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AppSumo Deals for Lifetime access in April 2022 – In crucial terms, AppSumo is an Popular Lifetime deals site that mainly works for digitally delivered goods and services. It is a very popular site among big and small businesses owners, deals form this site will help you to grow your business.

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appsumo deals for this month

The benefits of AppSumo for Brands – The industry that sells digital goods or services can work together with AppSumo to present their products or services at deep discounts to draw more clients and get them to try out their offerings and potentially become recurring customers.

On the other side, Online bloggers & Entrepreneurs can also look through the different Active AppSumo deals and offers available on the site to find reasonable, or sometimes even freebies, products or services that can assist them to grow their industry.

Why App Sumo is most Trusted?

  • 1.6k+ Number of Promotions Ran till now
  • 1k+ Number of Startups Launched
  • $15M Reinvested into Startups
  • $500M+ Savings For Our Customers

There are products like video editing services, project management systems, social media tools, WordPress Tools and marketing products.

Lifetime Appsumo Deals

Users can Grab the Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals by checking below Also Bookmark this page for more upcoming appsumo deals at one place.

Featured Weekly Deals

UI-licious: Flexible & Intuitive Automated Web Testing Tool

  • Schedule automated tests and verify all types of scenarios hassle-free
  • Alternative to: Cypress
  • Catch defects and get instant notifications with detailed test reports
  • Best for: Software testers, trained programmers, and manual testers looking to automate their vetting process

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

Latest AppSumo Deals April 2022 [59+ Active]

Here are the newly added deals in April2022,

WriterZen – Boost SEO rankings with tools

  • Generate unique content ideas and use detailed insights to create content that thrives
  • Alternative to: SEMrush, Ubersuggest, and Ahrefs
  • Identify lucrative long-tail keywords using powerful filters and specialized metrics
  • Best for: Marketers, SEO content agencies, and small businesses that want to improve their search engine visibility

🔗 Up to 4 Codes, starts at $69.

SuiteDash : Client Portal Software : Secure + White Label

  • Access CRM, client portals, file exchange, project management, invoicing, and more from one platform
  • Alternative to: Thryv and Keap
  • Get built-in data sharing and action automation with interconnected tools for a seamless experience
  • Best for: Software-juggling business owners looking for easy collaboration with teams and clients from one custom platform

🔗 Up to 10 Codes, starts at $129.

Gravitec | Marketing automation and content delivery for websites

  • Encourage visitors to subscribe with customized prompts, then send content to your subscribers
  • Alternative to: OneSignal, iZooto, PushEngage, and Webpushr
  • Automatically target content to different subscriber segments based on their interests
  • Best for: WordPress site owners, publishers, and content creators who want to boost subscribers through smart push campaigns

🔗 Up to 6 Codes, starts at $49.

Blogely – Content marketing and blog seo management software 🔥

  • Write high-quality original content faster and publish it to WordPress effortlessly
  • Alternative to: Contently and Upwork
  • Increase traffic by optimizing written content for SEO in minutes without any technical knowledge
  • Best for: Online creators, content teams, and bloggers looking to build quality content that drives traffic

🔗 Up to 10 Codes, starts at $79.

WPSmartPay | Sell Digital Products & Accept Payment with WordPress

  • Sell digital products, subscriptions, and media files, plus accept donations directly from your WordPress site
  • Alternative to: WPSimple Pay and DirectStripe
  • Quickly set up one-time or recurring payments with custom amount fields
  • Best for: Artists, coaches, and entrepreneurs who sell products and services on a one-time or recurring subscription basis

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Website Security Monitoring – Webtotem

  • Analyze and protect your websites from a broad range of security threats with constantly updated modules
  • Alternative to: Virusdie, SiteLock, and Sucuri
  • Adjust security modules to your own particular needs, then integrate the monitored data in another tool
  • Best for: Website owners and hosting providers looking for an effective cybersecurity solution that lets them rest easy

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Glorify | Design Software Graphic Maker Online

Alternative to: Canva, Desygner, and Venngage

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $97.

Optinly – Goal-Based Popup Builder | Powerful Lead Generation Tool

  • Customize eye-catching pop-ups from templates based on your marketing goals
  • Alternative to: OptinMonster, WisePops, and Poptin
  • Create unlimited pop-up campaigns with triggers for device, exit intent, time-delays, and more
  • Best for: Ecommerce stores and digital marketers wanting to capture user attention with highly effective pop-ups

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

Link Whisper: A Smart and Powerful Way to Build Internal Links in WordPress 🔥

  • Smart Internal Link Suggestions as You Write
  • Quickly Add New Internal Links to Old Posts
  • Full Internal Link Reporting
  • Traffic Data From Google Search Console
  • Easily target Specific Keywords for Internal Links
  • WordPress Theme and Editor Compatible
  • Integrates With Yoast, Rank Math, and More
  • Find and fix 404 pages and broken links quickly
  • Create “auto” internal links for keywords
  • Quickly Add, Remove, or edit internal links

🔗 This deal is not stackable, Buy Now at $49.

