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Rank Math SEO Tool – WordPress has undoubtedly emerged as the best in the market of Search Engine Optimization. The rising fame of WordPress is because it is equipped with something from everyone.

However, like all good things need a boost to be the best, there is also a huge void left for the SEO Plugins to show their charm.

SEO Plugins are the need of the hour and the proficiency of it is proven by the fact that WordPress alone is facilitated with approximately 50,000 SEO plugins, which are used by more than a billion people across the world.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

While some popular SEO Plugins like “WordPress SEO by Yoast”, “SEO Ultimate”, “Premium SEO”, and many more are already ruling the market, RankMath SEO Plugin by Mythemeshop is finally here to make its final mark.


Rank Math – The Most Powerful & Lightweight SEO Plugin for WordPress (Long Intro)

In the crowd of thousands, RankMath has emerged with flattering features and exceptional facets which are not only unique but also promising in the world of SEO marketing. Let us see how,

Features Offered By RankMath SEO Plugin By Mythemeshop

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

To know this better, let us first understand the meaning of SEO. Search Engine Optimization is an effective way to generate traffic to your website. It is a cost-free way of promoting your websites to a greater number of visitors.

To explain it in simpler words, SEO determines the visibility of a website related to your search results. The most relevant websites are often seen to flash at the top.

The more the number of people click and visit the website, the more will be the traffic generated.

This means a number of people will get to know about your brand or the content you want to share. This is also an effective way to invite more customers to buy the product you are selling.

For this purpose, a huge number of SEO Plugin websites have made their appearances, but have failed to make their mark. While there are innumerable reasons to justify their downfall, here are some of the drawbacks discussed:

  • Slower than the expectations. Yes, in the world of extreme competence, some plugins often get omitted out because they are extremely slow. The digital world is presently racing their nerves out to emerge as the best leaving no space for a slow performing plugin.
  • Too expensive! Some of the popular SEO plugins often come for a hefty price which makes it inconvenient for many individuals as well as companies to invest in the beginning.
  • Late ROI. In most of the cases, ROI or Return Of Investment is quite lower than the amount This is indirectly a result of inefficient Search Engine Optimization. Inefficient optimization often leads to the insufficient generation of traffic and thus lesser growth of the website as a whole. Thus, the whole motive of making profit goes in vain. Hence, the return on investment is mostly quite late.
  • Many plugin sources often do not mention their terms and conditions properly, also missing out on the do’s and don’ts section. Hence, one wrong step taken can lead you to heavy penalization.

If you are an experienced in the world of SEO, you might have also faced one such problem in the past.

Thus, breaking the good news to you, Rank Math SEO Plugin by Mythemeshop has eventually made its way by getting over all the disadvantages.

It is probably one of the fastest sources you will ever come across. Not just in performance, RankMath has come up with excellent features to excel in every way possible.

Lightweight & Executes Few DB Queries

The weight of every new plugin installed matters a lot. Taking care of this very important feature, RankMath is designed with the best lightweight technology and is only 2.47 MB.

This means it can be easily installed without a hack. Besides, it takes a lot less time to load every-time you wish to use it.

Detailed content analysis – SEO Analysis by Rank Math

RankMath is equipped with excellent features of real-time analysis of your SEO score. The feature determines the efficiency of your SEO.

RankMath also efficiently points out the loopholes and the issues which need to be taken care of. It focuses on the general and the basic things which should be preliminary taken care of.

Thereafter, it also points out the additional areas which need to be fixed quickly. This guarantees 100% efficiency of the SEO.

seo analysis by rankmath plugin

Rank Tracking

This is by far one of the most important features of any SEO Plugin. Before launching your website or the content as a blogger or a content developer, most of us are worried about the rank tracking facility.

It is nothing but determining the position on which your website might be placed (or suggested) as a related search result. RankMath is henceforth here to give rest to your tensor muscles.

It has come up with the best and the most accurate rank tracking facilities, thereby giving you a fine idea of how exactly your hard work is going to pay you off.

