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Best Email Marketing Tools: Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services. Utilizing an email marketing service can be extremely beneficial as it not only allows an enterprise to target bulk audiences, but also allows them to do so while remaining hyper focused and ensuring customer retention.

It helps the enterprise develop a sustainable image and relationship with the client while ensuring that brand name and visibility of the enterprise remains at the back of the customer’s head.

It is one segment of internet marketing which also encompasses other aspects of internet marketing such as social media marketing and blogs. Bulk email marketing software are provided for by a number of companies and services.

However, it is important to ensure that the features and plans that each email marketing agency offers is adequately vetted by the client in order to ensure that the perfect partner for the company’s digital marketing needs are chosen.

Various other features are usually also provided by these agencies which specialize in email marketing services, such as integration with other social media apps, creation of customizable emails, landing pages and analytical tools to their clients.

Best Email Marketing Tools


ConvertKit provides a plethora of options to the client, including attractive forms, trackable data and an increased rate of customer conversion through specifically targeted automated mails.

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No longer does one have to sit and manually type the mail out anymore, as ConvertKit will do it for you. Further, ConvertKit provides a hyper targeted automation in order to make the customer feel as though the ad was created just for them.

The biggest advantages of ConvertKit include it’s easy to use, provision of sequences, tailored content and that it is subscriber centric.

It also allows the email of specific broadcasts for any time you might have to send any time sensitive content, and also allows the integration with various social media apps and RSS to ensure the greatest visibility for your organization.

ConvertKit also has a great slack community, and provides concierge migration to ensure no hassles are faced by the client.


Drip calls itself an ECRM service, or a customer relationship management platform used by businesses and small businesses to ensure that they have the best customer management and e-commerce platform for their enterprise.

Drip Best Email Marketing Tools

Drip’s eCommerce Best Email Marketing Tools has a number of cool features. Some of the coolest features of Drip are as follows:

  1. Drip provides harmony and integration with a variety of social media websites, working as a plug into e-commerce platforms. Its flexible API, native integration and simple migration services ensure that the customer does not leave the client wanting.
  2. Email building services: Drip provides both a visual and text email builder, with unlimited flowcharts as well. Similarly, because it targets a specific audience, drip ensures that the advertisements displayed are targeted as well.
  3. It has all the tools that a business would need to analyse the trends of their company, and adjudge whether the social media marketing campaign is working in reality or not.


GetResponse, as the name suggests is an all in one customer relationship management service that will effectively help enterprises grow their business with plenty of interesting and much required features.

getresponse Email Marketing Software

For instance, Get Response not only provides email marketing services to the clients with a high degree of automation, but also provides analytics and tools to check as to whether the marketing campaign is in fact working on the customers.

For those who believe that they need a sustainable and yet simple platform for their digital marketing needs, or for their email marketing needs, GetResponse is an ideal solution.

Similarly, the landing pages feature, which allows the client to build and publish custom made, highly converting, beautiful landing pages is also a big advantage.

The webinar feature, which allows the creation and featuring of the Webinar also further ensures customer conversion and allows hyper targeted conversion based digital marketing ideas to truly take off, and is truly an astounding bulk Best Email Marketing Tools service.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign has a number of interesting features and a great level of functionality to offer to its clients. Its email marketing features include email segmentation, subscription forms, dynamic content and also allows split testing.

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Its market automation features offer a plethora of tools for analytics include site and event tracking, automation goals and automation maps, and split action.

It also offers Sales and CRM services including contact & lead scoring, Gmail extensions, win probability and machine learning for the clients.

One of the most interesting features of Active Campaign is its use of messaging services such as SMS’s and site messages to reach the end customer in the most effective manner possible. Its SMS feature is undoubtedly a great asset for any organization to have.


Infusionsoft is another great program for those who want a natively integrated CRM that streamlines the business with their integration with all the common social media platforms and functionality over hundreds of business apps.


The history of all customer interactions, customer information and specific conversion aimed targets can be easily achieved with Infusionsoft. It is undoubtedly one of the best Email Marketing Tools software available in the market currently.

Similar to that of the above two programs, Infusionsoft also provides a broadcast and non-broadcast functionality and offers specifically created and targeted email campaigns to woo customers.

With its custom fields options, individual segments of customers can be specifically marketed to, and the testing features allows you to ensure that you have the perfect email to send to the clients.

Similarly, integrated order forms, online sales, and ease of payment make buying easy for the customers, ensuring better business for the client. The usual tools available for analytics are also provided by Infusionsoft.


Aweber provides a number of interesting features to its clients. First and foremost, the topmost feature of Aweber is its Email newsletter feature.

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With this feature, the client can automatically create emails from the newest blog posts and ensure the maximum visibility for the organization.

Further, it has other features such as a drag and drop editor, and HTML editors to ensure that a plethora of templates are available to the client and an easy platform to create emails.

Aweber also provides email automation services, tagging and automatic follow ups as well. This ensures that the target email reaches the requisite audiences and results in conversion.

Perhaps the best and most interesting feature of Aweber is also its utter simplicity to use. Unlike other CRM platform, Aweber is comparatively easier and less daunting for someone to use, especially if they are beginners.


IContact has a number of interesting features to offer to its clients for email marketing. For instance, its audience segmentation feature ensures that related content and particular content is being broadcast to only audiences that will be interested in that content.


This is determined after analyzing the behavior or shared conditions of the audiences, which seamlessly also ties in with the performance reporting feature that Icontact offers. It further provides multi-user accessibility, subscriber management, API and sales force integration, and various other additional features.

Its additional features include a large template library, responsive email layouts, HTML editor options, spam checks, merge fields that are customizable, customizable sending features including send time control and extremely high quality tool for analytics, data development, and launching individualized marketing campaigns.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a highly functional and easy to use interface that provides the basic tools required by any enterprise for its email marketing requirements.


It is one of the best free email marketing software programs to try out on a trial basis. With great templates, drag and drop editors and live support, it is undoubtedly an ideal choice.

Further, it also follows ideal practices for email deliverability ensure that the email does not qualify as spam and also offers in-depth, hyper focused and real time analytical tools to the clients.


MailChimp is also an ideal option for those looking for a best email marketing service for small businesses. With mail chimp, you can easily create emails, landing pages, Google re-marketing Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads and also connect with various e-commerce platforms.

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Automation and optimization is also incredibly easy with mail chimp which provides high-tech and highly functional CRM services, with incredible analytical tools and personalization. It also provides A/B testing and reports for the benefit of the client.

Best Email Marketing Tools

Therefore, if you believe that your company could possibly benefit and gain an additional edge, it is suggested that you consider an email marketing service.

It not only ensure that the marketing is hyper-focused and targeted, but also ensures that there is adequate customer conversion and return on investment.

Bulk email marketing services for small businesses are also available, and if you are a small business looking to cut costs and not invest on traditional means of advertising and instead wish to look for a more seamless and effective marketing service, consider the use of an email marketing service after enquiring about the various plans and services offered.

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