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Page Builder Framework Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals – The WordPress themes have changed a lot over the years. Nowadays, people are not much interested in heavy themes rather they look out for fast loading themes that can easily work with any page builder tool.

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If you are looking for such a lightweight WordPress theme then you must obviously checkout the Page Builder Framework WordPress theme. As the name suggests, this theme provides you with the foundation for your website.

Page Builder Framework Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Page Builder Framework WordPress Theme Discount & Review

So, you can pair it with any page builder plugin like Elementor, Divi, Beaver and others to give the proper design to your website. Completely lightweight, this theme provides incredible loading speed amongst all other features.

In fact, it is the fastest WordPress theme that you can choose for your WordPress site. Thus, let us not waste any time and see what this theme offers.

Agency Bundle

Our Agency Bundle includes Ultimate Dashboard PRO, the Premium Add-On for Page Builder Framework & Swift Control PRO.

  • Start – November, 22nd
  • End – November, 30th
  • Discount – 20% off ($198 instead of $248)

Premium Add-On for Page Builder Framework

  • Start – November, 22nd
  • End – November, 30th
  • Discount – up to 30% Off

Features of Page Builder Framework Theme

The Page Builder Framework WP theme provides you with a plethora of features. Here, we are taking a look at the most notable ones to draw a clear picture for you about what this theme offers.

Super Lightweight WordPress Theme

As we have said earlier, this theme is completely light in weight. In fact, the page builder framework theme is below even 40 KB in size on the front end.

Page Builder Framework Theme Speed Test
Credits: wp-pagebuilderframework

As a result, it does not make your website heavy. But how does it help you? Well, lighter the code of your theme, faster the loading speed of your website.

So, with this theme, you will be easily able to ensure lighting fast speed for your website.

Made For WordPress Page Builders

Of course, this is certainly the foremost feature that you must know about this WordPress theme. It will not be wrong to say that this theme is the best page builder theme for WordPress.

In fact, the Page Builder theme had been developed solely by keeping the compatibility with page builders in mind.

Page Builder Theme Supports All Page Builders
Credits: wp-pagebuilderframework

Thus, you can easily use any page building plugin like Elementor, Divi, Beaver builder and several others easily without any issue to give the perfect outlook to your WordPress website.

100% Responsive + SEO Friendly

Certainly, this WordPress theme follows all the latest web standards. In fact, it comes with readiness for

while its code has been written in SEO friendly HTML5. More importantly, the theme is responsive in all devices and it will work with utmost efficiency.

So, you can be completely sure of SEO-friendliness as well as responsiveness with the page builder framework.

Highly Customizable

One of the best things about the Page Builder Framework WordPress theme is the fact that it comes with excellent flexibility as well as endless customisation options.

You will be able to customise the menu, change colours, fonts or styles directly from the WordPress customizer with utmost ease with this product.

So, it becomes very easy to build your website as per your own vision with the utmost ease.

Easy & Advanced WooCommerce Integration

Woocommerce integration is very important if you want to run an online store in WordPress. It allows you to showcase your products or services as well as easily accept payments.

With this theme, it becomes very easy to integrate woocommerce with your WordPress site.

More importantly, this theme also offers different customisation options for woo-commerce which further enables you to run a successful e-commerce business.

100% GDPR Compliant

Obviously, this is perhaps one of the coolest things that the Page Builder Framework WordPress theme offers. Yes, it provides you with complete GDPR compliance.

Therefore, it saves your Google fonts locally and provides excellent performance. Furthermore, it makes sure that your data remains safe and you always remain protected at every instance.

Therefore, it provides high efficiency as well as makes sure that you can thrive without any issue.

Translation & Accessibility Ready

If you are looking forward to panning out to a worldwide audience then it is very important to make your website completely translation ready.

Well, that is very easy to do with this theme. The page builder framework theme is completely compatible with multi-language plugins like Polyang or WPML.

More importantly, it is completely accessible as well as follows all the latest standards. So, it comes completely translation as well as accessibility-ready.

Gutenberg Editor Supported

Of course, the Page Builder Framework theme comes completely compatible with the latest Gutenberg editor released by WordPress.

As a result, it becomes very easy to make changes as well as customise your website efficiently with the help of this editor.

Therefore, the convenience of usage is one of the most important things that this theme ensures above everything else.

Checkout Qubely Advanced WordPress Gutenberg Plugin.

Best Free WooCommerce Ready Theme

Certainly, the Page Builder Framework is an excellent free woocommerce WordPress theme that you can opt for. So, it offers different unique woocommerce features that you can think of. Have a look:

Speed = More Sales – PBF Built for Increasing Conversions

Nobody likes to go through a website that takes ages to load let alone buy something from there. So, fast loading WooCommerce Ready Theme is very important to get more sales as well as conversion.

Well, that is one problem which you will never have to face with this theme.

With its lightweight code and clean as well as the structured look, this theme has been uniquely built to provide high speed while driving your sales and conversion to the maximum.

WooCommerce Product Grid Settings

The layout of the grids displaying your products surely plays an important role in attracting the customers and getting you more sales.

Well, with the Page Builder Framework, you will be able to determine the grid settings on your own while creating a highly appealing layout thereby attracting the customers.

So, you will be able to easily convince your customers to buy without any issue.

Product Quick View & Image Flip

There might be a product in your woocommerce store for which you have more than one picture. Well, you can use all of them and create an appeal amongst them.

Well, Page Builder framework provides you with a quick view and image flip on hover feature. So, when a customer opts for the quick view they will be able to see information and add to cart without loading new page.

While on option for image flip you can show different product images without a page load. So, it will increase your chances of conversion greatly.

