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Grammarly Free Online Writing Assistant Tool Review – Have you experienced in a situation where sent an erroneous email and regretting yourself, searching for the correct spelling of a word and searching on Google whether it is correct or incorrect, facing a lot of challenges in the process of converting your thoughts or ideas while typing; having issues in necessary usage of punctuation’s in a phrase; fumbling to use different styles and techniques to impress your clients?

If you’re continuing reading this articles, you may think, “Is there any solution for all my issues which I faced with my day-to-day activities while typing?”

Yes, there it is. GRAMMARLY!

Grammarly Review

Grammarly, a leading grammar checking software which helps to type error-free passages from grammar and spelling mistakes, right usage of punctuation’s, and creates an effective and engaging article by using different styles and techniques.

Grammarly Black Friday Review

Not only just identifying those errors, it will explain the reason behind the cause of an error occurs and it will help an individual to improve their vocabulary and writing skill as well.

It acts as a second pair of eyes to seek the right information by understanding the contextual meaning while typing.

Grammarly helps the people who post articles in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so, for an organization to create a detailed error-free SOPs, for a researchers to document his/her analysis, students who want to submit his/her projects or  assignments, for the suppliers or vendors to send an effective proposal, a job searchers to pitch him/herself by building an effective Resume, and even as a content marketers which support to clearly explain their thoughts or ideas.

On the whole, Grammarly which supports the people who send messages or mail, document digitally, post articles in social media and so on.

Features – Products and Services

Grammarly offers their services towards an Individual, Educational Institutions, and Business Enterprise. For an individual, they provide a basic feature with free grammar checking software for their personal use.

It has features of identifying the complex grammar and spelling mistakes.

To unlock the advanced version of Grammarly, you have to use the Grammarly Premium Version. Based on the required categories the price varies.

This features involved with basic features of complex grammar and spelling checks, advanced features for punctuation’s, grammar, context, and sentence structure, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks and finally, Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages online.

Grammarly Sale Pricing Model


Annual $12.00 / month

  • Billed as one payment of $144.00 SAVE 60%

Quarterly $20.00 / month

  • Billed as one payment of $60.00 SAVE 33%

Monthly $30.00 / month


Grammarly Business $12.50/month/ member

  • All Premium Features
  • Discounted price
  • Centralized billing
  • Monitoring tools
  • Billed annually.
  • 3 members minimum.

For an Individuals

Grammarly Premium costs $30 per month, for quarterly subscription costs $20 per month which will be billed as a single payment option of $60 and for Annual Subscription costs $12 per month which will be billed as a single payment option of $144.

For Grammarly Business

which costs $12.5 per member for a month. This feature will a minimum of 3 users. If an organization requires this software for more than 100 members, they should contact Grammarly Sales Team to receive a quote.

For a Grammarly Edu

which is for any Educational Institutions like Universities, Colleges, Training Institute, Schools and others educational institutions. Based on the no. of users, they will be charged. For 10 users, it costs $700 per year, for 20 users costs $1,000 per year and for 50 users costs $1,700 per year. For more than 50 users, they have to ask the quote from the Grammarly Sales Team.

Alternative Options

Like Grammarly, there are few trending Grammar Checking Software which is an alternative software available in online namely Reverso, PaperRater and After the Deadline. Reverso, an effective and diverse contextual corrector with 11 different languages and gives different expression to sound like a native speaker.

PaperRater is a web-based proofreading tool which checks grammar, spelling mistakes and helps to build vocabulary. After the Deadline, an open source technology which identifies the error and suggests alternative solutions.

Best Solution

When we compare Grammarly to other trending Grammar Checking Software, Grammarly has a simple and unique interface which can easily access complex contextual spelling and grammar mistakes within few seconds.

And it helps the users to learn from their mistakes by explaining the cause of error while typing and suggest different alternatives for that error; by just double clicking that word, the meaning or definitions of that specific word is displayed for the users.

All these alternative software has few features in their free version, those brands didn’t focus on their User Interface; all those software were layouts clumsily and until you paid for the premium version, you will be receiving a lot of ads. Grammarly is an excellent tool for Grammar Checking Software when we compare to any other market player.

Right Option

If you’ve started using Grammarly, you may wonder; “How a software can able to identify the mistaken words, spelling, punctuation’s, styles or techniques?”

With the support of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which able to automatically access misspelled information and tell us right the contextual meaning.

Grammarly algorithm which automatically identifies each word access the contextual spelling and grammar mistakes, analyses the cause of the error and explain the grammar rules behind the error and suggests the alternative solution for that error.

From those words, we can even check the meaning and definitions of those words just by double-clicking.

Grammarly can be accessed through the Browsers Extension Tools namely Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. From the mentioned browser, if we want to send a mail, editing documents in Google Docs, post an article in any Social Media.

The Grammarly get enabled and helps us to type error-free information. Desktop Version of Grammarly which is available on both Mac OS and Windows OS. And there is a keyboard named Grammarly Keyboard which helps to type information in your mobile or tablet and it is available on IOS and Android Platform.

This keyboard helps you to add words to your dictionary. If the above process is not possible to access, from the official website of Grammarly, anyone can use Grammarly’s Person Editor which helps to feed information and access the right information.

Advantages and Disadvantages Grammarly

Merits of Grammarly

The Merits of Grammarly are the AI Knowledge in Grammar Checking is fabulous. This Software will support Business Enterprises, Educational Institutions and an Individual to access their information in an effective way. It helps the non-native English Speakers and writer to type an error-free information. And this software can be toggled between US English and British English.

DeMerits of Grammarly

The Demerits of Grammarly are, it cannot replace the human proofreading. When they initially compare this software with a human proofreader, it couldn’t able to match up to the level of a human proofreader.

A Professional Proofreader would charge $0.02 per word. If an individual wants to proofread his/her book or article at free of cost, they can opt for Grammarly. If they want to be professional, they can opt for Human Proofreaders. Grammarly can support only English Languages.

It may be a bane when you consider a whole world as a market. And if an individual wants to expose to the Premium version, he/she have to spend $29.99 a month.

If you need more clarity, have some doubts in my thoughts or missed some contents; Feel free to post your comments in below.

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