Agiled | All In One Business Management Platform

  • Manage contracts, sales pipelines, proposals, contacts, projects, finances, and teams all in one place
  • Alternative to: Dubsado, Honeybook, and Hello Bonsai
  • Create invoices and estimates while tracking expenses and accepting online payments from one dashboard
  • Best for: Tool-overloaded businesses looking to save time and money managing all their tasks from one central platform

🔗 Stack up to 10 codes, starts at $69.

Classtra | Build your own live learning platform (1 Year Plan)

  • Build your own platform for virtual live learning under your brand
  • Alternative to: Outschool and Crowdcast
  • Easily manage payments, course content, instructors, student information communication, and live sessions
  • Best for: Coaches, mentors, and solopreneurs who regularly hold classes, workshops, or masterminds

🔗 This deal is not stackable, Buy Now at $350.

alugha – The multilingual video toolkit

Best for: Video agencies, videographers, and producers with international ambitions looking to create videos for all audiences

🔗 This deal is not stackable, Buy Now at $59.

Switchy – smartest link engagement platform

  • Shorten, customize, and track your links to boost social media engagement
  • Retarget everyone who clicks on your links with ultra-segmented ads on social media, Google Ads, Quora, and more
  • Manage all your links and UTMs in organized folders with up-to-date analytics
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, advertisers, and growth hackers who want to manage and track their retargeting links

🔗 Stack up to 5 codes, starts at $39.

Disctopia: A Podcast Hosting Platform and Streaming Service for Indie Artists and Creators

Get unlimited storage, uploads, and downloads for private or exclusive content like music, podcasts, audiobooks, and video

🔗 Up to 2 License Tier, starts at $69.


Curiosity is a tool that lets you search through all your local and cloud-based apps and folders, so you can find everything in one place.

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $59.

Agency Maestro | Client Management Software for Agencies, Consultants, & Freelancers

Agency Maestro is a client management platform that includes project management, automated billing, and client information storage for agencies of all sizes.

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

Breve · Pre-recorded video updates for remote teams

Best for: Remote businesses, leads, and HR departments that want a simple way to keep their teams informed and aligned

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

Pensil – Build Awesome Community

Pensil is an integrable and easy-to-use platform for running and managing online communities, cohort-based courses, and discussion forums..

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $79.

CoBrowse Screen Share Software | Median

Integrate screen share to any website, app, portal, as well as popular chat tools, Reduce ticket time and provide faster customer supports.

🔗 Stack up to 5 codes, starts at $59.

Velents.. SmarterRecruitment

Velents is an AI-powered end-to-end screening platform for assessing and ranking candidates across all stages of the hiring process.

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $79. | Streamline your podcast production

  • Record, edit, host, and distribute your podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts—all from one tool
  • Alternative to: Podcastle, Anchor, and
  • Invite guests to your podcasts with a link and have conversations via audio or video
  • Best for: Content creators looking for an all-in-one solution to produce and distribute podcasts

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier,, starts at $79.

OneChat is All in One Customer Assistance

Boost sales and improve efficiency with a fully-featured, all-in-one CRM

🔗 Stack up to 5 codes, starts at $69.

ZeroIn Email Checker – Find Leads. Find Emails.

Best for: Growth hackers and sales development reps who want to effectively use LinkedIn data for client prospecting

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $49.

Virtual Tour Software | TeliportMe

Make, upload, and publish 360° virtual tours with high resolution support

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $79.


  • Quickly share project information, assets, and tasks on a customizable client portal
  • Alternative to: Portal and Basecamp

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Studiocart – Design beautiful, optimized sales flows without the headaches

  • Finetune your sales flow by creating order bumps and one-click upsells, scheduling flash sales, creating discount URLs, and more
  • Alternative to: ThriveCart
  • Offer multiple payment options, including one-time payments, payment plans, and subscriptions
  • Best for: Non-techies looking for an easy plug-and-play solution to build on-brand checkout pages and high-converting funnels

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $89.

