Top Reasons To Choose WPX Managed WordPress Hosting


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Well, a lot of people out there might not even be aware of the existence of manages WordPress hosting. Let us discuss in detail what exactly is managed WordPress hosting and how it differs from the DIY hosting.

What is Managed Wordpress Hosting?

Basically, a managed WordPress hosting takes care of each and every aspect of the server for holding and managing a WordPress website or blog.

The teams handling your server are highly trained and know every bit of the WordPress blog. For any beginner, opting for a managed WordPress hosting can actually help out a lot and ease out your workload too.

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Features Offered By WPX Managed WordPress Hosting

WPX Host Provides High-Performance and Fast Loading Site

One of the advantages of opting for managed WordPress hosting is that it would be handled by technical experts who have an in-depth knowledge about the WordPress world.

These technical experts enable your blogs to perform better as compared to the self-managed blogs, moreover, your pages would be as light as possible and get loaded within the fraction of a second.

Moreover, the reach of your blog would also be kept an eye on to sideline any kind of technical hindrance that might affect the performance of your web page.

Better WordPress Support (WPX Provides First Class Support)

Managed WordPress Hosting provides you with the best of the customer support services. All your queries and problems would be registered and followed back at the earliest.

Several hosts might provide you with your online space, however, not provide you with the advanced knowledge of properly utilizing this space.

Managed WordPress hosts provide you with a really good understanding of the provided platform to help you understand its working in an efficient and effective way.

You would experience the best of the blogging experience along with the best of the technical support backing you up at the other end to keep you motivated at each end.

WPX Provides 30 second Fastest Hosting support

WPX Hosting Provides First-Class Support

WPXHost includes One-Click Staging Environment

This amazing feature is going to be a boon for the technical developers as well as the website managers. One click staging environment provides with the access to a copy of your platform which will by exclusively personalized for you to test out new and exciting plugins along with testing your new found techniques.

It would not implement anything on your original platform but let you know the exact output that might incur if applied, which grants with an opportunity to play around with new things without actually harming your online appearance in case of bad experiences.

You can test out the codes, themes, and updates on this staging environment before actually implementing it to your original platform.

Free Daily Automated Backups with WPX Hosting

Nothing feels worse than seeing your hours of hard work going in vain due to a small technical error. Managed WordPress hosts can provide you with specialized backup procedures which are must faster and reliable than the traditional one.

Moreover, these hosts provide you with special automated backup procedures which create a backup of your data even if you are not capable of applying it at the provided moment due to any technical faults.

It keeps creating automated backups at regular intervals to keep your work safe and secure.

Best Security (Incapsula Enterprise level DDOS protection)

Security policies might have a different meaning for different people. However, behind the actual world there exist a lot of scenarios that need to be looked at and secured by high-level checkups.

Even the best of the plugins might get affected due to security leaks and might affect you directly. However, there might be nothing left that you might be able to do to overcome someone else’s fault.

Even worse, you might not even come to know about the security leaks, however getting worsely affected at the back end. Managed WordPress hosts continuously monitor such security threats and keep your page safe and secure from all kinds of hindrances.

A managed WordPress host might automatically unable these risk prevailing plugins and inform you at the earliest about any kind of existing threat.

So ultimately, to keep your data safe and secure, adopting to managed WordPress hosting could act out as the easiest way out along with prevailing all the other awesome services provided by the host.

WPX Hosting will now provide free Malware Removal if your site is hacked

Fine Tuned WPX Dashboard

Most often, your regularly used dashboard might not be as neat and user-friendly as required by you. The base reason behind this nasty problem is the use of software which is not recognized by the dashboards.

As a result of which, these dashboards provide you with a numerous number of options which not even might be applicable to the world of WordPress.

As opposed to this, a managed WordPress host will provide you with a dashboard which would be capable to recognizing all your needs and provide you only with the most prominent and the applicable options, apt for your working.

Moreover, it will also provide you with the important statistics which measure your online presence. Additionally, it will also keep you informed about any kinds of updates along with informing you about newly launched as well as outdated versions of plugins that you use.

Lesser Manual Works

You might not need to get into the depths of managing a WordPress blog, in spite of manage on your works and provide the best of the content to the audience out there.

All your technical issues would be managed by the technical experts managing your WordPress account. Moreover, all the updates and plugin management procedures would be managed well in advance by your host.

If you are new to blogging, these self-managed hosts will help you to establish your blog without taking your time to get into the technical details which fall out of boundaries of your scope.

WPX is the Fastest Managed WordPress Host

However, even if WordPress is your full-time business, these managed WordPress hosting platforms will act as your technical support system which will be accountable for all the safety and technical issues which might elope out a lot of time which you can actually donate towards the establishment of your online presence and development of your unique content.

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