security Plugin might also slow down your website performance and lead to damage your online presence.

Therefore, it is really important to wisely choose the correct wordpress Plugin for your website to protect it from the attackers, alongside, maintaining its performance and speed to provide a good experience to your users.

Below mentioned are some of the best Plugins that would go along well with your website and keep your website safe and secure from any kind of attackers.

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021

Best WordPress Security Plugins
Credits: All in one WP Security and Firewall

WordFence Security

WordFence Security wordpress plugin

Wordfence comprises of a great firewall along with a malware scanner that protects your WordPress from any kind of threats.

The Threat Defense Feed helps Wordfence to guard your WordPress with the latest of the Firewall norms, malware, and suspicious IP addresses. 2FA and an additional suite of features keep your website safe from all around and acts like one of the most comprehensive WordPress security solutions for you.

Download WordFence Plugin

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is one of the most important companies and globally authorized firm which looks into all the website related security systems, with a special focus to WordPress Security.

Sucuri Security wordpress plugin

Sucuri Security provides a free plugin for all the WordPress users which not only compliments the existing security features of the website but also offers a number of features to its users which are specially designed to positively impact the working of their website.

Following are the features provided by Sucuri to have a positive effect on the existing posture of your website:

  1. File Integrity Monitoring
  2. Blacklist Monitoring
  3. Post-Hack Security Actions
  4. Website Firewall (for premium users only)
  5. Security Activity Auditing
  6. Remote Malware Scanning
  7. Effective Security Hardening
  8. And Much More Features

With the above-mentioned features guarding your website, it makes it very difficult for even the best of the hackers to crack into your data and harm your website in any way.

Download Sucuri Plugin

iThemes Security

iThemes Security Pro is amongst the most trusted and used plugin by WordPress users to keep their websites away from the bad guys.

iThemes Security Pro WordPress Security Plugin

iThemes Security provides the website owners peace of mind by providing them with an additional layer of protection which keeps their data safe and secure. The following are the features offered by iThemes to protect your website from any kind of alien activities:

WordPress Brute Force Detection

It limits the number of login attempts by any user. If someone is trying to guess the password into your website, they would automatically get locked away.

404 Detection

If any source is trying to boot your website for any kind of vulnerabilities, it would create a lot of 404 errors. iThemes will automatically lock out that IP address after the limit set by you.

File Change Detection

If anybody manages to crack into your website anyhow and attempts to change, delete, or add any files, you would automatically get an e-mail notification regarding the change in files to let you know if your website has been affected anyhow.

Strong Password Enforcement

Set the level of users who need to enforce a strong password to lock down WordPress for hackers.

Away Mode

Whenever you are not making any changes to your WordPress, the away mode will make your dashboard inaccessible for the specified period of time so no one can sneak in to make any kind of moderation’s to your data.

Database Backups

Scheduled database backups which get sent directly to the source of storage.

Hide Login & Admin

This feature changes the default URL of your WordPress login which does not allow the hackers direct access to your login link.

Get iThemes Security Plugin

All in one WP Security and Firewall

This great WordPress login provides your website with a great layer of protection through its numerous features. Not only it keeps an eye and reports you in case of any kind of malicious activity on your website but also allows you to control the safety features provided by it on different levels.

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All the security and firewall features provided by WP Security are categorized as “Basic”, “Intermediate”, and “Advanced” which allows you to control the safety on your website without having an effect on its functionality.

Download All In One WP Security & Firewall

BlogValut – Backup & Security

Another amongst the reliable plugins to help you keep your website away from the hackers and intruders. It is known to provide you with 100% website backup in case of any mishaps without even wasting much of your time.

Blogvault Backup & Security

Alongside providing you with a great backup security system, this great plugin keeps an eye on each and every change being performed on your website. Additionally, it also provides you with a feature which allows you to migrate your website to up to 5000 platforms without any complications.

Moreover, it provides you with a personalized dashboard for monitoring the security and activities of your website to catch up with any kind of flaws in your website. Blog vault is known to update their features very frequently which provide you with the latest of the features without needing to switch to any new plugin or platform.

Nevertheless, to say, you can contact the support and access your backup any time of the day, throughout the year.

Get Blog vault Now

Conclusion –  Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021

WordPress in itself is a very specifically designed platform which provides you with a great security system. However, there are always some holes and unknown gateways which are accessible only through unfair means, which might affect the functionality of your website, or even sometimes, destroy your whole database.

To enclose your website with an extra blanket of protection, it becomes necessary to let one of the best security plugins to guard your websites and let you know about the malfunctions that you did not even know ever existed.

They don’t only keep your data safe from the hackers but also provide better functionality for your website and its users.

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