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Paymattic Black Friday 2023 UpTo 50% Offer 2023 Skyrocket your Conversion Rate ~ Stripe & PayPal Online Payment Gateway Plugin – Every online business needs to accept payments to provide products or services to their clients. In order to accept revenue, you need to have a proper online payment gateway on your website.

Well, when it comes to selecting the right payment gateway or plugin, you must always opt for Paymattic plugin. One of the best WordPress payment form builder, it allows you to easily accept payments from your customers.

Furthermore, it accepts different currencies and you can also connect it with multiple payment platforms like Stripe and Paypal. Thus, this WordPress form with payment options truly helps you to grow your business without any issue.

Paymattic UpTo 50% Discount – Skyrocket & Increase Recurring Sales

Paymattic (Previously Known as WPPayForm Pro)

  • Single Site $59/yr or $299 Lifetime
  • Agency License $119/yr or $449 Lifetime
  • Unlimited License $240/yr or $599 Lifetime

Stripe & PayPal Online Payment Gateway Plugin

Paypal and Stripe are two of the biggest payment systems available in the market and several online businesses accept payments through them due to the convenience that these applications offer.

So if you are looking for WordPress forms with PayPal or stripe payment form WordPress then Paymattic is obviously an excellent choice. Paymattic comes with Paypal and Stripe integration feature.

As a result, you will be able to accept directly from the users using Paypal. Furthermore, you will also be able to accept payment from customers using different cards due to Stripe integration.

As a result, you will be able to provide maximum convenience to your customers.

Fast Payment Processing & Easy Deployment

One of the foremost things that everybody looks for in a WordPress payment form is fast processing of payments and ease of deployment. With Paypal and Stripe integration, it will provide you with fast processing of payments.

As a result, it will only take a few seconds to process any payment without compromising with the security.

More importantly, it also allows you to collect donations, service fees as well as event signups without having to write complicated codes due to the ease of deployment.

Fully Responsive and optimised for mobiles

Responsiveness and compatibility with different platforms are highly important qualities that every online payment form must have and Paymattic provides you with just that without any issue.

You will be able to build as well as deploy different beautiful forms easily with this plugin. Furthermore, they will perform with utmost efficiency irrespective of the device you are using.

Hence, you will be able to ensure the best quality experience for your customers.

Pre-built Payment Forms

Of course, Paymattic also provides you with multiple pre-built payment forms. Thus, you will be able to deploy them right away without having to code anything separately.

It comes with a plethora of pre-built templates. As a result, you will be able to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

Paymattic Pre-built Payment Forms
Paymattic Black Friday 2024 Discounts

More importantly, all these forms are highly responsive and compatible with multiple payment options. Hence, you will have no trouble in using them at all.

Paymattic Demos

Paymattic Pro Demos
Paymattic Plugin Black Friday Sale

Subscriber Opt-in while checkout

Certainly, it is one of the most excellent features that this WordPress PayPal form builder offers. As a result, you will be able to show subscriber opt-in option while checking out.

It will help you to build your email list and thereby allowing you to communicate your latest products and services to your customers through emails and newsletters.

In other words, this simple feature enables you to clear the path for recurring traffic as well as revenue.

Automate Monthly/Annual Subscription

Automation has become a key aspect in the online sector these days. If you have a blog or eCommerce website then you must know that automating various functions allow you to focus on different pressing matters than the trivial ones.

One such thing is receiving the monthly or yearly subscription payments from your customers timely. Well, with this plugin, you will be able to automate the whole process and automatically receive payments without any trouble.

Multiple Payment Options

It is always necessary to provide your customers with a multitude of payment options. This provides your customers with convenience and thereby increases your chances to boost your revenues greatly.

With the Radio/Checkbox button, you will be able to provide your users with different payment options.

Whether they want to pay by Visa or MasterCard debit as well as credit cards, Paypal, Stripe or any other payment option, Paymattic will allow it easily.

Automated Tax Calculated Fields

For any product you sell on your website, you will have to collect the tax that you need to pay. Thus, it can be a lot of hassle to set the taxes for each item separately.

Well, you will not have to worry about anything if you are using the Paymattic. This plugin allows you to set the tax percentage with respect to the region you are from and the business category.

Once you set the tax percentage, the plugin automatically calculates the taxes for each product and add the amount to the bill without causing any trouble for you.

135+ currencies supported

Today, e-commerce allows your business to go worldwide without any issue. However, one problem that you might face is to accept the payments from customers belonging to different countries.

Well, you will not have to worry about anything if you are using Paymattic. Since it offers Stripe integration, Paymattic also allows you to accept payments in more than 135 currencies.

So, you will have no trouble in accepting payments from anywhere in the world without any trouble.

Customize payment forms with Design Settings

Styling is an important aspect to impress your customers and provide them with an excellent experience. With excellent design settings, you will be able to customise your forms easily.

Furthermore, it allows you to customise label positions, form labels, input fields and submit button positions. So, you will be able to provide a perfect look for your payment form.

Easily manage Payments with Submission Management

With the submission management feature, Paymattic allows you to easily manage your payments with the utmost ease.

It allows you to have a total view of your payments along with completed as well as failed payments. Thus, it will help you to manage everything without any issue.

LifeTime Paymattic UpTo 50% Pricing

Single Site $59/yr or $299 Lifetime
Agency License $119/yr or $449 Lifetime
Unlimited License $240/yr or $599 Lifetime

LifeTime Paymattic Discount 2024

Paymattic is a highly efficient WordPress Payment Plugin that allows you to easily accept payments from customers across the world with ease.

It is highly responsive and completely customisable. As a result, you will be able to give it the perfect look without any issue.

Furthermore, it easily integrates with Paypal and Stripe too. Therefore, it further provides you with complete efficiency. So, install the Paymattic Sale in your website and help your business to reach new heights.

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