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Amazon Affiliate for WordPress BlackFriday CyberMonday Deal – Earning money from your blog, online business or affiliate marketing is a great option. It is a great way to earn money as compared to recommending products and services you know your customers can be benefited from. You can earn a commission on your recommendations.

Running your Wordpress site with an e-commerce plugin or solution. WP Affiliate manager helps you manage the affiliate marketing program to drive traffic in store as well as boost sales.

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress is a premium plugin that helps affiliates to earn, the more revenue in the Amazon.com marketplace. Get it Now & Increase the value of your affiliate page and your earned commissions!

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress BlackFriday CyberMonday deal

  • 40% Off on all new licenses
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  • Valid until November 27, at 11:59 pm

Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

Getaawp Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

What is the need of Getaawp plugin?

Up-to-date information

Affiliate links will be generated, products, prices and offers refreshed automatically from Amazon. You don’t need to take care about this information.


The functionality and output will be adjusted via plugin setting or individual by enhancing the shortcodes.

Customizable design

Select between the different designs, add custom styles or create new templates so that the layout of your website.

No theme dependency

You can use this plugin with any theme due to its flexible shortcodes and templates. There is no need for a specific theme.

Responsive and mobile friendly

The plugin is designed to be used on the desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Prepared Templates

The plugin is featured with a variety of well-crafted templates such as horizontal and vertical boxes, lists and tables.

Text Links

The text links you can issue a specific product name inside your content. The corresponding link and output name will generate automatically. You can overwrite the product name manually.

New releases

When it comes to attracting a visitor about your product out of a specific product group. Same as the bestseller lists, you have the ability to set the number ranking of the products themselves.

Creative and ads for your affiliates

You can add banners or texts link ads as you like. Along with you can easily activate or deactivate creative as required.

New release list

You can attract the attention towards the new products within a specific product group.


Be sure that prepared widgets show the products inside your sidebar.

Sorting and Filtering

Using AAWP you can sort and filter generated lists by product title, price etc.

Features of Amazon Affiliate Plugin Black Friday Sale

Text Links

It is one of the simplest methods to install Affiliate-Links into the body text, via Amazon affiliate plugin. You can choose the respective link which you want to link to an Amazon product. It is the easiest way to integrate product-related links directly to your content.

Product box

A product box presents your Amazon products in a visually appealing method to your site. In order to this, the product box usually contains the product image, its description, price and button that is intended to encourage its purchase.

Single (or multiple) product boxes Demo

List of bestseller

The bestseller is a list of the product based on a search term or product group that sells best on Amazon. You are not just presenting the visitors to your site a vivid view of popular products.

Bestseller (lists) Demo

Comparison table

Compare the multiple products with each other through a comparison table with a handy table builder. This is a great feature that allows a visitor to read the opportunity to get a simple comparison.

GetAAWP Comparison Tables

The comparison of the products is given on the basis of features, key features, customer reviews, price etc.


It is a great opportunity to place a product box or list in the sidebar of your WordPress theme. It is the way to promote Amazon products on and additional space on your website.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin BlackFriday CyberMonday

It is a polished and well-made plugin for amazon affiliates which is easy to configure with basic customization options. Its automatic updates, product data within the product boxes, widgets, tables and lists. It is important for a user as well as site operator.

If you like the features of this plugin you can start it within no time. The plugin relies on the manually searching for the products on Amazon, finding appropriate shortcode and add to your post or page.

If you really want to cut down the when adding Amazon product to your WP blog/website then search for a plugin/theme that makes possible to insert the links from Amazon right from the WordPress site dashboard.

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