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WebSite Auditor – Fast Site Audit & Content Analysis Tool

Do you want a Google-friendly content for your website?  Do you know that you can make a complete SEO audit with the help of the website auditor by SEO Powersuite?

Available for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

WebSite Auditor SEO PowerSuite Review

WebSite Auditor - Fast Site Audit & Content Analysis Tool

This splendid tool can change the quality of the website content and help in creating the best modifications for benefiting search engine optimization.

You can use this tool to make major modifications to your sites to become prevalent in the world of websites. This is the main function of the website auditor by SEO Powersuite.

Features of WebSite Auditor Tool Review

SEO Health Check

Using this tool you can check SEO health by using the website auditor. The auditor checks the search engine for flaws amidst the structure and HTML errors.

SEO Health CheckUp

The auditor will check for any technical issues that are making the website lag behind. It instantly spots and fixes the problem.

This kind of problems can undermine the rankings of the website thus the website auditor acts like the health specialist to treat the problem. Some of the problems it takes care of are,

  • The auditor checks the structure of the site and the many tools in it can keep the site organized in a tree-like design. It organizes everything according to the how you want to keep the site.
  • It checks the pages against the dozens of other pages and its factors.
  • The auditor finds and fixes any broken links on the website.
  • It checks the HTTP codes to get rid of page loading glitches.
  • It inspects HTML codes for any warnings and errors.
  • It fixes and rectifies the mistakes such as missed titles and descriptions. Also, The titles which are duplicated or too long are also checked by the auditor.
  • It has the control of the internal links structure.

Process Of Indexing & Ranking

You will be able to develop your site’s crawling and indexation functions with the assistance of the website auditor. All the pages will be indexed and ranked and the contents will not be overlooked in the search engine.

The inbuilt robot.txt generator is very convenient to process it will help in indexing and crawling. You can manage Google-friendly sitemaps in XML with the aid of the auditor.

It will also help in creating the sitemaps. The generators are built with tools so it will be convenient to use them. The indexing and ranking will facilitate better recognition and ranking of the site.

Importance Of Choosing Proper Keywords

Improve the pages content with the right keywords and also avoid the act of over stuffing the keywords. The search engine friendly site will never try to spark the penalty of keyword stuffing.  You can learn to keep away from doing keyword stuffing.

The website auditor will recognize the problem and show you how to fix the problem of keywords. The keyword density only makes the site rank high in the search engine platform. They are essential for a site to prosper.

The auditor thoroughly checks the ways to optimize the keywords. This is a constant action of the auditor and is a continual process. You can click on the option where it will show the step by step instructions to optimize the content in the site.

You can calculate the level of keyword density by comparing with top ten websites and it can make you have ideas to improve it if there is scope for improvement.

Observe important social metrics and status of the traffic

You can find the most shareable and visited pages on the site and the networks where your site is in demand. It will show how many times the site was visited through the social networking websites.

Social Metrics and Traffic Reports

Twitter, Facebook, G+ you name it, each and every one of the website’s number of visits will be clearly listed by the auditor.

The traffic from all the pages will be displayed on the screen for you to know which sites have less traffic and which has more. This is a beneficial thing to learn because with this information you will be able to develop the areas where the site is lagging behind.

The traffic from the Google and the entire domain will be put in front of your eyes to analyze and carry on with the improvements.

Create professional audit reports for SEO Clients

Do you want to impress your SEO client? You will be able to do that easily with the help of on-site audit reports. You can create professional white-label reports in HTML and PDF. These reports should be appealing to the visitors who visit the website.

Professional Audit Reports for SEO Clients

The SEO client will later become your permanent client hence put a little effort to impress the SEO clients with your reports. You can create the perfect report by the following techniques.

  • Put up your company logo that will give an identity to your business.
  • Use the colors to enhance the appeal of the reports.
  • Choose the data that is apt for the report and that which is impressionable and informative to the visiting clients.
  • You can post the report in different languages for reach and scope.
  • Save the reports and add a print-out option.
  • Send the reports by mail.
  • You can upload the reports to the website where it will be visible to everybody.
  • White Label Reports.

Ease in the use of website auditor

You can easily manage large amounts of data with the help of website auditor by SEO Powersuite. It is absolutely convenient and easy to use. You will be able to manage the enormous size of the work. The websites flexible settings make it appropriate for handling any type of data.

You will be able to run the site reports on autopilot when you are not near it. You don’t need to sit in front of the computer and work all the time and checking for any changes. The autopilot mode will look after the functions. This feature is really useful for the managers of the site.

You will be able to filter out the data you currently need from the numerous files. There is a search option where you can easily identify and get hold of the data or file you need at the moment. Use the tags to name and categorize the pages. The tags can be useful in differentiating one file from the other.

This feature in the website auditor also makes it a more convenient tool.  You will be able to export all the data to the available formats like SQL, XML, TXT, CSV, HTML etc. If you want to work by proxy then you can certainly do it with the aid of the auditor.

You can be search engine friendly by using the website auditor and you can find loads of data without any interruption. These are some of the pluses of the website auditor.

Pros of using the website auditor

The website auditor is the effective means to create and build your website. You can only gain more by using it. It will point out the glitches and hitches in the site. You will be able to improve on the areas where you need improvement. Your site will develop quickly when you use the tool.

The auditor will take care of the problems you may encounter in the middle. You may learn what the site needs at the moment and what it will need in the future. You can get site traffic by using the apt keywords that will boost up the rankings. This is the convenient method by which you can get large and expand the horizons.

Website Auditor Plans Comparisons

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Website Auditor By SeoPowerSuite Review

So try using it, Use the Website Auditor by SEO Powersuite for making your website great. The tool has helped many site developers and has got good testimonials from its users.

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