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LifeTime Astra Toolkit Black Friday Deal 2023 – In this post check out all the latest updated Brainstorm Force Products [WP Astra, Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio] and Discount Coupons. Share this with your friends.

Lifetime Astra Toolkit Black Friday 2024

Astra Yearly Essential Toolkit

  • 1 Website – $69 Normally 99 (Save 30% )
  • 10 Website – $109 Normally $159 (Save 31% )
  • 100 Website – $139 Normally $199 (Save 30% )

Astra Yearly Business Toolkit

  • 1 Website – $119 Normally $199 (Save 40% )
  • 10 Website – $149 Normally $229 (Save 35% )
  • 100 Website – $169 Normally $269 (Save 37% )

Lifetime Essential Toolkit

  • 1 Website – $359 Normally $599 (Save 40% )
  • 10 Website – $539 Normally $899 (Save 40% )
  • 100 Website – $599 Normally $999 (Save 40% )

Lifetime Business Toolkit

  • 1 Website – $499 Normally $999 (Save 50% )
  • 10 Website – $599 Normally $1199 (Save 50% )
  • 100 Website – $699 Normally $1399 (Save 50% )

Astra Theme (2,369,964+ Active Installs)

WPAstra Fast WordPress Theme
Astra Theme Lifetime Deal 2024

Regarded as the fastest WordPress theme available in the market, the Astra theme is highly customizable and easy to use. Perhaps, the best thing about Astra is that it is very SEO friendly, thus it makes your life much easier.

The Astra theme has been designed keeping the convenience of the users in my mind. Hence, it has the ability to work effectively with different page builders. And it offers you with several options which make it possible to design your site perfectly even without the knowledge of HTML coding.

Above all, the theme has a very small size and it delivers various designs to meet your different needs.

Astra Theme Features

WP Astra Pro

The WP Astra Pro is a highly efficient plugin which has been created solely to enhance the outlook and working on the Astra theme. The plugin brings it with a plethora of interesting features as well as functionalities which instantly boost the performance of the free WP Astra theme[Download Now].

As mentioned above, the WP Astra Pro plugin undoubtedly extends the Astra theme by adding more features. It provides you with the ability to create transparent headers which promise your website to stand out amongst others.

Furthermore, the plugin also offers you the ability to choose appealing typography and color scheme for your website; create custom layouts as well as sticky headers.

You also get the ability to gain complete control over the various WooCommerce templates thus customizing your online store as per the requirements. Lastly, the Astra Pro plugin also offers different blog layouts to make your blog attractive along with several other interesting features.

In short, the WP Astra Pro allows you to gain advantage and establish your website promptly on the online platform without much ado.

WP Astra Membership Plans

The WP Astra Astra Membership Toolkit is an innovative package that provides you with all the necessary tools that you will require for your website to function amazingly. The idea behind Astra membership was to create a package that would deliver all the necessary plugins and tools that can be used to create a creative website without much hassle.

The Toolkit package comes with different plugins such as Astra Pro which you already know can be very helpful in giving your website the desired outlook as well as efficiency. You will also get Convert Pro plugin to increase the number of conversions in your website using a different call to action tactics.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate add-ons for Elementor, WP Portfolio, All in one Schema Pro and Ready-made full website templates are few other plugins that you will be getting with the Membership Package.

All of these plugins will help you to build an appealing website which will be able to draw large traffics in order to enhance your online presence. Most importantly, you get all of these at just a fixed affordable price instead of paying for individual packages for the plug-ins.

Check Out WordPress Themes and Plugins with a Lifetime Licenses.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder
Christmas Offer on Astra Bundle lifetime

The ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder is a highly innovative pack of add-ons for the Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin that makes the task of website building very easy. It comes with more than 300+ page as well as section templates along with 60+ unique modules with advanced features. Furthermore, the drag and drop interface makes it easy for you to create the best website without any trouble.

Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Features

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Features
  • Comes with several custom modules like advanced posts grid, modal pop-up, row separator and many more to give your website the desired look.
  • You will be able to download professionally designed page templates from the Template cloud directly to speed up the process of website building.
  • The section and row templates are readily available which in turn help you to build pages at a much faster pace.
  • It has a small size thus it does not make your website bulky.
  • Supports and work well with all editions of Beaver Builder.
  • Regular updates help to keep the add-ons relevant and efficient
  • You will also receive dedicated support from our team to help you out with any problem.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro Black Friday & Cyber Monday
Get an Astra Bundle lifetime Christmas & New Year deal today

Convert Pro is an intelligent lead generation plugin that makes use of smart tactics and advanced technology to increase the rate of conversions for your website.

With the help of drag and drop editor, it becomes easy to create an alluring call to action like info bars, exit pop-ups, opt-in forms and several others to help you to create high conversions for your website.

Convert Pro Features

The drag and drop editor of Convert Pro makes it easy to create appealing opt-in forms instantly and it is completely mobile friendly. Being completely optimized for speed, it ensures fast loading of the pop-ups and forms.

The thing that makes this plugin very intriguing is that it helps to target the audience with right messages as per their behavior to increase the rate of conversions.

Moreover, it provides you with complete freedom to choose the best design for the call to actions. While it makes A/B split testing really easy for you, Convert Pro also persuades audiences to spend more time on your website by displaying catchy messages as they prepare to leave.

