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ShortPixel Image Optimization Plugin – The speed of your website is very important. A website with good loading speed helps you to reduce the bounce rate and keeps your visitors interested in your website.

One of the best ways to reduce the speed of a website is by compressing the size of the images.

The images tend to increase the size of your website and make it bulk. Thus, it increases the loading speed. As a result, compressing the size of the images in your website is very important.

While it takes a lot of effort in compressing the size of images in other content management systems, if you have a WordPress website, the same can be achieved with the help of compression plugins.

However, it is not easy to choose the best plugin for compressing images since there are so many available in the WordPress plugin directory.

Well, there is nothing to worry about since we have selected the best one for you. The ShortPixel Pro allows you to compress the images with utmost accuracy thereby helping you to boost the speed of your website.

Interested in knowing more about this plugin? Go through our ShortPixel Pro review and you will be able to understand how this plugin helps.

ShortPixel Best way to compress your images


ShortPixel is an excellent solution that you can avail to compress the size of your web pages. This image compression tool offers excellent features and tools that make it easy to compress the size thereby improving the loading speed.

The compression algorithm that ShortPixel pro uses are highly advanced thus it is very efficient. It automatically compresses your images while giving you the opportunity to improve your web content completely.

Furthermore, it is very easy to install and use. So, you will not have to worry about anything at all while using this plugin.

Features of Short Pixel Pro


ShortPixel pro provides you with a multitude of interesting features. But it is not easy for us to list them all within the scope of our ShortPixel Pro review.

So, we have selected the best ones for you to check out and understand the advantages that the plugin offers. Have a look:

Supports multiple formats

The best thing about the ShortPixel Pro plugin is that it supports multiplayer formats. Plus, the plugin can convert images from PNG to JPG or JPEG formats.

The PNG images are much bulkier in size than the JPG and JPEG images. So, if they are not compressed and converted in size then it will reduce the speed of your website.

ShortPixel Pro efficiently converts the format efficiently apart from compressing the size. Furthermore, it also supports WebP image format.

The WebP images are also much smaller in size compared to other image formats. The ShortPixel Pro plugin can also convert the images to WebP formats as per the requirement thereby increasing the speed of your website gradually.

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF, WebP

Availability of Lossless, Lossy and Glossy algorithms

Of course, the ShortPixel Pro plugin provides you with lossy, lossless and glossy algorithms. The glossy algorithm offers you the best compression rate of all. Thus, it will shrink your image considerably with over 99% accuracy.

Plus, the compression is so efficient that you will not be able to tell the difference between the original and the compressed one. The glossy algorithm is best for compressing high-quality images. The glossy algorithm reduces the size but keeps the resolution high.

The lossless algorithm is used in rare cases where minimal compression is required. It compresses the images minimally and preserves its original resolution. The ShortPixel Pro plugin makes use of all three algorithms as per the requirement thus it makes sure that all the images are compressed efficiently.

LOSSY vs GLOSSY vs LOSSLESS Compression – Which Is Best?


Easy to use

One of the most interesting points that need to be added to our ShortPixel review is the fact that the plugin is very easy to use. Not every one of us has excellent technical knowledge.

Hence, it can be very problematic to compress the images with a complicated plugin that requires technical expertise.

The ShortPixel Pro helps you to compress or resize the images without the requirement of any prior technical knowledge.

So, you will not have any problem in reducing the image size since all it takes is a click to compress the images.

Easy Compression Using ShortPixel WordPress Plugin


Offers 90% compression rate

As stated earlier, the ShortPixel Pro plugin offers efficient compression of the images. Irrespective of the format of the image in your website, you will be able to compress the images with almost 90 percent efficiency. Thus, you will be able to compress the images without any hassle.

The ShortPixel Pro makes sure that the images are compressed thoroughly. As a matter of fact, it also reduces the size of the website due to efficient compression. So, it increases the speed too.

One Click Backup and restore

It is undoubtedly an excellent feature that this plugin offers. The plugin efficiently keeps a backup of all the images that are on your website. Backing up your images is very important. The risks of facing a server crash or any other such problems are always when you have a website.

Thus, the best policy is always to keep a proper backup of the images on your website so that everything can be restored if you face any crucial problem.

Moreover, the ShortPixel Pro plugin makes it very easy to restore the images that have been backed up. All it takes is just one click to backup images as well as restore the original images. Hence, you will not have to face any trouble.

Detailed statistics

The ShortPixel Pro plugin also provides you with a detailed statistics of everything that you need to know.

With this plugin, you will be able to track the images that this plugin has processed, an average rate of compression, the credits that are remaining, disk space that has been saved, a bandwidth that has been saved in the dashboard of your website and so on.

As a result, you will always have detailed insight on all the processes that are going on and all the actions that you need to take when you are using the ShortPixel Pro plugin.

Option to delete or keep EXIF data

EXIF data can be very problematic when it comes to optimizing your website for the SEO. As a matter of fact, this data when not required can make your images bulkier which in return can increase the size of your website.

Thus, it will reduce the speed which can have a profound effect on your search engine rankings. Well, there is nothing to worry about if you are using the ShortPixel Pro plugin.

The ShortPixel Pro plugin offers you with the option to keep as well as to remove the EXIF data. So, you will be able to easy to remove the EXIF data and keep your website optimized if it is not in use.


ShortPixel WordPress Plugin Dashboard Settings

General Settings

ShortPixel General Settings

Advanced Settings

ShortPixel Advanced Settings

Compression stats

ShortPixel Settings Optimization Stats


ShortPixel AppSumo Sale

Well, that’s all for our ShortPixel Image Optimization Tool. The size of your website matters greatly when it comes to increase the speed of your website and optimize it for the SEO.

The website size can only be reduced efficiently if your images are compressed. So, you will always require a compression plugin.

The ShortPixel Pro Plugin is very easy to use and also efficient in action. It will help you to achieve your goal without any problem.

Go through our review once again and choose the ShortPixel Pro Plugin for your website to get it optimized.

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