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The rank tracker by SEO Powersuite is the best power tool in assisting many people worldwide for the progression of their website.

You can search the rank of your website and compare it with the other websites with the rank tracker by SEO Powersuite.

Rank Tracker – Track Search Engine Rankings

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

Rank Tracker track your search engine rankings easily

This is the best method to check the level of your websites search engine rankings. So use it for your benefit. Check your site rankings with just a click of the button.

Checking ranks has become easy now because of the rank tracker. Still, there are many things about the rank tracker which will help you to advance. Let’s learn about its other beneficial features.

The rank tracker by SEO Powersuite will help you to learn about the Search Engine ranking of your website. It will also show you the clear graph which will display the progression of the site in the search engine.

The graph will help you understand the details the words cannot. It is also easy to see on which part the website is lagging behind. It will display on which area you are shinning. You will be able to learn on which zone you got to work on. It shows on which place your site moved up and down.

This is a way where you get detailed information for self-examination. You can get the accurate data to track the real results of the SEO campaign. You will be able to take the ultimate decisions with the help of the rankings provided by the rank tracker by SEO Powersuite.

You can check your website rankings with the other popular websites and there are 327+ search engines in the internet arcade for you to search. The game is big, so you also need to start big to finish big.

At the same time, you can compare the rankings with ten different websites for quick checking and analyzing. The rankings can be analyzed vertically along with pictures, videos, news etc. nothing is left behind in this rank tracker.

It checks each and every minute detail for the development of the website.

Rank Tracker – Rankings Monitoring & Keyword Research Tool

Geo-Specific Rankings For Any Location

Your website as seen from different parts of the world is shown in the rank tracker, i.e.. You can Track Your Site Rankings Country Wise. Also get info country sees your website more and which country is not seeing is displayed in the ranker tracker according to its popularity in each country.

serp tracking all over world

This feature best for Local SEO SERP Reports. Accurately Tracks Positions for country, state, city, or even an exact street address.

This will allow you to make a difference in the globally. This is called the GEO specific ranking feature of the rank tracker. The difference of opinion of the countries and the times each country sees your website is a broader picture of the rank tracker.

Keyword Analysis, Re-invented

The keyword which is preferred by the onlookers is suggested in the rank tracker. This is a very good aspect of the tracker because you will be able to know what people want to see on the website and what are they attracted too. In the future, you can decide on the same line of thought which attracts and appeals.

You can find the keywords in the same platform which is grouped by the rank tracker. The most profitable keywords are shown in the tracker as information to you. So you will be able to find the profitable keywords which will prove advantageous for the website’s development and popularity.

keyword suggestions for rank tracking

These kinds of keywords provided by the rank tracker will give more traffic to your website, many people will visit it and will surely increase its traffic. This is what matters in having a website is it!

18+ Keyword Research Tools at One Place

You can use the eighteen+ inbuilt keywords in the rank tracker suggestion tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Wordtracker and SEMRush etc. these tools will help you to improve the keywords in your SEO campaign.

inbuilt keyword sugesstion tools

Find the profitable keywords that are missing from your website. It shows the profitability of the keywords you have used. The most searched for keywords will be shown and you can decide on using the popular keywords in the websites.

Just adding a bit of keyword can gloriously increase the quality of the website and increase the traffic.

Do you want perfect keywords to smarten up your SEO campaign? Then avail yourself of the inbuilt keyword option in the rank tracker by SEO Powersuite.

Create Professional Ranking Reports & Impress Your Clients

Add the professional looking rankings to make it appealing to the SEO clients. You can make the rankings in an HTML and PDF formats. Make sure that the rankings are attractive and professional.

To make it attractive you can add your company logo(white label) in the ranking format and choose vibrant and elegant colors. The more colorful it is the more it will be appreciated by the SEO client.

professional serp reports for your seo clients

Choose what you want to include in the ranking formats. This will make a wonderful and neat ranking that will certainly interest the SEO clients.

The extra additions like the report put up in different languages, saving option for taking print-out, sending reports by mail, uploading the report through a website can be added to benefit the clients.

  • Reports in different languages
  • Saving reports for print-out
  • Sending reports via email
  • Uploading reports to a website

Advanced Rank Monitoring [Auto-Pilot]

The tracking can be set up beforehand, it will track at the same time and day according to plan. Then you will be able to get the details quickly without going over to check again and again.

This auto-pilot rank tracking is very beneficial for fast-growing websites. You will get the minute information on how up and above you are in the world. This autopilot option can inform you where you are standing at the moment and you can be ready with the solution beforehand.

This is the motive behind the autopilot option. You don’t have to be in front of the computer all the time for checking any developments. The message will come to you, the data will reach you at the fixed time every day or week or month.

This is an effective feature in the rank tracker by SEO Powersuite. Run the tasks daily at the most comfortable time you prefer.

  • 400+ search engines
  • Top 50 search results or all 1,000
  • Daily or 3 days or once a week, month, etc..
  • Competitor Tracking & Analysis
  • Advanced SERP Reports

100% Search Engine Friendliness

You can make multiple searches without any interruption from the search engines. Mind that you should not violate usage policy. But the rank tracker will help you to be free of the disruptions when you are making an exploration.

User agents, proxy rotation, and emulation are the reliable features available in the rank tracker. These are the search engine safety settings. These tools safeguard your searching experience.

It has an inbuilt anti CAPTCHA service that recognizes CAPTCHA automatically without any aid.

Easy & Convenient Data Management

You can conveniently manage big data with the help of the rank tracker. It has several settings where you can organize data and use it easily with any trouble. You can easily filter the data you are using currently in the rank tracker. Use the tags in the tracker to name and categorize the data for easy use.

The keywords and pages can be simply organized for finding it easily in the future when you are in need of it. You can export all the data in the formats like PDF, CSV, SQL, HTML, XML, TXT etc. with just a click of the mouse.

This is the best way to manage the files. It will never take time to search for a file because everything is under a name and a tag. It will make your work un-problematic and leisurely.  It is the stress-free way to build your website.

Rank Tracker Plans & Comparisons

Compare Rank Tracker editions

Use the rank tracker by SEO Powersuite for making your website great.

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