Most importantly, you get the ability to create multi-step pop-ups for creating more appeal among the visitors. Since it is highly responsive and completely mobile-friendly, the plugin assures you about generating leads from multiple platforms.

Furthermore, it uses advanced targeting tactics to display right messages at the right time for the right audiences. Lastly, Convert Pro also allows you to create on click pop-ups to appear every time the audience clicks on something on your web page.

All In One Schema Pro

wpschema pro plugin

With the All in one Schema Pro, schema markup of your web pages no longer remains a tiring task. The plugin allows you to set markup of hundreds or thousands of pages within a matter of minutes.

All you need to do is to click and select to initiate the schema markup as the rest will automatically be taken care of by this intuitive plugin.

Every configuration you select will be instantaneously applied to all the pages or posts selected without any delay.

All In One Schema Pro Schema Types

All In One Schema Pro Schema Types

All-in-one schema pro Features

WordPress Schema Plugin Add Schema Markup

One of the best features of the All-in-one Schema Pro plugin is that it adds extra information like reviews, time or ratings which will automatically boost the allure of your snippets thereby helping them to distinguish themselves from others. The smart and clean code of Schema Pro allows it to meet all the guidelines of Google as per their latest algorithm updates.

With Schema Pro, you will be able to trace all the required fields and add custom values to them if needed. As a result, it gives you complete freedom to customize the fields without any trouble. Furthermore, Schema Pro allows you to extend the markup by adding extra fields in accordance with the information that you wish to display.

Most importantly, it keeps up with the latest technologies as well as trends in the market by using JSON-LD. The plugin comes with a plethora of Schema types which allows you to use the markup in all types of posts and pages.

Above all, it displays positive information like votes or ratings in the snippet which in turn motivates people to visit your web page.

WP Portfolio

WP PORTFOLIO Black Friday 2018
Get Astra Bundle Christmas & New Year lifetime discounts

A simple way to display your portfolio as well as the teasers of your website, the WP Portfolio makes it easy for you to present your creativity and work in front of your audience in a much smarter and appealing way. With a lot of options to choose from, this plugin allows you to display your skills in a much-polished way.

The best thing about WP Portfolio is that it is completely compatible with different page builders. Plus, it provides you with real-time previews thus making it easy to use solutions within your favorite environment. Above all, the user-friendly and innovative interface of this plugin helps you to use it without having to face any hurdle.

WP Portfolio also offers you with easily customizable and easily understandable shortcodes that grant you with complete freedom over what you choose to display in your portfolio.

Lastly, you will be able to display custom types of posts containing relevant images, audios and videos apart from just website templates in your portfolio with the help of this plug-in.

WP Portfolio Features

WP Portfolio - The Best WordPress Portfolio Plugin Features

WP Portfolio makes it very easy to create an appealing portfolio for your website. All you need to do is to click to import magnificent dummy websites to display as your own in your portfolio. Plus, it allows you to add custom post types containing images as well as audios and videos for displaying in the portfolio.

Moreover, WP Portfolio is completely compatible with various website builders thereby allowing you to use the solution in a known environment easily. It also comes with real-time previews which help you to decide on the best plugins.

The user-friendly interface and easy integrations make it easy to work with the WP Portfolio plugin. And it allows you to customize short-codes by editing them to display just the thing you want in the portfolio. The best thing about it is that it comes with unlimited layouts, integrated demos and an intuitive item search system.

Plus, it makes it easy to add portfolios without hampering the performance of the website. The infinite scroll features grant you the option to load numerous products as a user scrolls. Lastly, products can be easily categorized and sorted with this plug-in thus it helps your users to easily find them.

Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor

ultimate addons for elementor

The Ultimate add-ons for Elementor help in boosting the features as well as the functionalities of the Elementor page builder greatly. It comes with unique designs as well as smart widgets to make the task of website building really easy.

The Ultimate add-ons for Elementor come with an ever-expanding library of creative widgets that helps in breathing life to all your design ideas. Above all, it comes with an intelligent interface that makes the job much easier for you.

You Need Elementor -> Check Elementor Pro Discount Coupon + Review

Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor Features

  • An easy interface and a wide range of innovative widgets help to bring your design ideas to life.
  • Provides you with a highly responsive design for your website.
  • Helps you to create an appealing online store since it is completely compatible with WooCommerce.
  • The websites created with this plugin is translation ready and responsive.
  • You will get world class support with the help of this plugin.

Lifetime Astra Bundle Black Friday Deal Pricings


  • 1 Website – $359 Normally $599 (Save 40% )
  • 10 Website – $539 Normally $899 (Save 40% )
  • 100 Website – $599 Normally $999 (Save 40% )
  • All Astra Pro Features
  • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
  • 145+ Elementor – Premium Starter Templates
  • Spectra Pro – Page Builder
  • 100+ Spectra – Premium Starter Templates
  • Priority Support

Astra Growth Bundle lifetime deal $1249 $??

  • SureFeedback – Standard (Lifetime)
  • SureWriter – Pro (Lifetime)
  • BONUS ($200 value):
  • SureTriggers Pro (6 Months)
  • CartFlows Starter (6 Months)
  • ZipWP Pro (3 Months)
  • SkillJet Academy Membership

BrainStormForce Astra Membership Plans Black Friday Sale

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