Acumbamail – Email and SMS marketing made easy

  • Build email marketing campaigns, automated digital workflows, and responsive landing pages within a single platform
  • Alternative to: Octopus, Omnisend, and Moosend
  • Analyze results with email list management options, optimized sending times, and comprehensive data reports
  • Best for: Marketing agencies, SMBs, freelancers, and soloprenuers looking to improve their email outreach

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $79.

TuCalendi | website calendar for Appointments, Bookings and events

TuCalendi is an automated appointment manager that makes it easy to schedule and organize virtual events and in-person meetings.

  • Best for: Healthcare organizations, tutors, and businesses that want to better manage in-person or virtual appointments.

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $69.

API Spreadsheets | Everything you need to build for Spreadsheets

  • Alternative to: QuantConnect, Streak, and Coinrule.

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Aikido | Automated Investing

  • Alternative to: QuantConnect, Streak, and Coinrule.

🔗 No codes, no stacking at $59.

Instantly | Reach your leads & get replies

  • Optimize deliverability for your B2B outreach campaigns with unlimited sending accounts and email warm-up functionality
  • Alternative to: Lemlist
  • Maximize open and reply rates with dynamic personalization tags, plus run smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups
  • Best for: B2B sales leaders, agencies, and freelancers looking for an all-in-one tool to scale cold outreach success

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $59.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tools – Plerdy

  • Track user behavior with key metrics like clicks, traffic type, and device
  • Alternative to: Hotjar
  • Use heatmaps and UX/SEO analytics to make informed decisions for optimizing your website
  • Best for: SEO agencies, UX specialists, and web designers looking for user-driven data to level up their sites and boost sales

🔗 Stack up to 10 codes, starts at $59.

LaunchFlows – WooCommerce Sales Funnels Made Easy!

Alternative to: CartFlows, WooFunnels, and ClickFunnels.

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $79.

Quabbly | No-Code Platform For Creating Internal Applications

Alternative to: Airtable and Zapier

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $99.

Cloud business process automation | Flokzu

Model and automate your business processes and workflows without coding or complex set-ups, Easily automate repetitive tasks, measure the efficiency of your processes, and make decisions based on real data.

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

MurList – Send personalized video cold email at scale

Easily send super personalized video emails at scale, with email verification integration to ensure you send to active addresses, Create automated drip campaigns to move your prospects down the sales funnel

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $79.

Pixelayers – Edit Videos Online – Smart Video Creator

Best for: Content teams and video creators looking for a collaborative way to improve media creation workflows

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $59.

Bramework | AI Writing Assistant – Write Long-Form Content Fast

  • Alternative to:

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $79.

Ligna – Where Marketing Agencies Scale!

  • Automate follow up, close clients, and easily collaborate with team members
  • Use built-in tools like CMS and automated social publishing to build and market directly for your clients
  • Best for: Who looking for a fully loaded platform for sales and marketing

🔗 Stack up to 10 codes, starts at $69.

Android & iOS App Maker | Mobiroller

Best for: Solopreneurs and small businesses looking for an easy way to develop high-quality mobile apps for ecommerce and beyond

🔗 Up to 2 License Tier, starts at $59.

Hupport | Appointment Scheduling Software for Massage, Medical Spa & Salon

Hupport is an appointment scheduling solution with automated follow-ups via email, voice messages, and SMS.

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Seers | Privacy & Consent Management Platform | GDPR & CCPA

Best for: Site owners and app developers looking to simplify data privacy and consent management

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Digital Adoption Platform | Usetiful

Best for: Product managers and UX designers who want to demonstrate product value and improve user retention

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $59.

WPCommerz | Build Multi-step Guided Selling Process

Best for: WooCommerce entrepreneurs and marketers who want to improve shopping and user experience in their stores

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $59.

Fusioo: An all-in-one workspace that works the way you do

Alternative to: Airtable

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $69.

Blobr – Your API portal, your way

Build a branded API portal with features for a simple, user-friendly experience without knowing any code.

Access API management and monetization from a single dashboard

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $79.

WatchThemLive Home – Free Session Recording & Website Heatmaps

Alternative to: Hotjar.

🔗 Up to 7 License Tier, starts at $79.

CardClan – Make messaging more engaging withdynamic digital cards

Design and schedule personalized digital greeting cards for various occasions – Best for: Customer support, sales, and HR teams that want to stay on top of important dates and improve community engagement.

🔗 Up to 7 Codes, starts at $49.

‌Build internal tools fast & code-free – Formaloo

Alternative to: Typeform and Gravity Forms, Build branded forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and live presentations.

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

ShortPixel Google Drive Optimizer

Optimize all your images and PDFs in a few clicks, Free up space on Google Drive in minutes without deleting any of your files.

🔗 Stack up to 5 Codes, starts at $59.

