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Link Whisper Black Friday 2023 Discount sale [A Smart and Powerful Way to Build Internal Links] – As a website owner, your primary focus is on two things, your own set of engaged readers and better ranking of the website in Google rank.

Readers enjoy a relevant context to anything so with Linkwhisper, you will get suggestions on the interlinks you can use. The search engines pay great attention to internal links as well.

Linkwhisper is a massive downsizing of the time-intensive process and it serves you a platter of contextual internal links for any article.

  • The sale runs from 11/24 to 11/28.
  • Get $30 off, Prices are going up by $20 in 2024, so this is a now-or-never deal.

Why you need internal links 

Better SEO tactics and frameworks is an attractive point of discussion for anyone who loves to work on website contents but a huge majority often happens to neglect the importance of something very advanced that is internal link.

Writing contents and uploading them on your website cannot drive all the audience alone. Although consistency can reward you with powerful numbers when you link your old yet relevant articles to the newer ones, you give the audience more information.

Internal linking can bring great differences to your engagement metrics and does so by improving your organic search ranks, more pages per session, more duration, and lesser bounce rate.

When you have a number of articles spread across multiple web pages, with the help of internal link architecture, you can redirect your audience anywhere.

1 Simple Trick to Get Ranked High on Google FAST is Internal Linking for SEO

Check Out Video by Neil Patel about internal links,

Features of Link Whisper Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress

Want to know how you can be benefited from this? Check out the points below.

Automatic AI-powered internal link suggestions 

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this plugin almost instantly suggests the related and relevant internal links that you can use. As you are working on the WordPress Editor, you can write the article, you will receive the link suggestions that can provide better context and engagement.

If there is a lot of content already up on your website, the powerful AI will show you dozens or more internal links that you can use.

So, every time you have a captivated reader and you think he/she can use a little more information, you are making sure they have the option right in front of their eyes.

How to Search by Keyword and Add Inbound Internal Links

Smart Anchor text suggestion 

Let’s talk about highlighting the words you wish to use a link on? It is an intensive process where you will have to highlight the words, use the link icon, and provide the URL.

The Smart Anchor feature on the LinkWhisper plugin Black Friday takes out all the effort out of the process and automatically provides you with suggestions on the link and anchor text.

Also, if you are not a big fan of the suggestions and not liking what we are doing, simply click the words that you wish to add or remove from the text. Your anchor text variation will always be under your control and work the way you want it to.

Internal Links Reporting

It is very difficult to keep track and detailed information on all the contents that are there on your website. Any orphan content that has no internal links used in it will be picked up by LinkWhisper plugin. By the use of this, you will be able to quickly check out the pages that have low or no internal linking to them.

In addition to pointing out the problems, the plugin also offers you a useful solution and you can click and “add new” to add new internal links to the existing content. The very user-friendly process to make sure you take good care of your content.

Also, you will get a stat on how many outbound internal and external links are originating from each article reported.

Customize internal links

Every creator has his own preferences and the plugin lets you tweak the link suggestions as per your needs. Once you dive into the features of the plugin you will be surprised to see how it lets you enjoy the control while providing you with guidance.

Just simply as link whisper to ignore certain statements or words and provide you with customized suggestions.

For your convenience, Link Whisper allows you to open all the internal links in a new tab.

Pros of Link Whisper Black Friday Sale

Time Saving

Every one of us knows how time-consuming the manual process of adding internal links is. For every internal link you wish to add, you need to spend mind-share to figure out the relevant content every-time.

In addition to that, the process itself takes a significant amount of time. When you are dealing with 2-3 links, you will not spot a major difference but once you start linking number of articles and contents, with Link Whisper you will save a lot of time.

Link Whisper Plugin Reviews
Link Whisper Plugin Black Friday Discount Sale

Increased Rankings

Search Engine rankings are very important to understand how your content and website is performing. With Google, the machine learning algorithm they use now is extremely different from traditional days of SEO.

The algorithms are improving and advancing every day and with internal linking, you can enjoy an immediate boost in the SEO metrics. No need to understand all confusing method and game behind it.

Improved website indexation

In Google, the crawlers used to follow the link paths across the internet so that it can find index websites. The strong internal linking makes it easier for the Google crawler to find new content that you can publish and link.

As Google is constantly looking for fresh content, a better-woven content with multiple internal links speeds up the crawling process.

The whole function combines together to deliver better indexation in lesser time. Internal Linking is the key.

Decrease bounce rate

From a reader’s perspective, every mind works on a similar pattern. First, the curiosity of the reader is tapped followed by the click ability of the word through which the curiosity was born and finally predictability.

When the reader is taken to a new/old content through internal linking, they can already expect what the content will be.

There is no room for doubts when they are clicking on the links, thereby bringing down the bounce rate by significant margins.

Passes link juice to internal pages

We already know internal linking has the power to drive traffic and engagement to your website but you should also know that internal links enhance the quality of contents by a great margin.

The internal pages that failed to capture the audience before will have better potential of getting picked up and read.

How to Remove Internal Links in WordPress Using Link Whisper

LinkWhisper Black Friday Deal Pricing

  • Single Site License $77
  • 3 Site License $117
  • 10 Site License $167

Link Whisper Black Friday 2024 – Best Internal Linking Plugin for WordPress

Now you know how internal links can bring in better results and deliver better metrics but where is the ease of doing so? The Link Whisper plugin can do all the work for you in a precise and result-oriented manner.

Write articles and create content, something where your real passion lies and let Link Whisper cyber monday take care of the other technicalities involved in the process of internal linking.

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