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Best Features of Kontent Machine Discount [New Version]

  • Generating quality content and auto correcting.
  • Adding best LSI keywords automatically.
  • KM V3 automatically generates content for GSA, SENuke, Ultimate Demon in one click.
  • Auto generation of title and summary for articles.
  • Also, it Provides related images and video.
  • Tier link building content production.
  • Effective Spintax with Auto Blogger platform integration
  • 3rd party spinning tools integration like Spinner Chief, KM Spinner, Spin Re-writer, etc.

Kontent Machine Black Friday Promo

Search engine optimization has become a necessity. Due to the massive number of websites being introduced to the internet, it has become challenging for the search engines to rank them. Search engines always try to give their customers the best possible results for their searches.

Moreover, to do so, they rely upon the rankings of the websites. It is not simple to get a good ranking. They take in a lot of parameters. Thus, it is vital that a website takes care of all these pointers. The content has to be top-notch and contain all the specifications required.

However, sometimes it may not be so easy, and I found it to be a bit tough. That is why I used Kontent Machine 3.0. I needed extensive help in creating content that will engross the readers and earn a better rank from the search engines.

Kontent Machine helped me in delivering some of the best content for my website which was fully optimized. Read on to find a detailed Kontent Machine review and some of the features that were specifically useful!

Building hyperlinks

Kontent Machine surprised me with this useful but extremely easy-to-use feature. Backlinks are essential in getting a higher rank, but it will not work if they are fake or put in forcefully. With the help of Kontent Machine, I was able to add quality backlinks in my articles.

To do this, I started a new campaign and added keywords that I required. Then, on the next page, I clicked on the option to add links and the associated keywords. It automatically entered those keywords in the content that it created. It also has the option to add multiple keywords.

When I had trouble selecting the keywords for the links, there was an option that helped me by suggesting some examples. It resulted in quality content that had all the necessary backlinks in the proper places.


When adding links to my content, I wanted them to be more effective than they were. I learned about co-citation techniques and how they can improve the quality of ranking of a website. Kontent Machine already had a feature to implement it.

On the link editing page, I found all the options needed to modify my links. There was an option to add authority links and Kontent Machine would itself find me the links for using as authority links.

Adding them was super easy. I was also able to select the frequency of adding the links to either my anchor texts or brand names. It made my content look natural.

Backlinking the pages of my own website

To get a higher ranking from Google, one needs to provide their readers more than just a single webpage. I wanted to offer the entire website to my readers, and that was possible only if I added links to the other pages in my content.

This enabled me to obtain a higher rank in the search engines. There is an option to do this on Kontent On the link settings page, I found an option to link the pages in my website to the current content. It was effortless to do this, and I did not face any trouble.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are a lot of other features which I found very useful in my work. Without mentioning these features, it will be an incomplete Kontent Machine review. I have mentioned more about it in the following part:

Prepare compelling content

Kontent Machine provided the best content for my website, and it was all optimized to get a good rank from the search engines. The content was effective, and it contained all the keywords that I mentioned.

Create campaigns

Kontent Machine helped me to create a number of campaigns efficiently and quickly. It was straightforward to use the features, and I saved a lot of time in creating the campaigns rather than creating them individually. All of them were optimized and had all the properties necessary to be ranked higher.

Add backlinks

As I already mentioned, adding backlinks in my content was very easy, and I could add them in a way that it looked natural. The links were placed in the right place and at strategic positions.

I was able to add links to my own pages to the content to increase the ranking. For finding links, I used the inbuilt option to find all the web pages related to my keywords.

Content from my local files

Kontent Machine was able to create content from the files I had locally saved. It helped me create unique articles from the information that I had stored before. I was able to inculcate all the research and content that I had prepared earlier.

Add images

Images play an important role in attracting readers to websites, and they add more information to the already informative content. I wanted to use authentic and appropriate images in my content, and Kontent Machine helped me do it.

It added all the relevant pictures relating to my content. It helped my website in getting a better rank and made it more interesting.

Store campaigns in the cloud

I wanted my content and campaigns to be available to me whenever I required it, and on every device I use. This problem was solved by Kontent Machine’s feature to save my content on the cloud.

I was able to access them whenever I required, and I did not have to worry about local data storage facilities. I knew that my files were safe on cloud and I could access it at my discretion.

Add videos

Videos add an extra touch to the content, and by using videos, I was able to convey my ideas more effectively. To add videos, I used Kontent Machine, and the results were terrific. I was able to add relevant videos, and it was done all automatically.

Save the settings

I wanted to save the settings for a particular campaign to use in the next campaigns so that I do not waste any time applying the same settings Kontent Machine helped me save the settings and use them in other campaigns. Apart from saving time, it gave uniformity and a balanced look to my website.

These are some of the features that I found extremely useful while creating content. Kontent Machine has set a new standard for content creation. If you want to save time and create some of the best and optimized content, then Kontent Machine is the tool that you need. I will keep coming back for more and take the assistance of this wonderful tool.

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