Siteground Optimizer Plugin Review & SG OPTIMIZER Settings 2020


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siteground optimizer plugin settings & review 2020 – The introduction of SiteGround in the world of plugins is just like a storm that has changed the concept of WordPress installations by adding more to the existing features.

It is indeed an excellent source of a plugin that you offers you several layers of caching for your website, and that is one of the reasons why it is also known as SuperCacher.

Siteground SuperCacher – siteground optimizer plugin

One of the best things about using SiteGround is that whenever a user switched into it, different caches such as Static Cache, Dynamic Cache, and Memcached Static Cache is being turned into your website by default.

SiteGround SuperCacher is one of the most excellent sources that keeps on updating itself automatically and hence ensures the users to get enhanced caching functionality as well.

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Features of Siteground Optimizer WP Plugin

The configuration of fast cache

SiteGround Optimizer Plugin is a saver for all those who suffer full storage capacity maximum times. This excellent application has made the concept of caching much more comfortable for multiple sites.

SG Optimizer-SuperCacher Settings
SuperCacher Settings Tab

You can now easily configure fast cache services just by using your WP network admin services such as cache purging, switching on and off the dynamic cache and the auto purge options as well.

You only have to make a few clicks on site or a group of the website as per your preferences.

Grant Access of cache configuration

SiteGround SuperCacher is an excellent source that has to speed up WordPress accessing by granting full control over it.

This superb plugin has offered you the freedom of deciding about its accessibility on your website. You are now free to work on it as WP admin to any of its related sites.

Once you have got access as admin, you can also manage the cache options as well.

By default cache settings

One of the best things about SiteGround shared hosting is that it keeps you away from the hesitation of setting up new cache options every time you create new websites on the same network. Whenever any new site is being introduced on to the same system, this plugin option automatically creates and set up different by default cache options for it.

Enable HTTPS configuration

It is another beautiful feature about SiteGround that makes everyone fall in love with it. It is one of the most outstanding plugin options available in the market that enables you to configure HTTPS just with the help of single clicks only.

SG Optimizer-Environmental Optimization
Environmental Optimization Tab

Moreover, it also offers you the freedom of working as a WP admin as well whenever you select HTTPS configuration.

In short, we can also say that your site will get automatically configured with HTTP protocol as soon as you create it while working on a fantastic platform like SiteGround SuperCacher.

PHP management and its updating

SiteGround offers you the freedom of working with one of the most exceptional plugins available in the market, where you can effortlessly check, manage and update the PHP version of your website.

One thing you may or may not be aware of is that different sites in a WP multisite setup use same PHP version and hence the PHP checking, management, and updating will remain under the control of only a few persons only and that are Network Admins.

The network administrators are free to add changes into the PHP versions for altering its functionality, and the changes once made will appear on the entire network of websites thoroughly.

Image and Front End optimization

If you are looking for a perfect source that can offer you differently, unusual features like image optimization and front-end optimization as well, SiteGround SuperCacher is an excellent source that is going to impress you a lot.

SG Optimizer-FrontEnd Optimization
Front-end Optimization Tab

In short, we can also say that you are now going to have a better and faster WordPress plugin just by minimizing the resource footprints.

Now, you don’t have to go for image optimization every time you upload a new photo into your website as SiteGround is there to help you out from it.

SG Optimizer-Image Optimization
Image Optimization Tab

Moreover, you are not going to suffer from that annoying situation of lazy photo uploading.

SiteGround Optimizer Is One of Best WordPress Plugin for Siteground Hosting users

SiteGround is a higher and compatible platform that has enabled to work on the different third-party plugin as well.

You can quickly work on the multiple sites just by configuring the settings and enjoy fastest and secures accessibility over there.

Download SG Optimizer WordPress Plugin Free

One of the best things about this excellent source is that you now don’t need to set the parameters each time you upload a new photo or cache into it as it will get automatically updated by default.

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