Benefits of Choosing SSD Host? [WPX Hosting Best SSD Hosting]


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WPX Hosting Best “SSD” Managed WordPress Host 2021 – Solid-State Disk is abbreviated as SSD. It is basically a storage device. SSD is inbuilt with non-volatile flash memory. An SSD is preferred over a hard disk mainly because of its high speed.

The flash memory is made up of Integrated Circuit assemblies which are invariably used to store data. The best part about SSD is that they have no moving parts and hence is lightning fast in storing data.

Since SSD’s are way faster than HDDs it saves time. SSD hosting, therefore, means that the websites are generally hosted on a server with SSD drives which allows a much faster loading speed for the websites.

In several cases, a large number of websites are hosted on several servers which act as a single serves connected to SSD drives. Such a solution is called SSD WordPress Cloud Hosting.

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Advantages of choosing SSD Powered “WPX Hosting”

Opting for SSD hosting has a large number of advantages. Hosting with the use of SSD drives allows the individual or organization to save time.


Huge Improvement in Overall Performance of Web Hosting

These days most of the organizations or businesses use open source applications like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal for creating their websites due to ease and flexibility offered by these applications.

While using an effectual application like WordPress, the visitor triggers two simultaneous operations at the same time – Database access and content creation.

When hosting is done using traditional mechanical data recording drives like HDD it invariably causes a huge delay in the retrieval of the requested data.

However, when the Hosting is carried out over Managed SSD hosting then the retrieval of data for simultaneous operations is carried out a lightning speed.

This allows faster loading and hence an increased and efficient overall performance of the website.

SSD hosting is a paramount priority for most e-commerce websites since the faster performance of the pages is the reason for more traffic and increased efficient performance leads to more sales.


SSD have a major advantage over any other form of mechanical storage devices. SSD does not allow the writing of data on them at the end of their life cycle but the data already stored can be accessed whenever required.

Since SSD does not contain any moving parts, therefore, they are less prone to damages from vibration and mechanical shocks and have a much higher range of operational temperatures.

Hence SSD does not “hang you out to dry in the middle of a catastrophe” since any data stored on an SSD is hardly ever uncalled. Check Out 20+ Black Friday Hosting 2021 Deals.

Environmental Friendly

With the rising requirement of hosting on the internet from several individuals as well as organizations, our mind is diverted towards a particular concern.

This concern is also a growing issue today. Environmental considerations in the form of energy conservation have become a pressing issue today. SSD consumes 80% less power than any mechanical drive and also generates way less heat during operations.

Such factors are to be considered as well. This issue of energy conservation is not very critical when using storage devices at an individual level.

However, when the matter comes to the use of a large number of devices then SSD can be the solution to Energy conservation.

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Nil Data Fragmentation

SSD helps in an improved overall performance by recalling the data whenever it is required. SSD is aware of the exact location of the data since it does not use any form of data fragmentation like HDD.

Hence overall efficiency and performance is greatly enhanced

Reducing Price Gaps

SSD’s will still burn a hole in the pocket of the organizations and individuals since it costs comparatively higher than an HDD at the same storage capacity.

However, with the passage of time, this gap is slowly diminishing and it can be expected than buying SSD would cost compared to an HDD in the near future with a much higher and improved performance.

Faster Access to data

Websites which are hosted using SSD have around 0.2-millisecond retrieval speed as compared to traditional storage devices. This means SSD is comparable to “The Flash”.

Any data requested on such websites loads at lightning speed as compared to any traditional method of storage.

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Better Google organic ranking

On switching to SSD, the targeted traffic for a particular website increases. This, in turn, helps the organization’s website gain a market presence and also ranks at a higher level in the Google search engine.

Ranking higher on a Google essentially means that the customer base for the organization eventually increases thereby increasing more sales and hence an improved market valuation.

Business ballooning

SSD improves website performance, which in turn improves the overall traffic to the website of a particular business. More traffic generates more sales. More sales generate more profit.

Hence SSD web hosting ultimately help a business to grow at a considerable rate and also allows the organizations to dedicate more time towards the further improvement of the website for their products and services.

Better customer experience

In the present condition everyone seems to be in a hurry. None wants to wait for a long time just for a few data to be retrieved. SSD web hosting provides solutions to such occurrences.

Websites with SSD hosting provide a much faster data retrieval system to the users and hence improves the overall experience of the customers who therefore develops a keen interest in their products and services. Customer experience is extremely important especially for businesses looking to grow via the internet.

Poor customer experience leads to dissatisfied customers and the overall reputation of the brand falls in the market.

WPX Hosting – Best SSD Hosting Provider 2021

Therefore, to surmise the benefits of choosing an SSD hosting provider – mainly WPX Hosting who allows hosting websites with the help of SSD can prove to be a beneficial move for any form of business.

Ultimately providing a great customer experience in a lesser time and maintaining appropriate data security and retrieval is the main aim for SSD hosting providers.

SSD hosting providers are one of the reasons the present day businesses flourish with higher traffic and market valuation for their products and services.

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