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Perfmatters Black Friday Sale & Cyber Monday 2023 – Website Speed is the one of the major ranking factor by the Google. Therefore, today we’re reviewing Perfmatters Plugin.

Lightweight WordPress Performance Plugin

Perfmatters Lightweight WordPress Performance Plugin helps to speed up your site by disabling commonly unused parts of WordPress and the multitude of scrips.

Perfmatters Black Friday

The Perfmatters is searching for the ways to reduce the number of requests, pretty simple UI and assure results. After all, having more than 50 requests each time a visitor loads the page is not a good thing when it comes to speed.

Why you need perfmatters?

Most WordPress themes and plugins load quite a few files to make your website looks and its functionality. The CSS (style) & JavaScript (scripts) files, add weight to your page, that slows down the loading of your website.

You can get all the crazy web performance hacks with simple and easy to use the plugin. It is different from the other plugins who build the plugin to make money. But this plugin is built to solve the problem first.

Live Now valid till, Dec. 1st 30% off!

Perfmatters Black Friday Pricing 30% Discount

  • Single Site – Personal – $17.46
  • 3 Site – Business – $54.95
  • Unlimited Sites License – $124.95

Website Speed Test with & Without Perfmatters plugin


Features of Perfmatters Black Friday Deal

Easy Dashboard

It has a minimal and easy to use dashboard with a single click toggles. There is no need for any technical knowledge to use Perfmatters.

Increases Your Blog Speed

It helps to speedup your website functionality by reducing HTTP requests, code, minimizing back-end load and striping out.

Lightweight Coded

It has clean code lightweight under 50 kb and no JavaScript on the front-end. The plugin helps to speed up your site by disabling things that might not be used for your website.


The technical support is provided by the developers. The people providing the support have 14 years of work experience in working WordPress. If you find any queries you can ask for queries by contacting the Perfmatters plugin support.

No More Manual Optimizations

The Perfmatters is created with keeping simplicity in mind. Every website owner wants to provide an easy way optimization for its website. There is no messing around with the code or your functions.php.file.

Performance optimization is not complicated so that everything can be enabled and disabled with a single click. The main plugin helps to speed up your site by disabling things that might not be used on your site.

By disabling it, the script no longer loads and as a result, if it reduces your overall number of HTTP requests and your page size. It is a great optimization to limit your post revisions.

One-click toggle setting

Everything is a one-click toggle. There is a handy tool-tip next to each one that links to our knowledge-base article on the optimization. You can simply learn more, do about what it does and why you might want to disable/ enable.

Disable Unwanted Scripts & Speedup WordPress Blog


Disable emojis and embeds

WordPress loads a script on every page if you are not using that emojis you can disable them. It enables the pretty previews of YouTube Videos, tweets, embeds etc. If you don’t care about them you can simply disable the script.

Remove Query string to increase the speed

The Query string can hinder some CDN’s ability to cache your scripts and style. If you remove them you will get some speed improvements.

Disable XML-RPC

You all need if you are using other apps to access your WordPress, using some plugins such as Jetpack. If you are not using these you can disable XML-RPC for better performance.

Remove jQuery Migrate in WordPress

Most up-to-date front-end code and plugins do not require jquery-migrate.min.js. It simply adds unnecessary load to your website.

Hide WP Version

It helps to prevent attackers knowing your WP version to find an exploit.

Remove wlwmanifest Link

Wlwmanifest is added to your blog header and used for Window Live Writer. It is another way to externally update your blog posts.

Enable Lazy Loading Images & Videos

Lazy Loading images and videos
Perfmatters Black Friday

Remove RSD Link

It is another external way to manage your website. If you update your site from within your WP dashboard you don’t need this.

Disable RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow you to use an RSS ready to be notified of new content.

Remove Dash-icons

Dashicons is the official icon font of WordPress admin as of 3.8. Some themes and developers utilize it on the front-end of their website. You can simply remove the Dashicons by clicking into the setting and scroll down.

Disable Self-Ping backs

The Ping-back is a by default comment that is created in order to use the another blog links. A self-Pingback is created when you link to an article within your own blog. Ping-backs are not important they are spam and waste your resources.

Database Cleaner

Optimize and clean up your WordPress database

Disable WordPress Heartbeat API

The Heartbeat API uses AJAX calls via web-browser. It is great and can cause high CPU usage and a crazy amount of PHP calls.

Disable and limit post revision

When you are working on posts and pages WordPress automatically saves revisions. These can start to add up pretty quick. There is no limit to save the revisions you can save over 1000 revisions per page.

Remove REST API links

The WordPress REST API ensures the CMS compatible with different web properties without considering the programming language they are written in.

Change Auto save interval

By default WordPress by default automatically save a draft in 60 seconds. There may be the chances you might want to change it. You can reduce it in order doesn’t lose anything.

Multi-site Support

Perfmatters supports WordPress multisite setups. It helps the user to easily push the Perfmatters plugin to your client’s sub-sites. You need to install the Perfmatters Black Friday Sale plugin and activate it.

Disable Woo Commerce Scripts

You only require to run certain scripts on the product, checkout pages and cart. Perfmatters makes it easy to disable scripts, styles, widgets, etc. More you load them when they are required.

Disable specific elements of WooCommerce

Easy CDN Integration

CDN options that allow you to rewrite your site URLs with your CDN URLs.


Run Google analytics locally

If you want to run the Analytics script on your own server, instead of from Google, this can provide great performance benefits.


This feature must be used carefully, otherwise you may get inaccurate analytics data. This is 100% Compatible with MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin.

DNS prefetching

DNS prefetching allows you to resolve the domain names as you click on a link, it helps to turn to improve performance.

Preload resources


It allows the browser to set up early connections before an HTTP request, eliminating round-trip latency and saving the time for users.

Disable scripts per page/post

It is one of the best features of the Perfmatters plugin. That gives a great control over every page, every script and style-sheet that your website loads. You have the full control over which files you serve up to your users.

perfmatters plugin Scripts Manager

The Prefmatters plugin allows you to disable scripts on a per page/post basis. It helps to increase the speed on your WordPress site, especially your homepage.

Perfmatters Black Friday Discount Coupons

  • Single Site – Personal – $17.46
  • 3 Site – Business – $54.95
  • Unlimited Sites License – $124.95

Get the #1 Web Performance Plugin for WordPress

Perfmatters Black Friday sale is a great plugin that reduces page sizes and a total number of HTTP requests. By reducing the page sizes and the total number of HTTP requests and optimizes your website further by disabling certain features.

With the use of certain features like the script manager, you can load code more efficiently. If you are running blog sites you can see the benefits of using it.

Generally, the blog sites don’t have heavy loaded functional that e-Commerce sites have. The people who are using WooCommerce are known for increasing page requests with additional scripts and styling.

Simply we can say it is the best plugin on the market for doing this job and for the price. Every website owner should not miss the benefit of it.

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