Advanced Keyword Reports from Search Console

Keywords are also very important in the field of Search Engine Optimization. No matter how best your content is, it might not fetch enough visitors if the keywords are not appropriately used.

Taking care of this, RankMath SEO Plugin by Mythemeshop has come with the best feature of advanced keyword reports.

It stains and filters out the most used keywords in the search results which are downright relevant to your content.

This directly ensures that your post or content is not lost in the crowd of millions and guarantees a huge lot of traffic to your website.

Efficient Managing of The Social Platforms

Today, social media platforms are one of the best platforms for spreading the word. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are thought to be extremely beneficial in targeting audiences and generating traffic.

Taking due advantage of the fact, RankMath has come up with this flattering feature of customizing the information you want to share on the social media platforms.

This undoubtedly gets an upper hand over the plugins already present in the market as they only allow a default sharing option.

With RankMath, you can not only customize the image, title, and other information but also preview the post till the last minute.

Exceptional Design

Last but not the least, RankMath allows you to customize your layout with the features of the modular design. It thereby allows the user to filter the features relevant for their use.

This means you can easily customize the features you want to see and omit out the ones which are irrelevant. This is by far one of the most unique features on RankMath which makes it more user-friendly and reliable.

Activate Deactivate Modules – Modular Design – Easy To Use


It Is FREE!!!

Yes, you heard that right. RankMath SEO Plugin by Mythemeshop is making all the excellent and flattering features available at the cost of nothing.

Though it is yet to be launched, reports suggest that Mythemeshop strives towards making it free forever. This will also ensure that a greater proportion of people will be able to use the plugin and soar higher in the field of SEO.

How To Set Up RankMath SEO Plugin?

Step 1:

Download the Zip File & Install  RankMath.zip file and Activate The Plugin. As Soon As You Activate the plugin, You Will See the StartUp Wizard of MythemeShop’s Rankmath like below

Plugin Compatibility Checker to Run Rank Math SEO:


Now Click on Start Wizard.

Note: If you have installed any other SEO Plugins, then you can import data from that plugin easily. If Not follow the below steps.

Step 2:

Now Your have to configure your site/blog

  • Select the Type of Your Blog,
  • Add Site Logo,
  • Select Single or Multiple Authors,
  • Finally ADD Thumbnail for Social Media.

Then Click on Save & Continue.

Step 3:

Now You Have to setup Google Search Console, So that you can track Blog Stats from Webmaster account Directly on Your WordPress Dashboard.

Connect Your Site to Google Search Console:


Click on Get Authorization Code and Authenticate via google account and paste the code. Finally Select the Correct Site Version of Your Blog.

Then Click on Save & Continue.

Step 4:

Next Step is to Setup and configure Sitemap,

Sitemap Configuration:


Sitemap is important to crawl blog posts by google regularly. You can Setup Sitemap Configuration as in above image. Then Click on Save & Continue to next step.

If you have another Sitemap plugin, then disable rankmath sitemap and skip this step.

Step 5:

In this last Step, Now you have to do Further SEO Tweaks,

SEO Tweaks


Follow above settings as shown in image and dont forgot to add verification tags from google, bing, yandex, Norton, etc…

Save and continue, Finally Done with basic settings using Rank Math Setup Wizard.


You can Make Few more Tweaks inside WordPress Dashboard under RankMath Settings.

RankMath SEO Dashboard Settings

You can find plenty of settings and configuration inside dashboard, under each tab you can tweak you blog. Its better than any other seo plugin. Below checkout overview of Rankmath Dashboard,

General Settings Tab – SEO Settings:


Titles & Meta Tags:


Extra Sitemap Settings:


Conclusion – Rank Math Black Friday & Cyber Monday Discount

RankMath SEO Plugin by MythemeShop has rightly outdone with the existing drawbacks in the field of SEO and is all set to make its presence.

In the recent days, popular plugins like Yoast were often receiving innumerable complains about the existing bugs in the website.

RankMath has once again shown its proficiency by removing the irrelevant bugs and has only focused on the extraordinary features for the aid of better Search Engine Optimization.

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