ClientVenue – Client management portal for agencies

Create and sell client services in a self-serve system, then manage requests through a client portal.

🔗 Stack up to 8 Codes, starts at $59. | Simple incident management

Get alerts via phone call, SMS, Slack, and more when your website goes down, plus make an on-call schedule for speedy responses

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $59.

3D Product Configurator & Customizer for eCommerce | Zakeke

Alternative to: Threekit, KBMax, Configure One, InkyBay, and MyCustomizer

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $59.

Event Management Technology | Hybrid Events | Virtual Events App

Alternative to: Whova and Mentimeter

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $69.

Thundercontent | Write articles with AI-assistant

Alternative to: CopyAI and Jarvis

🔗 Up to 2 License Tier, starts at $59.

X Email Verify |Enhance Your Reach| Verify Before Sending

Best for: Email marketing companies looking for an easy way to scan and validate email addresses and IDs

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $59.

WPFunnels – Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder for WordPress

Alternative to: ClickFunnels and CartFlows

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $59.

HTML Landing Page Templates and UI Kits | UIdeck

Best for: Startups, solopreneurs, marketers, and freelancers that want to quickly build or iterate their own site designs

🔗 This deal is non-refundable & Stackable, at $79.

Texterify | The Translation and Localization Tool

Manage multilingual projects and localize without getting lost in translation

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $69.

PerkZilla The Viral Marketing Monster

🔗 Up to 3 License Tier, starts at $59.

T2M URL Shortener | Custom URL Shortener, Branded Domain, Vanity Links & QR Codes

Alternative to: Bitly, Rebrandly, and

🔗 Up to 4 License Tier, starts at $59.

BerryCast – Communicate clearly without any misinterpretation

Alternative to: Loom, Screencastify, and Vidyard

🔗 this deal is not stackable, buy Now at $129.

Hexomatic – no-code, point and click work automation platform

🔗 Stack unlimited codes, starts at $98.

MYFUNDBOX | Global Subscription Payments Simplified 🔥

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $79.

HYPAGE | Bio Link for Creators

🔗 this deal is not stackable, buy Now at $49.

Picmaker – Fast and Easy Online Graphic Design Software

Alternative to: Canva

🔗 Up to 5 License Tier, starts at $69.

EWWW Image Optimizer

🔗 this deal is not stackable, buy Now at $99.

Linkjoy – Get 10x out of your Digital Presence

🔗 Stack up to 3 codes, starts at $49.

Soundwise Essentials Plan

  • Sell your audio programs online with total access control and offer mobile listening while protecting your proprietary content
  • Alternative to: Podbean, Audible ACX, Teachable, and Memberium
  • Use audio content as lead magnets to grow your email list and manage all your audio products from one dashboard
  • Best for: Podcasters, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs looking to streamline the creation and sale of digital audio products

🔗 This deal is not stackable, at $59.

Gigrove – Create your e-commerce gig store

Save time and make money by growing your services with effortless online selling

🔗 Stack up to 8 codes, starts at $49.

Hey Oliver ~ All-in-one Marketing Automation Software for a Lead Generating Website

Engage visitors and convert leads with customized, automated marketing campaigns

  • Track each visitor by logging their demographics, page views, referrals, clicks, events, and more
  • Boost sales with hyper-personalized and automated marketing campaigns in real-time
  • Engage visitors, build relationships, and offer first-class customer service with integrated live chat and support widgets
  • Best for: Marketers and agencies who want to increase engagement through customized campaigns

🔗 Stack unlimited codes, Starts at $49.

Trending AppSumo Freebies

What is AppSumo? You Really Need to Know!

Since its arrival in 2011, AppSumo an Austin Texas-based company has been gaining notoriety as a means for businesses to connect with digital tools and online services to assist them to grow.

It can also help the online industry reach tons of new clients and increase sales rapidly. If you’re concerned about learning more about AppSumo and potentially even taking benefit of these lifetime software deals on AppSumo for your own business, then checkout below video.

What is Lifetime AppSumo Deals?

Lifetime deals are the best offer which is offered by AppSumo. Most of AppSumo deals that will present you astonishing deals for a lifetime for monthly price. Buy now at cheap price and utilize it for a lifetime.

Lifetime AppSumo deals that will assist you to grab a number of the best tools for remarkable discounts. AppSumo has been one of the top places for online entrepreneurs to discover the top tools for an affordable price.

So, no matter who you are, you will find all the tools that can easily help to rise and earn more profits.

Features of Lifetime AppSumo deals

For businesses that are looking to buy digital goods or services, the advantages of AppSumo are pretty clear. You can get discounts of up to 95 percent on online digital products.

