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Today WPX hosting has become one of the quickest WordPress hosting providers, and many famous online bloggers  Recommend this hosting.

It is a great WordPress Hosting, You don’t need any non-technical and non-coders  to manage you blog on this hosting  its simple as well as secure hosting platform.

Below, you will know their prominent feature that justifies the reasons to go for it, its pros, cons, our personal experience using it, etc.

WPX Hosting Review 2017

Why you need to host your WordPress website on WPX hosting:

If you are on budget conscious and cannot afford to pay higher than $5 to $10 for every month for the purpose of hosting, I would recommend to go for Shared hosting Plans, sign up for its basic level WordPress hosting plan.

Usually Shared Hosting Plan reaches as little as $4.89 per month and contains everything you require for the purpose of setup and to maintain a new WordPress website. But afterward, when your blog traffic grows, you must switch to an improved hosting solution, and at this point, we recommend WPX hosting where it becomes useful.

In this regards, below you will find prominent features of WPX hosting that make you answer the question of why to go for it.


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Prominent features that justifies the reasons to go for WPX Hosting Black Friday Offer:


In the present world, almost everything is speeding up regularly, so I suggest that you must choose a fast service whichever you wanted. I think optimizing your WordPress website regarding speed is an important process, though, in case you opted for the wrong hosting, it would not function as efficiently as it should.

WPX Hosting is the only hosting service that hosts on servers through High Speed SSD, making it an enormous difference compared to its competitors.

Moreover, WPX Hosting functions with PHP 7.0 which is a vast improvement to the WordPress platform, particularly in matters of performance.

There is one important thing, I suggest you to keep in mind is that not every WordPress plugins, as well as themes, function with PHP 7.0, but this hosting do function with PHP 7.0, hence speeding up the operation.


When the question arises about security features, I rarely know any other web hosting company that offers as much as what WPX is hosting offers. I found that its security features get delivered at no extra cost. Hence you can avail WPX hosting reasonably.

By default, every site is secured by an application firewall however, this is very simple security that WPX offered by most of the WordPress hosts.

Through any WPX hosting plan, there are Daily Backups offer too, along with Free DDoS protection, Daily Malware Scans, and Unlimited SSL Certificates, all these for FREE. The daily malware scans and the daily backups are all unified and executes in the background automatically.

Now, I want to discuss something about the unlimited SSL’s and the DDoS protection in regards of WPX hosting. The DDoS protection of this hosting originates from Incapsula, and this would usually cost you extra up to $299 for every website regarding all the advantages that comes along with it.

The special protection is geared to survive large DDoS attacks, and this would charge you absolutely nothing moreover to permit on your website through WPX hosting.


Till now, I have tried many web hosting companies, and I want to mention that WPX hosting is included in the top 1 place when the matter comes to reliability.

It is a fact that the servers of WPX hosting situated at the world’s major data center at Chicago – 350 E. Cermak which spreads at approximately 1.1 million square feet.

Since last years, my money making websites has hosted under WPX hosting, and by the time I have not observed even a second of downtime, low performance, hence I can say that it has very high reliability.

I know that there are many problems like site security issues, speed issues, random down times and exceedingly slow support hotlines that found with many web hosting companies, but such matters nowhere found with WPX hosting.

Extremely fast support times

As per my consideration, the hallmark of any host is the team working on it and their skills to handle complex server environments. In this regards, WPX hosting surpasses the other hosting with less than 20 minute response times by email each time.

Though, the latest inclusion of live chat, it is found that the speed of a reply with this hosting is currently less than 2 minutes.

I feel that there is nothing more annoying than web hosts possessing slow response times that make it incompetent to work. Such kind of issues, you will not face while you are hosting your website with WPX hosting.

FREE SSL Certificates

Out of all its benefits, the exceptional one that WPX Hosting is achieving at present is there Easy One Click SSL Activation’s, WPX offers you a Google-Sponsored SSL certificate on a Free basis.

Though, you may find it surprising but this time you have read that correctly that SSL certification is for free.

I bet that after using, you are going to know that this is an entirely incredible value offering if you are planning to operate an e-commerce store anytime in the future.

If in case you have no such plans of doing that, then you can be confident it lets you look extremely professional and creates your business appear a lot bigger as compared to what it is present.

Free Domain + Privacy Registration

I would say at press time, WPX hosting has carried out an additional step and that is you will provide with a Free Domain & Who-Is privacy-registration.

You need to take a moment to redirect on that as anybody at any given instant can be able to find Who-Is information on a public domain name.

Whenever you do so, I suggest you will get the name, address, phone number, and all necessary information regarding the person who has already registered the domain name.

You may find it a joke, but this is the reality as this is public information that you can retrieve at any point of time by simply searching the Who-is information.

But WPX hosting does is quite simple, it is just blocking this. Whenever somebody searches the new domain name of yours, they will not get any information about yours or your business.

In this case, they will just see generic information regarding the registration company, and nothing more than that. This is because everything will get blocked, and your privacy gets protected, without any costs i.e. free of charge.

Other Noteworthy WPX Hosting Cyber Monday Features:

Here are some of the other features you get with WPX Hosting:

  • Multi site WordPress Installations & Support.
  • No list of Disallowed plugins.
  • Browser file manager server access.
  • 3rd party CDN support such as Cloud Flare, MaxCDN & KeyCDN.
  • Data-center located in Chicago, USA.
  • phpMyAdmin database access.
  • Free Value Added Services worth $$$.

My Experience with using WPX Hosting Black Friday Offer

In my experience of using this hosting over 12 months, I have experienced it at best, ranging from infected sites to unexpected downtime. In this regard, I can say that the support provided by WPX hosting has always been implausible.

Once I faced a few days downtime through this hosting and in return, they offered me $500 value of gifts for the inconvenience I encountered from, ranging from 2 months free hosting, to free SSL as well as all Terry’s services through 1 or 2 months free trial as well.

Presently, I host more than ten sites, and each one of them possesses loading times of less than 1 second. As per my view, this is 97% faster as compared to all the websites present in the world.

Since quite a considerable period I have been using WPX hosting, and one aspect through which I have been greatly impressed is how well it manages high traffic loads.

WPX Hosting Cyber Monday Pros and Cons:

WPX Hosting Pros:
  • 99.95% Stable Uptime Guaranteed.
  • The greatest benefit is SPEED, while it does not possess inbuilt CDN caching still it’s surprisingly fast, particularly when joined with Cloud flare or Other CDN Providers.
  • Super Fast Customer Support.
  • Built-in Free email functionality(IMAP or forwarders).
  • Automatic Daily Free Backups of your site.
  • Highly competitive pricing starting at $24.99/month for Five WordPress installs.
  • 1 Click Easy to Use Dashboard, Simple & Clean.
  • Free site migration if you come from another host.
WPX Hosting Cons:
  • Look Like Little Expensive, But believe you will get awesome High End WordPress Hosting.

WPX Hosting Black Friday Offer

WPXHosting Cyber Monday 2019 service is simply fast, and till date, I have not faced any situation of downtime. Though there are Alternatives available in the market, using WPX hosting is like you get what you pay for it. If you require Fast WordPress, and if you are not in need of 1 click staging, then you can go with WPX Hosting.

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