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Convert Plus review – popup plugin for wordpress

Convert plus is a well-known and widely used Word Press popup plug-in. It has a rich set of features that transforms web page visitors into subscribers. It serves as an all-in-one and the best lead generation word press plug-in.

This plug-in comes with numerous customization options and does not need prior experience in coding and designing. The user can avail this feature rich plug-in at an affordable cost.


The foremost thing about this convert plus plug-in is that it contains vast library of impressive and 100% customizable templates. It allows the user to create a popup with a unique design that meets their expectations and optimizing the templates with custom code or a shortcode.

Features like the exit popup, opt-in popup, slide-in popup, video popup, on-click popup, social popup, embedded forms, widget boxes, info bars make it the most powerful popup & lead generation plug-in.

Need for lead generation plug-in

Lead generation is an important part for any kind of business. Without lead collection, it would be hardly possible to explore new opportunities and interact with the customers.

You need to convert as many leads as possible so that you can reach out to them right in their inbox. Studies prove that 70% of the visitors who visits your website will never see it again unless you offer them a chance to subscribe.

This can also be cross-checked with the help of your website analytics. If you came across such circumstance, then you need to start switching those visitors into leads.

There are dozens of plug-ins available to assist in your lead generation. Setting a popup plug-in is not easy for a newbie and for an average word press user. It is your responsibility to choose the best Word Press lead generation plug-in and utilize them effectively to gain huge customers.

The convert plus word press lead generation plug-in would help you to do that and works best for your needs. It can be easily integrated with popular email providers and optimized for mobile devices. With this plug-in, you do things like collect and manage emails, find potential clients, and grow your company faster.


Convert Visitors into Sales & Subscribers

Easy, Powerful & Quick Results. No Coding Required.

Features of Convert Plus

As mentioned earlier, Convert plus is known for its enriched set of features that will ease your work and also made the plug-in more popular among the other competitive products.

Drag & Drop Editor – Real-time Live Editor

Simply select your design from the existing templates and customize it with drag and drop editor that suits your need. Here comes the detailed description of those enhanced features.

Convert plus feature begins with its attractive appearance that grabs the attention of the visitors to have a look into the popup while they are visiting a web page. You can also create this popup with the attractive background color or by uploading an image and setting it as a background which enhances the visual appearance of the popup.

80+ Attractive Animations

Adding some visual and animation effects to your popup will work effectively when compared to a plain message popup. It is also possible to create a responsive popup for mobile users. So it is mobile friendly too.

Conversion-Ready Templates

The popup content can be customized as per your desire or by simply using the pre-made templates that come with this package. You can also to edit these pre-made templates that suit your requirements and also matches your website theme.

100+ Conversion-Ready Templates
more available

In Built Advanced Editor With Various Font Style & Google Fonts

Convert plus has numerous styling options which can be used to create or modify the modules. In addition to the existing font styles, you can also import Google fonts to further improve the module’s font style.

The presence of popup on the screen should be designed with extra care since it is the most important key factor that promotes your service and also let the visitor subscribe the same.

Multiple Popup Locations

There are various popup features bundled with the convert plus package and it could be of anything such as modal pop-up, widget box, in-line forms, info bar, slide-in, video popup and etc. These popups can arrive on the screen at a precise time.

10+ Display positions from ConvertPlus

Say, for example, if a visitor is about to leave your website, you can still hook them up by using the exit intent popup technology. Sometimes popup can be annoying like anything when a reader was busy with reading a web page and make them close the popup as soon as it lands on the page.

To handle such scenarios Exit intent popup would be the better solution and also resolves this kind of hindrance.

Video Popups

Create a video popup that steals the attention of visitors and seizes them. If a visitor does not like to read, video popup will make marketing your website a step forward. Most of the companies use video popups on their Wordpress sites and pages. Shortcodes allow the users to create popup videos and make this easy to accomplish.

Inline Display Positions using Shortcodes

It also helps to build an email list. Inline forms can be displayed by using shortcodes or one click setting. To increase your social share, use info bars like subscription bar, footer bar or simply add social button. On any seasonal occasion, most of the online web store provides exclusive offers and discounts.

In such case, countdown timer popups are used to display the time left for that offer and makes the visitor act upon it instantly.

Convert plus also offers multiple positioning of modules that display your message. You can choose any one of the positions that suit you better. For example full-screen modals, before or after the post, within the post.

Create beautiful opt-in forms with ease. Your form would be ready to do whatever you need at just a few clicks of the button. You can choose a form design, customize it, and add your form to your blog with a drag and drop option. Lead generation has never been this easy and trying out the plug-in will worth the effort.


Timing plays a vital role when it comes to popup. Convert plus allows you to control the performance and timing of the module completely by an option called “Trigger”. With trigger and customizable design, you can determine the time when the users are most likely to act.

triggers y convert plus lead gen plugin

It is also possible to watch the actions performed by the visitor by go live setting with the trigger option. Here are the examples of some trigger actions like exit intent, inline forms before or after the post, user inactivity trigger, scroll trigger. Thus by choosing an appropriate trigger that suits your requirement would earn more number of customers.

ConvertPlus Integrations – Work with Most Popular Marketing Platforms

When it comes to the integration part, the convert plus plug-in can be integrated consistently with the third party mailers and plug-ins by using its inbuilt lead capture tool. Some of them are Aweber, Benchmark email, Mail poet, Sendinblue, Mail chimp, Mail jet, Infusion soft, and etc.

Real Time Analytics

Real-time analytics gives more details about the product flow and where you are lagging which in turn helps you to think of better options wisely. With the analytics graph, the user can increase their profit through proper planning rather than by making blunt decisions.

Real-time Analytics by convertplus

A/B Testing

In most web analytics, A/B testing is used to test the variants or conversions of a web page by showing it to the users. Whenever a visitor visits a page, their engagement towards the variants is measured and collected in analytics dashboard so that a developer can know whether the changes have been made acquires a positive or negative impact among the visitors.

A-B Split Testing by convert plus plugin

With this A/B test and analytics, you can test all elements of your forms such as headlines, copy, button, and even different designs to see what works best to boost conversions.

Excellent Customer Support

Apart from the above-cited features, the plug-in has got an excellent customer support that resolves issues if any in less number of hours. The support team is very responsive whenever a customer raises a query, the team will act promptly to resolve the issue. This is also one of the best parts which make the plug-in more successful compared to others.


Convert plus popup plugin is the best user-friendly conversion plug-in which converts visitors into subscribers and customers. This popup plug-in does wonders for its users by its built-in features and customizable options with ease at a very reasonable price when compared to other product available in the market. It does not require much effort on coding and designing part.


By following few steps, your popup is set to ready with multiple design and positions. Also, this plug-in has an extraordinary customer support team which respond quickly to any queries shared or posted by their customers. On the whole, the convert plus is a great and quality product with regular add-ons.

If anyone looking for a perfect wordpress conversion plugin, convert plus plugin could be the highly recommended product among the others with no doubt.

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