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FluentCRM – Email Marketing Automation for WordPress


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FluentCRM Discount Codes – Successful brand marketing today demands regularity and consistent rich quality. Google Algorithms are designed so and there’s no loophole, except – marketing automation.

Anyone would tell you how plugins are the most valuable ingredient to this process. FluentCRM is one such self-hosted plugin that lets you perform many marketing actions all under one space – managing email campaigns, monitoring end-user activity, automated WordPress email marketing, and further.

FluentCRM Discount Codes
FluentCRM Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 Coming Soon

Features of FluentCRM Email Marketing Automation

Uniquely generated to ease your marketing process, FluentCRM helps you work several marketing functions, all from your WordPress dashboard.

Self Hosted Email Marketing Automation Plugin

Let’s dive into what it offers for your WordPress Marketing Automation.

Manage Mass Email Campaigns

A recent report assessed how on every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get a return of $47. And truly successful email marketing can provide the maximum conversion rates.

But how to bring it under your grasp? FluentCRM is one such tool, which can help you manage large-scale email marketing campaigns, in an organized manner bringing you higher engagement and returns. Handle email marketing like an expert with ease and with FluentCRM.

360° User Overview

Knowing and building a relationship with customers is important for brands. Successful email marketing is to poach potential buyers what they would like, need or engage with.

To tackle this you’ll need user information like their location or contact information, and their purchase history patterns. How helpful would it be to have easy access to all this clean customer data and under one space, helping you monitor such extensive information at ease? FluentCRM helps you with exactly that.

Email List Management

Distinguishing your clients with filters and tags, assorting them into helpful dynamic lists, eliminating inactive users – FluentCRM is impressive with its orderly email list management.

This way you can significantly save time and energy when working on your email marketing, arranging your customers to your benefit and liking. For instance, you can divide your email lists into separate segments of employees and consumers, to send emails accordingly without error or confusion.

Automatic Email Sequences

Engaging weekly with your customers to not miss out on converting possible leads can be tedious. FluentCRM offers to your marketing, automatic email sequences which help in building strong customer relationships, by engaging them from the very start, sending them consistent weekly emails at a scheduled convenient time, without you having to move a finger.

Build your emails beforehand, and with every new and old lead, you can expect FluentCRM to do the job and bring in surplus conversions and sales!

Conversion Funnel Automation

The funnel automation practice is an effective approach, where you can design your marketing ideas and initiatives into an algorithm and test them out. Add your own or already provided effective action trigger functions, if the process feels too complicated.

This helps you try out different strategies for multiple customers and till you find an approach that works the best you can keep modifying and trying out new automated funnels. You can also maintain a separate inbound approach for your non-fruitful customers.

CRM Reports and Analytics

With every plan, you undertake you must compare them to evaluate whether a previous strategy had been more profitable than the present.

CRM reports and analytics give you an organized idea comparing user activities, email campaigns, funnel strategies, and more. With this, you can work your way to the best approaches to email marketing automation that benefit you.

With CRM analytics you know which emails of your had higher click rates, which inactive users to root out, and other useful insights.

FluentCRM 3rd-party tool Integrations

WordPress CRM integration also provides excellent third-party tools and plugins into your WordPress dashboard that enables complete marketing automation. For instance, WooCommerce Integration helps you get the needed customer information in transparency, such as their purchase history.

AffiliateWP helps you manage affiliate marketing campaigns, create automated newsletters and keep them encouraged, and more. There are many third-party integrations you can work with to your need such as – Fluent Forms, LearnDash, WooCommerce, wpfusion, mailoptin, and many more.

FluentCRM 3rd-party tool Integrations
FluentCRM Sale

Add Ease into Your Marketing Automation With FluentCRM

Now that you know what this excellent self-hosted plugin can offer you, how can you get working on your active WordPress email marketing automation? Here are 5 simple steps you’ll need to follow,

1. Create Contacts List

Add your existing user or create new lists, adding helpful triggers that will enable CRM to add users automatically. Once you’ve set the trigger words, the users will be added accordingly and automatically.

2. Send Emails

Edit and organize your CRM email marketing and start sending your bulk emails. You can A/B test your emails, compose them with provided winning templates, and even choose which users you wish to exclude from the campaign.

3. Set Automated Funnels and Sequenced Emails

Frame the automated emails set their functions and the scheduled time they should be sent at. While you’d have to do this only a few times. CRM ensures without error, and according to your and the user’s preferences fixed weekly newsletters and emails are sent to target customers.

4. Turn Leads into Customers

Once the setup is over, your necessary action will be monitoring activity. A/B test your campaigns, click rates, and more and modify them till you get satisfying results.

5. Why Sell Once When You Can Upsell?

With FluentCRM you can create several sales funnels. Your target is to maximize your profits, so you can function CRM to shift your customers to alternate funnel strategies once they’ve finished with their previous one. This way you can create more and more conversions.

FluentCRM Pricing

Single Site @ $129

  • 1 Domain License
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included

5 Site @ $249

  • Up to 5 Domains
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included

50 Site @ 499

  • 50 Domains
  • 1 Year Plugin Update
  • 1 Year Priority Support
  • All Features Included

FluentCRM Black Friday Coming Soon

The benefits of adding FluentCRM and starting on email marketing automation are way too valuable to let go of. Build customer relationships and strengthen prevailing ones with FluentCRM. Keep in touch with them without compromising your work, time, or energy, and yet, keeping them appeased with your brand.

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