WooCommerce Unique Cart Features

With this theme, it becomes very easy to display a plethora of features in your customer’s cart. More importantly, it also provides you with some unique features like summary dropdown, cart popup, cart amount and a lot more features.

More importantly, with the premium add-ons, you will be able to provide AJAX add to cart support to your online customers. So, it becomes very user-friendly and unique.

Distraction Free Checkout Page

The key to generating excellent conversion is to steer clear all the diversions from the way of your customers. Well, you can do that easily with the help of Page Builder Framework.

This best WooCommerce theme for WordPress allows you to easily hide all the distracting elements completely from the sight of your customers by just pressing a button. As a result, they do not get distracted and you end up making the sale.

Page Builder Framework Lifetime License

Sticky Navigation + Transparent Header

Of course, with the premium theme of Page Builder Framework, it becomes very easy to create sticky navigation as well as transparent headers. In fact, you will be able to create fully customisable sticky navigation with entrance animation, custom colours and logos.

Furthermore, you will also be able to set customisable transparent headers for all pages in your website or for page by page basis.

Custom Responsive Breakpoints

Page Builder Framework also allows you to provide pixel perfect design for all devices including mobiles, tablets and PCs.

wp-pagebuilderframework custom-responsive-breakpoints
Credits: wp-pagebuilderframework

Well, it can be easily done by setting custom responsive breakpoints in the theme for different platforms separately. So, it allows you to deliver a flawless experience to your online audience easily.

White Label Supported

Certainly, it comes with complete white label compatibility. Therefore, it allows your own branding by creating a completely white label theme for your website.

You can also white label the add ons to your website with Page Builder Framework premium. Moreover, it also provides multisite compatibility and also allows you to hide the white label settings from your clients.

Therefore, you can create your own brand without any issue.

Advanced Blog Layouts

The advanced blog layouts feature provides you with total control on how you present your blogs to your audience. As a matter of fact, you can opt for a grid or masonry layout.

Otherwise, you can also design the archives as per your own taste without any issue. Plus, you will be able to easily design each archive individually thereby providing you complete control over how your website looks.

Powerful Custom Sections

Custom sections allow you to add and display different contents under different complex display conditions.

With the powerful custom sections of this theme, you will be easily able to restrict the custom sections to certain pages, responsive breakpoints and much more without any hassle.

Page Builder Framework custom sections
Credits: wp-pagebuilderframework

So, it provides complete customizability.

Advanced Navigation Menu Features

Lastly, you will also get advanced navigation menu features from the Page Builder Framework Premium. You will be able to choose between the off-canvas menu, push menu and full-screen menu.

More importantly, it also allows you to fully customise your navigation menu as per your requirement. Thus, you will be able to design the menu as per your own requirement easily.

Page Builder Framework Agency Bundle

As the name suggests, the Agency Bundle is certainly the best package from Page Builder Framework which is perfect for agency owners as well as freelancers.

Available for unlimited sites, this package is available for a very reasonable price. More importantly, with this package, you will get updates for 1 year along with excellent support.

What’s inside the Agency Bundle subscription?

PageBuilderFramework’s Premium Add-On

The premium add-on that Agency Bundle offers allows you to take your website to the next level. It offers marvellous customisation options with complete responsiveness and unique designs.

So, it enables you to increase your traffic as well as drive up the conversion greatly with this add-on.

Premium Add-On Features

  • Sticky Navigation
  • Transparent Header
  • Off Canvas Menu’s
  • White Label Settings
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • Advanced Typography Settings
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • And much more!

Ultimate Dashboard PRO

The Ultimate Dashboard PRO is a marvellous plugin that allows you to create highly advanced as well as user-friendly dashboards for yourself or your clients.

Ultimate Dashboard PRO

Furthermore, it also comes with special multisite support. Therefore, it makes this plugin perfect for your SaaS Network. So, it really helps you to get as well as offer a custom experience to your clients.

Swift Control Pro

Swift Control Pro is a plugin that makes everyone fall in love with WordPress. In fact, it enhances the user experience drastically when working with WordPress.

WP Swift Control

Moreover, it easily allows you to replace the boring admin bar of WordPress with a custom navigation panel which is fun as well as much more user friendly.

Page Builder Framework Theme Pricing

Premium Add-On

  • All Premium Features
  • Billed Annually until cancelled
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • For Unlimited Sites
  • 20% Renewal Discount
  • Annual Plan at $58/year
  • LifeTime Plan at $248/OneTime

Page Builder Framework Agency Bundle

  • Premium Add-On
  • Ultimate Dashboard PRO
  • Swift Control PRO
  • 1 Year of Support
  • 1 Year of Updates
  • For Unlimited Sites
  • Annual Plan at $248/year
  • No LifeTime Agency Plan.

PageBuilderFramework FAQs

Is there any Limit on websites that I can Install Premium Add-on?

There is No Limitations, You can Install The Premium Add-On, Ultimate Dashboard PRO & Swift Control PRO On unlimited websites.

Is there any Page Builder Framework Discount Coupon for Renewals?

Yes, PBF provides 20% renewal discount, which is auto applied during the license renewals.

How to Upgrade from one-year Premium Add-On license to lifetime license?

Yes You can You will find a option to upgrade your one-year license to lifetime license. Also You Can Upgrade to 1 Year Agency Bundle Plan, Currently lifetime license Not available for Agency Bundle.

Page Builder Framework Agency Bundle Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

With Swift Control Pro, Premium Add-on and Ultimate Dashboard Pro apart from other features, the Agency Bundle Package of Page Builder Framework seriously allows you to create the best responsive as well as user-friendly WordPress website for yourself or your clients. So, opt for this package and be successful on the online platform.

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