So if you’re in search of any tool, for eg: Social Media tool and can’t afford to pay for the regular plans, you can keep an eye on the appsumo website to take benefit of a deal that fits with that need.

Below we have mentioned few top features of AppSumo Lifetime Deals,

60-day money back guarantee (no matter the reason)

How many people are sure enough about their goods to provide a money-back guarantee? AppSumo is, for sure. Because AppSumo is the legit and trustworthy company who is providing top deals and discounts to its customers.

If you find something wrong you can ask for your money without any hassle as AppSumo provide a 60-day money-back appsumo refund guarantee, no questions asked.

Hottest tech company products

In order to provide best deals, AppSumo has to partner with popular digital goods sellers,that are willing to present their products and services at much-discounted rates.

AppSumo distributes information on every deal to its vast online spectators in order to facilitate a huge amount of sales very fast.

Save Thousands Of dollars with lifetime plans (No more Monthly payments)

At AppSumo you don’t need to purchase monthly membership as AppSumo provides affordable lifetime plans. User can easily avail great offers to Save Thousands Of dollars with lifetime plans.

World-class customer support

AppSumo provides 24/7 customer support for their users. If you have an doubt related to products you can raise a question, support member from the respective band will clear your queries.

Real Customer Reviews

Before purchasing you can check real customer reviews at bottom of product page.

Apsumo Deals Real Customer Reviews & Questions

AppSumo Plus Membership: Save More. Grow Faster

AppSumo Plus Membership
AppSumo Plus: Save More. Grow Faster

AppSumo Plus is a Premium membership of AppSumo deals. One can easily find elite Sumo-ling benefits with AppSumo plus for only $99!

The team from AppSumo is constantly finding ways to bring you the top deals and tacos you justify. While AppSumo has been bringing you astonishing deals, they know that they could do more.

As an AppSumo Plus member, you’ll get exclusive invitations to particular events. In the past, this has integrated things like Early Access to choose tools before anybody else, Last Call where we bring back several of our top deals to buy, and First Look webinars to get a behind-the-scenes look at a product prior to it hits our store.

Key Features of Appsumo Plus Membership

10% off on AppSumo Purchases

Users with Plus membership will be provided with 10% off with the AppSumo tools they purchase! Discounts will be automatically applied to the cart. *a number of exclusions can apply.

Access to King Sumo Giveaway Pro

Users with Plus membership can enjoy access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro. Grow your email record for over 1 million subscribers with no having to waste funds on ads or write guest posts.

Exclusive Extended Access to Deals

Comprehensive access to choose deals! You will also be notified once there are novel Lifetime deals on AppSumo available in the store so you’re constantly ahead of the curve.

Get AppSumo Plus Subscription Yearly payments of $99

  • 10% off your AppSumo purchases
  • Access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro
  • Cancel anytime and you will not be charged for the following year
  • Please note: This membership is not refundable after rewards have been used

AppSumo Plus FAQs

How Can I Grab AppSumo Plus Membership?

You can easily join AppSumo Plus using above button.

Will 10% Discount applied automatically or Appsumo Coupon Code Needed?

Once you have Active AppSumo Plus subscription, 10% AppSumo Plus Discount will be applied automatically in your cart during checkout.

Does AppSumo Plus have Refund Policy?

Yes, It is eligible for Refund. But if you used rewards, you will not get refund. Appsumo Plus Membership is billed annually, you can cancel any time and you will not be charged for the following year. Cancellations requested after you have purchased any deals using the membership discount will not result in partial refunds.

More AppSumo Plus FAQ

Pros of AppSumo Deals 👍

  • Huge Discounted on all products 60% to 97% off
  • Most of Deals are lifetime software membership
  • 60 Day Easy One Click Fast Refunds [100% full money back, No Hidden Charges]
  • Weekly New Deals

Cons of AppSumo Lifetime Deals 👎

  • Popular Deals available for few days only, i.e., Limited Codes, sold out very quickly.

You’re never paying full price for software again.

They are many sites like appsumo, but AS has build Trust. All of these top AppSumo deals are for a partial time. Once it’s done, you have to wait for a while. So take the deal before it’s too late.

Keep this page bookmarked and stay efficient with our blog, so that you can get the newest AppSumo deals. It’s your time to show love & support if you found this post useful then kindly share it with your friends.

Affiliate Disclosure: This Post May Contain Few Affiliate Links That Means We May Receive A Little Commission For Purchases Made Through These Links At No Extra Cost To You. Incase You're Saving Extra Your Money By Our Listed Deals

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