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Elegant ThemesChristmas and New Year Sale – The design of your website is highly crucial when it comes to making an appeal amongst your customers. While it is true that you can also design your website manually but it takes a great deal of knowledge in coding to successfully design your website.

However, if you have a WordPress website, then the easiest way to efficiently design your website is to choose the perfect theme for your website. However, if you are looking for the most attractive WordPress themes then you need to opt for the Elegant Themes package.

Elegant Themes Christmas and New Year Sale (Upto 20% discount)

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Elegant Themes Black Friday Sale
Elegant Themes Christmas and New Year Sale

Started their journey about eight years ago, Elegant Themes have grown to become a well-established name in the WordPress theme industry.

Offering themes and various plugins, Elegant Themes has become an unstoppable force in the WordPress industry. Interested in knowing more about the Elegant Themes? Well, go through our Elegant Themes Christmas and New Year Review to know more.

Features of Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes provide its users with a myriad of features. Interested to know them? Down below in the next part of our Elegant Themes Review, we have enlisted the most important features of the Elegant Themes package. Scroll down to check them out:

Extraordinary Support

This is one of the most interesting features that Elegant Themes offer. Even when you are using themes to design your website or taking help of a web builder plugin to build pages, it is natural to encounter a problem.

The Elegant Themes have a stellar support team that always works hard to solve all the problems that their clients face. So, irrespective of any problem you face while using any Elegant Themes product, you will be able to get the perfect solution from the support team.

Easy Navigation

When you create a website, you obviously do not show every page on the home page of your website. There some pages that you might have built for the SEO purpose are always kept aside from the eyes of your visitors.

But how will you find these pages if they are not shown on your website? Well, the ePanel that Elegant Themes offers help you to easily locate all the pages that you have for your website without any trouble.

Fast loading themes

Every theme that Elegant Themes offers has been designed with the convenience of the users in mind. Loading speed is one of the most important things that keeps your audiences interested on your website and also boosts your SEO.

The themes from Elegant Themes have been optimized for the speed. The themes have light coding. Thus, they always load fast without any delay.

Inbuilt SEO options

The Elegant themes have also been optimized for the SEO. The coding of the themes has been carefully done for the SEO such that you get good rankings in search engine results.

So, if you are using elegant themes you will not have to worry about SEO.

What does Elegant Themes Christmas package offer?

As stated before, Elegant Themes offer DIVI Popular WordPress theme as well as five plugins for providing better choice options. Thus, it is really impossible for us to list them all in our Elegant Themes Review. So, we have listed popular wordpress themes, Have a look down below to understand:

Divi Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Divi WordPress Theme By ElegantThemes

It can be said that Divi is the flagship theme of Elegant Themes. The best thing about Divi website is that it allows you to create just about any website. Whether you want to create a blog or an e-commerce store and about anything else, you can design your website just the way you want with the help of Divi theme.

Divi is highly versatile and provides your website with a responsive design. The theme is also ideal for new website owners who are not quite adept at coding. Next, it allows you to build your website with a simple drag and drop feature without having to write a single line of coding.

Plus, the theme offers excellent pre-built templates that you can use to give your WordPress website the perfect look. Irrespective of how experienced you are at designing, Divi makes it easy for you to design your website without any hassle.

Lastly, the theme also comes with Divi Leads that helps you to create variations of your website design and content to increase the rate of lead generation to the maximum level.

Extra WordPress Theme

It is another great theme that Elegant Themes offers you with. Released after the Divi theme, the Extra WordPress theme has been specifically designed for blogs, websites rich in content and online magazines.

Extra Theme by Elegant themes

While it is true that Extra WordPress theme has inherited several features that Divi offers, it has been developed with the bloggers in mind. The theme has been blessed with a default homepage layout.

This layout makes it easy for you to design your websites like an online magazine or news website. The most interesting thing about this layout is that it allows you to post content in a highly appealing grid format.

Extra Theme Drag & Drop Magazine wordpress theme features

Plus, you will be able to add mini sliders, carousels, custom widgets, stylish tabs and many more to provide a preview of your articles.

The Extra theme also has image focused theme. This theme helps you to make your website appealing to your customers. Furthermore, the Extra Theme is also compatible with the Woocommerce plugin.

As a result, you will be able to use this theme to design a Woocommerce shop for yourself.

Divi Inbuilt Wordpress Page Builder

The Divi Builder-Drag and Drop Page Builder

The Divi Builder Plugin is one of the best page builder plugin available in the market. Being a standalone plugin, the Divi builder plugin can be used with any theme. You can use the Divi builder plugin to design the pages of your website.

The plugin provides you with several pre-built layouts that you can use to give your pages the perfect design. This page builder plugin also offers you with almost 46 content modules. You can add these in your pages to give them an appealing outlook.

Divi Builder has 46 Content Modules

Further, the Divi builder plugin is boon as it has a drag and drop interface. So, you will not have to do a single line of coding to design your pages. All you need to do is to choose the feature you like and drag and drop to add them to your page.

There are several other exciting features that the Divi Builder plugin offers. It allows you to copy and paste within the builder apart from providing you with the ability to undo or redo the changes.


Moreover, you will be able to duplicate any page element within a moment. Finally, the builder also allows you to add custom CSS to your website.


Bloom – Best Email Optin Lead generation Plugin

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to connect with your customers or web audience. Whether you are launching a product or publishing a new content on your website, sending an email to your online audience helps you to inform them about the upcoming event efficiently.

bloom logo

But in order to do so, you will need to have a proper email list containing the email address of your customers or audience. However, it is not easy to grow an email list without a proper email optin form. That’s why, you need to look out for the Bloom Email Optin.

The Bloom Email Optin form provides appealing ways to encourage your audience to sign-up with the email addresses to receive emails from your website.

The Bloom Email Optin form plugin provides you with several form options. From fly-ins, pop-ups to widgets, you will be able to choose the perfect form style for your website.

Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin Placements

You will be able to customize the forms. Plus, the plugin makes it easy for you to set triggers for displaying the optin form. The plugin also offers you split testing feature which makes it easy for you to understand the most appealing form style for your website without any hassle.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

Utilizing the social media is essential when it comes to increasing the lead generation for your website. The Monarch Social Sharing Plugin has been created to help you in this context.


As the name suggests, the Monarch Social Sharing has been designed in a way to increase the rate of sharing of your content in social media.

After the activation of the plugin, you will be able to add social sharing buttons on your website in different places including photos and videos. Your audience will be easily able to share the content by clicking on the specific button.

Lifetime Elegant Themes Christmas and New Year Sale

Well, that’s all for our Elegant Themes Divi Christmas and New Year Sale Review. Elegant Themes is a popular name amongst the WordPress users’ cause of its amazing features. It offers high-quality themes and plugins.

Plus, it comes with an easy to use interface as well as support which makes it easy to use. So, start using the Elegant Themes now and make sure that your website remains appealing to your audience always.

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